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Describe something you use for your work or studies - Cue Card # 308

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe something you use for your work or studies.

You should say:

  • what it is
  • how you use it
  • how often you use it

and say if you would be able to do your work or studies without this thing.


Model Answer 1:
In the age of new electronic gadgets and technology, one may not find much use for an obsolete thing called “pen” at work, or for that matter anywhere, but I have always considered a pen as a symbol and intellect and knowledge. Needless to say, I also find my pen as a handy tool to help me with my work.

So, how important really is a pen? Well, we will be able to understand its importance if we look back to the history of civilization. Anyway, we should have no doubt in our mind that one of the hallmarks of our past civilizations is some form of written communication where two necessary constants in the production of written records were required: a surface on which to write and a utensil or tool with which to do the writing that is called a pen.

So, carrying with this tradition and the demand of our human civilization, I have also used a pen to make my life easy before on many occasions just as I use it today at work. In fact, I use this pen quite frequently when I need to make any important notes or do some brainstorming and write the findings as a result of it in order to prepare an important report or document for my boss. Sometimes I even use it to write a preliminary report or document on some piece of paper before putting them on my computer. Then, of course, I don’t think that I would be able to highlight important stuff or points on a report or document without the use of a pen. Would I? 

To conclude, I don’t think that I would be able to do my job properly without using a pen at one point or another. A pen has always offered me the speed and convenience of making many of my tasks more personal at my work. Finally, using a pen requires less thought and orientation from my part while also allowing me to form my opinions and speak my mind at the same time rather easily.


Model Answer 2:
I have recently completed my graduation majoring Bachelor of Business Administration and have joined a financial service providing organisation recently. The laptop I have is really handy in terms of my works. I used it for my studies as well and this laptop has become an inevitable part of my work.

I use my laptop to store my valuable documents, to get various information from the internet and also to do numerous works like contacting my collages, processing word documents, sending and reading emails etc. The spreadsheet software is very handy to present and calculate data, the presentation software like MS PowerPoint enables me to create presentations and the Microsoft Project enables me to plan and track the ongoing projects in my office.

I use this laptop almost 4-6 hours every day during my office period and even on my days off, I use it 3-4 hours each day on an average. Honestly speaking, it would be quite impossible to manage my work without this device and if I have to discard this device from my work life, the productivity would decrease significantly. Speedy communication, automated project management, processing a huge number of data and storing them in a save manner would become pretty complex without the laptop.

I consider this device to be an essential thing for my work and without it; I won’t be able to manage my works. With time we have become so much dependent on this device that, we are not in a position to continue our work without it.


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