Describe a classroom where you study or have studied in - Cue Card # 314

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a classroom where you study or have studied in.

You should say:

  • what part of the school or college it is/was in
  • what it looks/looked like
  • what things are/were in it

and say if you think people who study there like/liked it or not.


Model Answer 1:
I have attended a few schools and colleges as a student over the years, but checking upon the classrooms of those educational institutions was the least of my concerns. Therefore, talking about a classroom here is indeed going to be a challenge for me, but still, I would like to go ahead and talk about a classroom which, I thought, was a bit different than the others.

Anyway, this classroom, I want to talk about, belonged to a junior high school that I attended about 215 years ago. But, it wasn’t exactly like a regular classroom since we had to study in it as an alternative room. In fact, at that time, our school was going through some kind of renovation works, and as a result, we needed to move to another place (room) to help facilitate the renovation works. 

This particular classroom was isolated in one corner of the school building which was more like a small size warehouse than a classroom. In other words, it was considerably bigger than a regular classroom. Of course, everything, including a few dozens of small tables, a large desk (to be used by the teachers), a comfortable chair (again, for the teacher) and some benches were set in that room. There were a few electrical ceiling fans as well inside it, along with a large whiteboard hanging from the wall. And, as far as its look was concerned, it looked a bit rusty with some cracks on its wall, and the painting on it was worn and torn down in most places. By the way, the room also had at least 4 large windows with two entrances. 

Now, I am not sure about the other students, but I surely liked studying in it, mainly because it was big enough to manoeuvre ourselves at ease without bumping onto each other. I liked it also because there were empty spaces all around it, and as such, plenty of natural air and light could enter it to make me feel energized and motivated. 

Model Answer 2:
My primary school was in an urban area and the school was very nearer to a flowing river and the stunning natural beauty surrounded us.  When I was promoted to grade 3, we were transferred to a large class and that’s in my experience is the best classroom I have ever had even though I had classes in many ultramodern rooms later on. This classroom was on the North side of the school and there were 3-4 windows and 2 large doors in this class. We could see the flowing rivers and a part of hills from this classroom.

This room has an ‘L’ shape and could accommodate more than 50 students. It looked similar to a large hall room except that it gave the impression of an urban house. The furniture of this room was locally built and was all wooden.  There was a large blackboard where the teachers used to write with the white chalks.

Most of the students liked this room because of the fresh air it could provide to the students. The temperature during the summer was usually high and this room was amazingly soothing. The ceiling was unusually high (around 20 feet from the floor), unlike the rooms we see nowadays. We all loved to have classes in this room and the teachers were very careful to us about studies and that’s why even being a remote location and underfunded school, it could maintain a steady result each year.


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