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Describe a village or suburban area you have visited - Cue Card # 326

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a village or suburban area you have visited.

You should say:

  • where it is
  • when and how you went there
  • who live there

and explain what you liked/disliked about this village or suburban area.


Model Answer 1:

Living in a city isn’t exactly my favourite thing to do. But, since a city is where I grew up and spent most of my life, I just don’t have much of an option to leave the city and permanently settle in a village. But, I love the village, I really do, so I try to get out of city life and travel to a village just I did about a year ago or so.

The village is located about a couple of hundred kilometres away from the town where I live. I remember travelling to this village a couple of times in my childhood as my father had taken me there to visit one of his childhood friends from high school. By the way, this childhood friend of my father, who I passionately call Ranju uncle, has always been good to me and treated me like one of his sons. In fact, I would never forget those childhood days of mine when he would visit our home and brought me all kinds of goodies and gifts for me.

Of course, after that, both of my father and uncle Ranju parted from each other because of professional reasons, but those good days and memories have always been in my mind. So, one day, when I got an opportunity to meet that dear uncle of mine after so many years, I just didn’t want to let that opportunity pass. So, as soon as I heard from my Ranju uncle, I immediately bought a train ticket and decided to use my long holiday to meet with a very favourite person of mine.

Anyway, after arriving that village of my uncle (who was retired by then) after such a long time, I felt like my childhood time is brought back to me once again as I found the same beautiful and green village. I also liked the fact that the ponds, where I swam once, were still there. Besides, I could still see the same roads on which I walked and ran except, of course, they were wider and paved with pitch. All in all, it was a great experience.


Model Answer 2:

Though I have been born and raised in a metropolitan city, I visited my grandfather’s house many times and that’s a beautiful village that I have ever seen. This village is in the north part of the country and falls under the …. (…Say a division or state or country name…). This village is situated beside the (…say a river name...) and has more than 10 thousand inhabitants.

I went there in my childhood with my parents and the latest visit was in the last January with my mother. This village is almost 125 kilometres away from the place we currently live in. First, we took a train to reach the station of the district/state/ country where my grandfather’s village is and from the station we took a taxi to reach the river port of our village. There we took a boat and finally we walked 1-2 kilometres to reach the village.

My grandfather has passed away a few years back and my grandmother, 2 of my uncles 2 aunts and their children still live in this village. Apart from our family members, the farmers and workers who work for my uncles, live there.

This, in my opinion, is the most beautiful village I have ever been to. My forefather lived there and my father spent his childhood and teenage there. So in terms of bonding, this is a very important place for me. My grandmother and some of the cousins are very fond of me and I mostly meet them in whenever I go there. So in terms of my relation to my origin and relatives, this is the village I admire most.

Besides that, this is a very beautiful village that seems like a painting by a famous painter. The environment is calm and pollution-free, the green fields, fresh air and hygienic foods offer a very attractive reason for being there. The flowing river, the forest, the simple lifestyle of residence and my of my relatives are the main things I love about this village.

There are very few things that I dislike about this village and the village itself has nothing to do about it. Like the education facility and treatment facility of this village is very poor and primitive. That’s something bothers me a lot.


Sample Answer 3:

My recent experience in a village area in Russia has amazed me. I had to visit Esso in Kamchatka for some research purposes. The village is around 6500 kilometres far away from Moscow and filled with the wilderness. The indigenous people mostly live in this village and surrounding areas. This is a nice candidate task card and I am happy to have it. I will describe the village now.

Recently I have completed my graduation from a local university in Russia and had to complete the research on indigenous people. As part of the research, I went there with some of my batch mates. Travelling to the place was really interesting. We used an aeroplane, boat, and local transportations to reach there. But I enjoyed the journey to and from Moscow. In fact, I have never travelled so far before.

The majority of the people in the village are indigenous and belong to the groups of the Itelmens, the Evenks, and the Koryaks. They live in peace and harmony here. Besides, there are some other people who also live in line with the locals and mostly deal with tourists. They help the tourists and assist in planning tours around the areas. The indigenous people are also cooperative. They helped us in many ways and provided the required information for us that we used in our research.

Honestly, I like the nature most. The way of living in the village was the other interesting thing for me. the exotic location, volcanoes, hot springs, rivers etc. everything was wonderful and charming indeed. Riding on the mountain was another adventurous task that I took part in. Even the foods were delicious as well. So, I liked the area much and planning to pay another visit there.


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