Describe a plan you have for future - Cue Card # 332

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a plan (not related to work or study) you have for the future.

You should say:

  • what plan it is
  • what you would need to do to achieve it
  • how long you have had this plan

and explain how difficult it would be to fulfil it.


Model Answer 1:

Some time ago, when I was still a high school student, one of my favourite teachers told me that you fail to plan for your future, you are actually planning to fail. Not to mention, of course, I really liked what my teacher had to me at that time. However, even though, the plan, I want to discuss here, doesn’t involve anything about my work, these valuable words still have some relevance to the noble plan I have. And the plan is to help people.

Anyway, the plan, I am talking about, is to open a medical and healthcare clinic in my hometown where patients would be able to receive treatments by paying a very minimal charge. This clinic wouldn’t only treat all kinds of patients – patients who only live in my city – but also provide all kinds of diagnostic facilities. The clinic would also house at least 5 top-class specialist doctors from different medical fields.  By the way, I have had this plan deep in my heart for almost 10 years since the time I started to notice that medical treatment costs in my hometown, along with the rest of my country, were sky-rocketing fast. This high healthcare costs, in my opinion, was also contributed to the fact that more and more people moving into the city, where I live, from rural areas and thus constant pressure on the medical treatment facility that was already stretched before.

Anyway, I know very well that implementing this plan of mine is going to be hugely challenging, primarily because I don’t have that kind of money with me. So, I would need to unite a group of rich but dedicate people to spend in the common cause of helping humanity which certainly is not going to be easy. Of course, my parents have a small piece of land in the town, so finding a proper place in the town for the clinic is not going to be an issue, but getting the permission for building this clinic from the proper government authority is also going to be a huge challenge.


Model Answer 2:

I have a plan to establish a playground for kids and a club for the adults in my hometown. This is something I missed a lot in the place where I grew up and that’s why I have the plan and determination to do exactly this.

Establishing a kid’s playground adjacent to a club for grown-up people would not be an easy task. I will need to manage the necessary budget, manpower and financial support to actually do that. I will have to be financially rich and connected with the local authority and political leaders to start the plan I have. Honestly, I have this plan for a very long. When I got admitted in my high school, the realisation started popping up in my mind that these are two things that our community is missing although they are very important. I knew that was something pretty tough to achieve, but yet I started fostering this tough plan in my mind.

As I already said, that would be pretty tough as it involves money, space, power, and people’s involvements. There would be lots of obstacles and I would have to face and resolve in order to fulfil the plan I have. The determination and goodwill along with the prudent decision would be required. If I do not possess great enthusiasm and strength of mind, it would become almost impossible to achieve it.


Sample Answer 3:
Travelling fascinates me more than anything else. So, I want to travel in the future. I want to visit the other countries of the world and gain first-hand knowledge and experience. I would like to thank you for this wonderful cue card topic.

To meet my desire, I would need some specific things. The most important point about travelling is time. I need to manage enough time to spend out of my country. In fact, people cannot move out of their own states owing to the time deficiency. So, I have to manage plenty of times to travel around. Secondly, I would need a sufficient amount of money. Without a complete budget and arranging the money, it would be insane to move out to see the world around. So, I have to arrange money as well. Travelling with a companion is better and has some positive impacts. Hence, I also may need a companion for me.

Since an early age, I am fond of books and have read various types of books so far. Most of the books were travelling and adventure related. I have an unquenchable thirst to see the world. So, the plan was hidden in my mind since my childhood. Gradually, the plan started spreading its wings in the mind. And now I dream to travel across the world.

In reality, it would be hard for me to fulfil the plan. First of all, I am unable to manage enough time to travel. In fact, travelling out of the country requires a great deal of free time and complexities. One needs enough time to handle the things but I do not have the time to invest in solving the issues. Arranging money is another fact. But I will try my best to organize everything even it takes five more years for me.


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