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A meal you have recently enjoyed outside - Cue Card # 334

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a meal that you have recently enjoyed outside.

You should say:

  • what type of meal it was
  • when you had eaten it
  • who was with you

and explain why you enjoyed this meal outside.


Model Answer 1:
I and my cousins live in the same neighbourhood, and we usually like to go out every weekend and enjoy some nice meals at restaurants. Today, I would like to talk about one such meal that we enjoyed about a couple of weeks ago.

It was a Chinese meal called “Gong Bao Chicken” (with peanuts), and we ate it in one of the most popular and busiest Chinese restaurants in our town. Of course, we had eaten this meal on a number of occasions from this restaurant in the past, but on those previous occasions, it was only take-out since it is very difficult to get a table at this restaurant without waiting for a significant period of time. But, this time around, we were extremely lucky as we were actually offered a table near the window, just where I liked, and we didn’t have to wait even 10 minutes for it! By the way, this “Gong Bao Chicken” is a special chicken dish that is prepared after marinating the chicken in soy sauce and corn starch and adding deep golden brown, toasted peanuts in it.

Anyway, as soon as we got our seats, we ordered for your favourite meal and asked the waiter to serve our Gong Bao Chicken really “well-done”. The waiter agreed and left us alone at our table. After waiting for about 15 minutes, the meal was served to us with steam rice. Not to mention, we finished eating our chicken meal by pushing the chicken pieces one after another into our mouths, until our mouths didn’t have any more room in them since it tasted so good!

Well, we really enjoyed this particular meal eating outside in a restaurant because the restaurant had all the experience and skills to prepare the meal to perfection which wouldn’t probably be possible if we had cooked the meal by ourselves. Besides, it also allowed me and my cousins to have a good time together in our own space and time.


Model Answer 2:
Recently I ate a buffet dinner at the City Night Restaurant with my friends. I had this meal about two weeks ago and we ate the buffet in the evening time. That was actually a get together short of a party with my school friends whom I have not met for a long in person. Over the phone, we talked and planned to have a meal cum get together party together to discuss us and to meet those friends in person. We picked the City Night Restaurant because it is in a suitable location for all of us and we knew the food quality of this restaurant was good.

We met at around 5 pm and we spent some good time together. Lots of things have changed and some of our friends have done many challenging things and we all enjoyed the stories and updated we gave each other. Four friends of mine from school came to this occasion and they were James, Jessica, Harper and Patrick (...or say names of your friends...)

It was a gathering we had been planning for a long and as part of our meeting, we planned to have a great feast. From the very beginning, we planned to have met in a restaurant and not at home. Usually arranging to get together type party at a restaurant is easier and more convenient than arranging it at home. No one feels shy or uneasy being at other's home and the host does not have to go through a big preparation. The friends who came at this gathering also liked the environment and foods of City Night Restaurant and that was the main reason we planned to have it outside our home.


Sample Answer 3:
Thank you for this excellent cue card topic. It was a barbeque party at night on the rooftop of one of my friend’s home. It was a pleasant surprise for everyone present there as well. In fact, the event turned in to a birthday party for one of my besties. The event was arranged to surprise her, and Jessica was the mastermind of this event. She did not inform us about the party and only just invited us to be on her rooftop for a meal at night. It was a dinner and I took it at night though I reached the spot even before the dusk. The meal and the party were fantastic.

To be honest, actually, I forgot that it was the birthday of Samantha. Jessica was the organizer of the entire episode but she kept this a secret. Frequently, we meet her at her home and pass leisurely hours in the rooftop of her residence. So, she invited almost everyone including Mary (the birthday girl), me, Alvina, Anny, Amey, and Celia. We all had fun together and enjoyed the meals too. But the most surprising event was for Mary. She did not expect such a blast on this day.   

Usually, I do not take foods out of my home except for some special cases. It was one of such cases and I participated in the party with my friends. Besides, Jessica also tempted and allured us all with the name of some special dishes like barbeque chicken, fried rice, soft beverage, grilled fish etc. The menu was really attractive. And there was another reason that I had been passing some busy moments with my academic studies. So, I needed a break and the meal invitation brought the desired break for me. Considering all the matters, I decided to take the meal out of my home.


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