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Item you would buy if you receive a large amount of money - Cue Card # 336

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an item you would buy if you receive a large amount of money.

You should say:

  • what you will buy
  • how much money it would cost you
  • how you would use it

and explain why you would buy it if you receive a large amount of money.


Model Answer 1:
Thank you for such an interesting topic because, to tell the truth, I have always dreamt of receiving a large sum of money and buying many things with it. But, out of those many things, buying a large house certainly tops the list.

However, that large house may not be in a common area, rather I would want it to be in a posh or distinguished area of my country where all the houses are built in an orderly fashion and that have large empty spaces and wide streets all around them. But, then, of course, not all posh areas are the same either, so I will have to look really hard to find the kind of posh areas I really like. And there could also be issues with the kind of large house I would really like. Therefore, there is no doubt in my mind that I will actually have to spend a lot of time and efforts to find what I would need in order to make sure that my money is well-spent. After all, you don’t always end up receiving a large amount of money.

Now, since the issue of money “well-spent” has come up, I am assuming that I would need to spend at least 6 to 8 hundred thousand dollars to buy a large house in a posh area of my choice, depending, again, on what kind of house I really want and what kinds of amenities the house should have. But, one thing for sure is that that I would want to have a large swimming pool at my house.

Anyway, I would like to buy a large house in an opulent area, mainly because it would give a boost to my status among my friends and relatives. Besides, it would also provide me with access to the types of employment opportunities and offices/industries that don’t exist anywhere else. Not to mention, of course, I can get a more walkable area in an elegant area which I have always dreamt of.

Sample Answer 2:
I am pretty sure if I get a large amount of money right now, I will buy a nice car. The car would be Ford Fusion series latest car with all the latest technology that a car can offer.
This would cost around 45 thousand USD and would require some additional cost to own and maintain it. I would mostly use it to go to places I regularly go and the car would give me the freedom to choose my own schedule and my dependency on the local buses.

We have a family car that 7-8 persons of our family share and I often have to take a local bus to reach my university/ workplace. Since I don’t have a car, I often discard the idea of visiting a friend or relative who stays a long away from our house. My own car would facilitate me to visit these places and travel to my workplace/ university easily and in less time.

I often dream of having a car and somehow I have a weakness of purchasing a car from Ford brand. The fusion series cars are really good looking and come with the latest technology a car can offer. So, I will buy this car if I can manage the amount it would require or let’s say I get the amount all of a sudden.


Sample Answer 3:
I would like to buy a sports car if I receive a large amount of money. In fact, this is a kind of dream for me to have such a sports car with great speed. Besides, the muscular body and performance of the car are also striking. This is a great topic for discussion and I personally thank you for asking the question to me. I will describe the issue in brief now.

Audi is one of the most prominent and muscular brands in the arena of the motor vehicle. This is the finest and gorgeous vehicle I have ever seen in my life. The sports car manufactured by this brand are also strong and performs much better than any other sports car. So, I want to buy an Audi R8 2020. This is a stunning sports car with a good number of facilities. Besides, the outlook of the car is also eye-catching and the driving experience is extraordinary.  

This is more expensive than most other sports car. The price range of the car is around $154,800 to $197,800. It mostly depends on the configuration of the car. But you can have the chance to get the car at a lower cost if you get the second-hand car. I think this is unwise to get a used car because most of the times the sellers sell such cars for defects or faults. They may not show you the faults but when you will come to know about the defects, it would be difficult for you to drive the car anymore. Hence, it should be considered before purchasing the car. Besides, there are some people who also try to get cars in instalment which is not also a great issue to consider. If you fail to provide the instalment amount anytime for uncertain reasons, it may bring a disaster for you.   

Using a sports car is really difficult in the usual roads. Most of the time, the drivers of the sports car cannot drive smoothly in the busy streets. In fact, the cars are manufactured to ply on the race tracks instead of the usual streets. Sometimes, the drivers feel perplexed to drive the sports car. They generate a great speed within a second and this is the greatest weakness of the cars while they are on the ordinary streets. So, I have a plan to drive the car in some places where would be no or fewer crowds. This is a bit of trouble to sort out such a location here in Canada. Besides, I can drive the car slowly in the streets. But in that case, I have to be very careful about the other vehicles around me. Controlling the speed with a sports car is a difficult task indeed.    

I am to complete my graduation here and been using a Ford for the last couple of years to move inside the city. My car has become old enough to be sold at any junkyard. Its performance is also degrading gradually. In fact, I bought the car from a used car gallery. But it has served me very well comparing its price. Now, I am feeling the necessity of another car, and I have a plan to buy a brand new one. Price is a notable fact here but if I wait or get a large amount of money, it becomes easier for me to get the car.


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