Common transportation or vehicle that you often use - Cue Card # 340

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a common transportation or vehicle in your city that you often use.

You should say:

  • What is it
  • What is it like
  • When do you use it

and explain why did you choose to use this form of transport.

Model Answer 1:
Today I am going to tell you about a common form of transport that I use in the city where I live.  What it is, when I use it, what it is like and why I choose to use it. I am going to tell you about buses in Sheffield where I live, this is a form of public transport that many people use to travel to and from work or around the city at night.

I live in a city called Sheffield.  There can be a lot of traffic in the city, and it is difficult to find anywhere to park if you use your own transport.  Therefore, many people prefer to use the public buses.  There are lots of buses in Sheffield and many bus stops.  There is a bus stop almost directly outside my house.  Buses come past every 15 minutes, if you want the bus to stop, you have to put out your hand to signal the driver or the bus will go straight pass!  When I get on, there is a fixed fare as I have a special travel pass.  It costs me £1.20 for every journey, however far it is.  That is about 39,000 VD.  There are bus stops every 500 metres or so, if there are people waiting, the bus will stop, if not, the bus goes straight on.  The bus has two levels, a top deck and a bottom deck.  I like to climb up the stairs to the top deck and sit right at the front of the bus.  Then you get great views across the streets and the city too.

I use the buses all the time because they are cheap, convenient and safe.  I sometimes use the bus to get to work, but mainly I use the bus when I am out at night, as it will get me home safely.  The buses run quite late, but you have to be careful to catch the last bus home or it will be a long walk back!

[ Written by - Lucy Marris | Careers Adviser (UK), TEFL teacher (Vietnam) ]


Sample Answer 2:
Transportation inside Russia is easier than any other countries of the world for many reasons. The wide road networks have primarily made it possible. Besides, transportation to places is comfortable as well. I am proud to have the chances of enjoying the services. Metro service is one of the commonest forms of transportation inside Moscow. I will describe the service in detail here.

The Moscow Metro is a popular mode of transportation for the city commuters to travel to different places. This is a speedy mode of transportation and carries the passengers to their destinations at the right time. The transit system supports the entire Moscow in line with supporting to the other neighbouring localities. This is an underground railway that has won the heart of the people for the efficient service system. Besides, the length of this system has made it one of the longest underground railway systems in the world. A wide number of stations has made it possible to commute thousands of people each day from place to places.

The trains running on the Metro are like the usual trains but there is a basic difference between them. In most cases, the trains run on the rail tracks installed on the ground. But in this metro, the rail tracks are installed under the ground. Besides, they are more comfortable and free of hassles. So, a good number of commuters use this transportation method for their regular commuting. The train moves faster like a bullet using the underground tunnels. They stop in the required stations for a few minutes and then move again to the next destination. The lines are spread from Moscow to other outlying areas. As a result, the stations are always crowded either by the inbound or outbound passengers. Since they are a state-run train, the government takes the right care for everything.

I mostly use the train during my office hours. I work at a Russian outsourcing company. I live in Moscow and my office is located in Saint Petersburg. So, moving to office early in the morning with bus or other public transports is difficult for me. Rather, using the underground railway is far better and much more comfortable than waiting in a bus queue. Besides, returning home is also easier for me in the evening when the office hour is done. In fact, I use the transportation for moving to and returning from office. When I joined at the office, it was a bit difficult for me to attend office from Moscow and return from Saint Petersburg. I had to spend lots of hours on the road for the transportation purpose. But when I started using this railway service, it became easier for me. The former troubles of waiting and unnecessary time spending are gone now.  

I picked the Moscow Metro as my transport because of its speedy mode. Yes, the other vehicles also move fast, but this is faster. It takes around 35/ 40 minutes for me to reach my office including the f-minutes’ walk from the station to the office. Besides, this is a cheap mode of transportation for me as well. Earlier, I had to spend a smart amount of money to reach my office but it was not possible for me always to reach there in time. But after adopting the Moscow Metro as my transportation system, I have been able to save a notable amount of money from my transportation cost. Furthermore, the trains are spacious and convenient than the other forms, I think. Considering all the matters around, I have selected this one as my way of regular transport.



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