Describe a popular teacher that you know - Cue Card # 344

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a popular teacher that you know.

You should say:

  • what this teacher looks like.
  • what sort of person this teacher is
  • what this teacher helped you to learn

and explain why this teacher is popular.

Sample Answer 1:
Mr. Jonathon Lee is a very famous teacher whom I know personally. He was our Math teacher in our college and he is still teaching Mathematics in a famous college in our country.

He was a tall man with an athletic built and his complexion was very fair. He had a strong feature in his look and had an amiable yet strong personality. He was very careless about his dresses and used powerful eyeglasses.

He is a polite person when you are polite with him. If you behave roughly, he won’t tolerate. He was such a person. I have never seen him lose his composure and patience to a nice person. He had a very good way to teach and we liked him very much for his excellent teaching style. He was a fan of Football and we often saw him playing football in the morning.

I liked him because he was a reliable person and a good mentor. I often struggled to understand the Linear Algebra and Geometry. He spent a great deal of time to explain the intricacies of these questions and amazingly I scored very high in my final term in Mathematics. I also learned how to be a good chess player from him.

You can understand such a good person would naturally be revered and loved by the students and their parents. And I can’t remember a single student who did not like him. Because of his strong personality, amiable behaviour, excellent teaching style and extracurricular activities he became a famous teacher in our hometown. However, after I left college I heard that he was writing a book on Mathematics. After few years I have seen his picture in the newspaper as he was nominated as the ‘Best Teacher of the year’ in our State. 


Sample Answer 2:
I am lucky to have the chance of completing my graduation from the University of Bristol in the UK. Here I have met with a big number of people and teachers whom I admire most in my life. Ms Samantha Robert is one of the teachers who popular among her students.

She is an admiring lady with a good number of qualities. She is in her forties but she looks pretty with this middle age. She wears small frame-less glasses and her face turns a beautiful look with them. She is very decent in her attires and loves to put a flower on her hair. It makes her look charming. I have seen some other lady teachers but a majority of them did not have any personality as Ms Robert owns. In fact, many of her students and teachers are in love with her stunning personality. She is neither reserved nor chatty. She does not talk except her necessities. But she can make a lot of fun indeed.

Despite being some reserved, Ms Robert loves to socialise with people, especially with her students. She cares for each of the students and help or provides the necessary supports in their needs. But she owns some negative qualities as well. She is short tempered and when she is angry, she loses self-control. Luckily, she turns angry once or twice annually and it is the students who are responsible for agitating her. She is extremely sincere about the academic activities. She offers chances to her students to amend them and once her patience is over, she becomes too angry to control. So, everyone tries to do their best not to make her angry. On the other side, she is also a humanitarian and loves to help everyone in their need. Whenever I went to meet her at her chamber, she never refused to provide the necessary support to me. I was lucky in this sense that I never experienced her anger during my entire graduation.    

When I was in my first semester, I had to struggle with economics. I was unable to understand the complex economic theories. As a result, I could not cut a good figure in the first-semester exam. Only for economics, my overall grade was reduced to a great extent. In the beginning of the second semester, Ms Robert came to take our class on the same course but the range of the course this time was larger. I told her about my failure of not understanding some of the theories and she instantly described the theories. It appeared that the ambiguities on the theories were gone in seconds. In fact, it was the very first interaction of mine with her. Gradually, I went to her to know about many other issues related to the course and she always cooperated me. She used some real-life examples to make the things clearer.

Despite her ‘serious’ anger, Ms Robert is popular among her students and teachers and overall in the university. I think her anger is a pretention to make the things done by her students. When someone approaches her for any types of support, she has not learnt to refuse. She is really a good-natured woman. When she finds anyone inattentive in the class, she does not show anger rather comes with sympathy to solve the issues with the student. Furthermore, she invites her students to her home if she cannot take part in the class for any other unintentional business. Such things have made her popular in the university and still, I miss her class though I have left the university last month.


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