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IELTS Cue Card Sample 354 - Describe a job you dream to have in the future

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a job you dream to have in the future.

You should say:

  • what the job is
  • what responsibilities it has
  • what you like about this job

and explain why this is your dream job.


Model Answer 1:
Today I am going to talk about the job I would like to do in the future. I will tell you what the job is, what it involves and why I’d like to do it – ‘though maybe not for ever!
The job I would like to do in the future is that of a Flight Attendant. The job role is also sometimes known as ‘air cabin crew’ or ‘air steward’, but they all they do the same thing.

The job of a flight attendant is basically to help passengers when they are flying. If you have ever travelled by plane, perhaps you think all they do is serve food and drinks. In fact, they have an important job. They have to provide excellent customer service in cramped conditions and are also responsible for keeping all the passengers comfortable and safe. Most are trained to give first aid, and if there was to be an emergency or security risk, they are the people who would help to get everybody safely off the plane.  Many people who fly take no notice of the emergency briefing at the start of a flight, but fortunately air cabin crew practise emergency evacuation procedures so they would know what to do and be able to take charge if anything should go wrong.

Although from the outside it can look glamorous, the work of a flight attendant is actually really hard.  For a start, you might have to work shifts and really anti-social hours.  You also have to deal with a wide range of people.  Sometimes people who are flying are nervous about their journey, and then they can be a bit bad-tempered.  Occasionally passengers will drink too much free alcohol and that can make them behave badly too, particularly as at altitude alcohol has a stronger effect. Even so, however tired you are, and however rude the passengers might be, a good flight attendant has to smile and just ‘keep calm and carry on!’

The reason I would like to do this job, even though it is hard, is because I am studying languages.  I would really like to be able to use my language skills in my job.  Working as a member of the air cabin crew I would meet people from lots of different countries, and I would be able to use my language skills.  I would particularly like to work on long-haul flights, and then I would get the opportunity to spend time in parts of the world that I could not otherwise afford to visit.  If you do a long-haul flight, you get to take your rest breaks in different countries.  I think that would be really exciting.  I also think it would be great fun to work as part of a small team of other flight attendants.  It helps that I enjoy working with customers too.  I take a pride in delivering good service in my current part-time job as a shop assistant, it gives me great job satisfaction when a customer thanks me for my help.  I expect it would be the same job satisfaction if a passenger thanked me for my help after a long or difficult flight.

The job of flight attendant is not very well paid, and working strange shifts would be difficult to do for a very long time.  So perhaps it is a job I would only do for a short while, to gain experience, and travel the world.  Later on, I might use that experience to help me get a job, perhaps as a tour manager… but that’s another story!

[ Written by - Lucy Marris |  Careers Adviser (UK), TEFL teacher (Vietnam) ]


Sample Answer 2:
Everyone has a dream to be something in future and accordingly I also own such a dream. I want to be an aeronautical engineer and serve at any noted airline company after completing my graduation. In fact, this is the job that I have been dreaming for a long time.

I might clear the issue here in brief. Aeronautical engineering is the branch of science that deals with the engineering aspects of air vehicles mostly. This is a subject that teaches some specific knowledge of engineering and raises skill among the students. As a result, they can be the aeronautical engineer in their profession. The profession is all about dealing with the air vehicles and their maintenance. But it is not possible for any individual who lacks knowledge on the issue. Rather this is the profession for some skilled people who own the specific knowledge about aeronautics and the aeronautical industry.   

The major responsibilities of an aeronautical engineer are wide. First of all, the engineer is responsible for maintaining the air vehicle. The position is also responsible for overall checking of a flight including the pre and after flights stages. Besides, the aeronautical engineer also plays the role of supervising any of the repairing activities of the air plane or any other air vehicle. This job is almost similar to the job of a car mechanic but there are some differences. To be a car mechanic, any individual does not need to study hard. This is a branch of science and you need to have more knowledge and skills over the issue of aeronautics. Anyone can be a troubleshooter for vehicles but it is completely opposite in the case of aeronautical engineering. The engineers are to take part in flight tests, analyse the oil pressure, maximum altitude limit for the air vehicle and more other matters at a time.  

The responsibilities of an aeronautical engineer are not limited. Rather they always need to remain busy. They become busy most before a flight takes off. I like this part of the job most for some reasons. Besides, checking the airship in technical aspects is the other interesting thing for me. The remuneration for the job is also smart and helps to lead a very decent life with family. The engineers also get some special facilities which are not available in the ordinary jobs. But there are some risks found in this job as well. An aeronautical engineer is deployed to check the overall conditions of an aircraft. If the engineer cannot figure out any trouble during his routine check, and trouble occurs during the flight on the sky, there might be some serious consequences. Hence, they need to be aware of the issues and complete their tasks in a perfect manner.         

This is a dream job for me. I have always wanted to fly like a bird and when I saw the aeroplanes in the sky, I felt something strange inside my mind. Gradually, I discovered a weakness of mine on flying and wanted to be a pilot. But later, changed my mind and decided to be an aeronautical engineer. The pilots are unaware of the mechanisms about an aeroplane while the aeronautical engineers are the people who can even make an airplane. This was the part that helped to change my mind towards aeronautical engineer. Since then, I have been dreaming of being an aeronautical engineer at any major airline company.


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