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IELTS Cue Card Sample 365 - Describe something interesting you learnt from the internet

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe something interesting you learnt from the internet.

You should say:

  • what you learnt
  • what website you learnt it from
  • how you learnt it

and explain why you think it was interesting.

Sample Answer 1:
I am a regular internet user. It would not be an exaggeration if I say that I am a technophile and a netizen. On an average, I spend around 10-12 hours online due to my profession in software development and personal interest. I run two blogs: one personal and another one on technology and this increase the amount of time I spent online. In fact, I learn so many things every day during my internet surfing. For this topic, I would talk about a really interesting thing that I learned many years ago which is related to human interaction in search results in famous search engines like Google and Bing.

The term is commonly called Golden triangle that represents the human eye hit maps on the search results. The search engines like Google and Bing and also Yandex and Baidu are market leaders. They serve an unbelievable amount of data to internet searchers and lots of research are conducted to present the most relevant and accurate data to the searchers.

The golden triangle is the hit map of human eye activity on the search engine result pages and this looks like the English alphabet “F”. This means all the search engine users look more on the upper-left corner of the screen and then on the right side. The eye hit map presents that the search results that are placed on the top (upper-left) have a better chance to be noticed by the searchers and thus get more traffic.

I was reading an online article by one of the prominent online research websites and that article particularly caught my eyes. This was actually a 6-7 page article and the illustration and data was so interesting that I could not leave my desk until I finished the whole article. To dig further I read some other relevant articles and blog posts and the whole idea of researching user interactivity while searching was fascinating.

The search engines are the doorway to the internet and according to a recent statistics, Google alone gets more than 200 million searches every day. Since traffic driving and doing well with websites and online business rely heavily on search engines, I often read articles and research papers about search engine optimisation. This article gave me a good insight on human interaction on the screen and thus helped me think in a different way to implement my efforts to help clients get a better position in search engines. So I would say that was a really fascinating thing to learn.


Sample Answer 2:
In the Asian subcontinent, it is the girls who are responsible for handling all the cooking for the family. So, I am not an exception rather I love to cook. Besides, I conduct experiments and try to bring some innovation and variety in my cooking approach. I am glad to describe the matter here. I would like to thank you for this great topic.  

I learnt cooking various types of dishes. In fact, people of Sri Lanka take the most usual dishes like rice and curry. They also take some occasional foods which also contain various types of rice and curries. But I have learnt something different. Using the internet, I came to know about many special dishes that I can make with the usual elements of my country. So, I did not miss the chance. I have learnt a couple of exotic dishes and often prepare them for my family. They become pleased with the dishes and praise my skills of cooking.  

There are a good number of websites are available which teach cooking. In fact, they provide the recipe of numerous dishes and I have picked the best ones which appeared easy to me. I regularly browse websites like,,, etc. They are the leading websites that describe the recipes for numerous types of food preparation. Besides, they are also easy to use and the recipes are provided with great care. Initially, I had to struggle with the cooking but a regular practice has removed the challenges and barriers for cooking. Now, I have become almost a perfect cook of my family. They all love my cooking and extensively praise and inspire me. Often I think that the websites were of great help to me. In fact, without their support, I was unable to learn the cooking.     

At first, I started visiting the websites for passing my idle moments. Later, the idea crossed my mind that if I try something different, it would make my family members happy. Yes, I know ow to cook but I have never tried something special except the rice and curry. So, I planned to cook something special that my family members have never tested before. Accordingly, I went to the grocery shop and market to get the necessary items after the recipe. Then I made the dish. It was a bit trouble for me as I tried the exotic dish for the first time. In fact, the heat was not in the right amount. I removed the pot from the stove too early before the meat to be boiled. But my parents were happy with this and inspired me to continue my efforts.   

It was really an interesting experience for me. Firstly, I loved cooking but never had tried the dishes before. Besides, cooking preparation was a bit dissimilar than we cooked. In fact, there are some basic differences with the western foods and the foods with this continent. The western foods are undoubtedly healthy and delicious. But they lack spices as we take in our curries. Moreover, the cooking recipe was also dissimilar than ours. Preparation of the dishes are easier but it appeared to me that the cooking takes a bit more time than we need to invest for our traditional foods. So, I made the mistakes in the beginning and now this is alright. I actually enjoy cooking the dishes to a great extent.


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