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IELTS Cue Card Sample 369 - Describe a small and successful company you know

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a small and successful company you know.

You should say:

  • what’s the name of the company
  • how you know about it
  • what kind of business this company does

and explain why you think this company is successful.

Sample Answer 1:
Well, the first company that popped up in my mind after I read the topic of this cue card is known as ‘The rainfall’ and this is a readymade garments manufacturer in our hometown. In just 4-5 years this company has gained a huge popularity in the local and in some foreign markets and has expanded from a 10 employee-run company to a workplace for more than few hundred employees. In term of their success, I can say that this company is the role-model for many newly established companies in this same sector.

‘The rainfall’ is an interesting name and in a TV interview one of the founding members of this company told the history of this company and according to him the day they decided to establish this company was a rainy day and it was pouring heavily and ceaselessly.

Since this company  is located in our hometown where I have observed their first establishment till their latest expansion in the capital city, I know most of the history of this company. One of the founding members is a relative of one of my friends and I have visited the main office of this company more than once.

This company mainly produces readymade garments for ladies and gents of all ages and then it sell those products to local and international brands. The ready made dresses this company mainly works on includes jeans pants, cardigans, polo shirt, T-shirt and trousers. Recently they have started making kids items which are also gaining huge popularity. Their business includes manufacturing and packing the readymade garments, marketing those products and branding. So far they have achieved huge success and they are doing a great business.

I would define their success basically in three ways. First, the expansion of the company is quite remarkable. They initially had a small factory and an office room with not more than 10-12 employees. This was probably not more than 6 years ago and in the next few years, they have become one of the largest readymade garments in our area. They now employ more than  4-5 hundred employees and have 7-8 offices in different locations. Second, their revenue must have gone higher than any other similar company in our area. They are doing better and bigger business and that has made it possible for the owners to become successful in this sector. Finally, the brand popularity of this company is quite enviable. They have been able to maintain the quality of their product and that has made them one of the most popular brands in our area.


Sample Answer 2:
Paris is a metropolitan city. A good number of shops and cafes are available here. But in line with them, some small companies are also growing. Bullario is one of them and the company owns a small shop which is expert in producing handmade gift items.

Bullario is a specialist on selling handmade attractive gift items. The company is small but its products are really handsome and lucrative. Besides, pricing is not an issue with them. They sell different types of show pieces, wax-made statues, handmade flowers, flower vases, and many other items for regular use. Besides, the items are also could be used for presenting to someone. Bullario initially emerged as an online business platform but with the gradual development and its demands of products, it has taken the shape of a real-life business organisation though small in size. Bullario currently operates in Paris only and it also plans for expanding the business in some other cities shortly.

I was seeking a small gift item for my niece and searched for a suitable place nearby my location in Paris. Suddenly I saw a page on social networking site, facebook, about such an online store that sells the things I need. Then I browsed their website and came to know that they have both online and physical stores. Since the shop was near my residence, I planned for a visit. I was amazed by their collection of items. Despite being a very small shop, they arranged for diversified items. The collection and variety of items were really adorable. I picked a couple of small gift items and show pieces to present my niece. I talked with the owner of the shop and came to know about different important information about the shop.  

Bullario is mostly a small shop and deals in diversified gift items mostly. The most important matter is that majority of the items are handmade and definitely with care. Some of the items are imported from different parts of the world. The business is doing very well only for its attention to the quality. The refund policy of this company is also admirable. If the purchased products are in good condition, they do not hesitate to refund the money. Besides, the company also provides a provision to replace or exchange the products with any other products and adjust the pricing issues. This is really a helpful feature from this company whereas I had some bitter experience in replacing purchased goods from some large shops and superstores. But the scenario was completely opposite here. They were highly cordial in such matters.   

This is a successful company from many aspects. As far as I know from the owner that the demands of the products are increasing gradually. As a result, they are making more profits and planning to expand the business. They have been maintaining the product quality and are also aware of their rights and responsibilities towards the customers. They do not bargain with the customers and sells the products at a fixed price. But they provide some off to the majority of the products round the year. Besides, they have a smart marketing strategy. It does not follow the conventional methods of marketing rather relies on the digital marketing. Consequently, within a short time, Bullario has drawn the attention of many of its existing customers. Therefore, I think this is a successful company and in the long run, it will grow more.



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