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IELTS Cue Card Sample 379 - Describe an old person you admire

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an old person you admire.

You should say:

  • who this person is
  • where did you meet with him
  • what characteristics you most like on him

and explain why you admire this person.

Model Answer 1:
The old person I admire most is my grandfather. To me, he is a hero, an ideal father, a benevolent person and a man of his honour. His name is Alexander Vladimir and he is around 75 years old now.

We live in a joint family and he is still the head of our family. Though he can’t manage every aspect of our family due to his age, yet he is still the decision maker for our family. I remember him from my early childhood when he used to play chess with me. He taught me many things including the value of honesty and punctuality. He bestowed me some of his great adventures in his life through stories and those stories are still inspiring for me.

He is a person of his word. He would not talk much but when he does it carries unparallel weights. He is a benevolent person as I have seen him helping many people in our locality. He was an educated person and a successful father as all of them are successful professionals and businessmen now. I revere my grandparents for his acute observation and great decisions. I like him so much that I want to become a person like him.

Alternative Answer 2:
Generally, meeting with old people is uninteresting as they talk unnecessarily. But my meeting with Mr Moe Myaing was really an interesting one. He is a retired army person and lives to my next door.

Mr Moe Myaing is passing his retired life now. He lives with his family in the opposite apartment of us in Yangon. He has been living in this apartment even before we started living here. He got his retirement in the early part of the year 2000 from the Myanmar Army as a colonel. Now he loves to recall the memories of his olden days. I find interest in talking with him. He owns a tall figure with a height of six feet and two inches. Besides, he looks strong even in his 70. And he is smart with an adventurer look. He loves to pass times in physical exercise and sports. In fact, he loves to take part in different sports in the local sporting club.  

I first saw him in the corridor of the apartment block. He was having some sort of physical exercise. I knew that there is a retired colonel living in this apartment but did not have idea that he would be the man. In fact, I thought the colonel would be someone less old than him. Actually, I did not have idea that he is a bit older than I thought. But later, I discovered that he is an interesting man and knows how to attract people. Often he visits my dad at our home and we also are invited to his apartment in many occasions. Now, the relationship with him and his family with mine is excellent. Sometimes, I pass my leisure hours with him and listen to his heroic activities while he served in military.

First of all, I like to appreciate his outspoken nature. He loves to speak straight. Besides, he tries to keep his promises and commitments. When he makes any promise, he is sure that he would be successful in keeping the promise. In fact, this is not his nature that without being confirmed, he makes any commitments. He is also brave and knows how to deal with difficult situations. I also like his spirit to continue physical activities in such an age. He can run faster than anyone else, takes part in sports like badminton and football. He also loves to swim. Mr Myaing took me to his swimming club and I was amazed at his performance of swimming. Further, he is a humble man and never behaves rudely with anyone. Controlling the anger is the other quality I see in him.

I admire Mr Myaing for some particular reasons. He is a highly educated and trained person. Despite being an army, he knows how to deal with the civilians while a majority of the army personnel are unable to deal with the ordinary citizens. They have some ideas that they are someone superior and to be worshipped. But there are no such arrogances in this person. He is a nice guy and loves to gossip over a wide number of issues. He loves to meet with newer people and particularly with kids. I also have learnt many aspects from him which are really effective in my real-life situations. He has taught me the matters with great enthusiasm. For all such reasons, I admire him most.


Part 3: Details Discussion:

Q. What are the advantages of having an elderly person at home?

Q. Is there anything that older people should learn from younger generation?

Q. What can younger generation learn from the older generation?

Q. What qualities does a person need to take care of old people?

Q. Do you think elderly people should be allowed to work?

Q. Do you think that elderly people should be taken care of at home?

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