Cue Card Sample

Cue Card # 395 - Describe a person who you believe dresses well

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a person who you believe dresses well.

You should say:

  • who this person is
  • what kinds of clothes this person likes to wear
  • how you know this person

and explain why you think this person dresses well.


Model Answer 1:

When it comes to dressing well - I mean really well - no one whom I know can beat Patric. He not only has a great sense of grooming but also a unique skill for mixing western fashion styles with continental dresses. Thank you very much for the time and opportunity to let me talk about a person who I think dresses excellently.

Who this person is:
Partic is my classmate at university. I can't say that we're very close but we still consider ourselves friends. I've known him for the last three years and it's astounding how he has managed to dress nicely and neatly every single day when I have seen him. I believe dressing well is something he does as part of his daily routine and habit.

What kinds of clothes this person likes to wear:
He likes to wear various types of dresses, and I believe, he loves to experiment with the outfits he wears. I've seen him wear formal pants, shirts, ties and Italian designer shoes sometimes, and then simply a pair of loose trousers, t-shirts and simple sandals at other times. However, his favourite dresses are formal pants and shirts. When it comes to wearing wristwatches, I often wonder how many of them he has!  

How you know this person:
I did not know him before I started university. He and I are in the same department and we did some projects together as a group. So I know him well. I've even been to their house a couple of times.

And explain why you think this person dresses well:
I'm no fashion or dress expert but I can spot someone who dresses well. Patric is one such person who would easily stand out from the crowd. It's not because he always wears designer clothes, but perhaps because he has a nice fashion sense and he always wears neat and clean dresses that fit him well. I also believe that he dresses well because many others in my university often speak highly of Partic when it comes to his fashion sense.


Model Answer 2:

One of the things that I really like to do is to dress well and get out in order to enjoy the beautiful outdoors. However, I know many people around me who like to dress really well, even one step ahead of me, and Mr Jane Patowary is one of them.

To introduce Mr Jane Patowary a little, he is a very successful businessman in our town. I can’t say for sure how old he really is, but the way he talks, behaves and carries himself in front of the public, I feel that he can’t be more than 50 years of age. Of course, he could be older than 50, but I still mentioned that age, probably because I have always been under the impression that 50 is perfect to be a successful man. 

Anyway, moving forward, I met Mr Patowary about a couple of years ago at my uncle’s restaurant. At that time, even though, I had no idea that he was the chairman and owner of a group of successful companies, I figured out this much that his fashion sense was quite remarkable. Since then, whenever I have seen him at my uncle’s restaurant (yes, Mr Patowary is a frequent visitor of my uncle’s restaurant because of his close friendship with my uncle), I found him to be dressed either in complete navy blue or complete pastel yellow. In fact, whenever I have seen him in that kind of dress, I have somehow figured out that his smoot-looking t-shirts or full-length shirts, finely-ironed suits, and shiny, full-leather shoes were especially “made to order” by expensive brands. On top of that, his exquisite-looking, “Ray-Ban” sunglasses make him look even sharper and more elegant than he ought to be at his age! 

So, yes, Mr Patowary indeed dresses very well, not because he chooses expensive brands, but because he knows perfectly well what exactly goes with his overall physical structure and appearance. I think that he dresses well also because his dresses help him to project himself as a much more young and energetic personality than he really is. 


Model Answer 3:

This is indeed an interesting topic to talk about. As soon as I looked at this topic, several well-groomed people’s faces crossed my mind. But here, I would like to talk about my cousin - "Helen", who, in my opinion, has the best dressing senses. As she is in the fashion industry, she dresses quite fashionably. However, she never wears something extravagant or offensive to the family members.

Helen is my cousin, and she is three years older than I am. She graduated with Fashion Technology major and has been working in a reputed fashion house for the last four years. She has had a distinguishing fashion sense since her childhood, and she is always quite careful about the way she dresses.

She does not have any specific dressing preferences and rather chooses to dress based on the weather and the events that she attends. She is quite a beautiful lady with a great sense of humour and her distinctive dressing styles make her stand out from the crowd. As far as I have seen her, she likes to wear comfortable dresses but those dresses always have the touch of some sort of fashionable design. She mostly wears cotton and light dresses during the summer. In winter, she wears jeans, long overcoats and beautiful hats. Her preferences for shoes are quite remarkable, and I seek her advice every time I need to purchase shoes. I believe expensive dresses do not always make someone fashionable and Helen is a perfect example of a person who can reflect a positive fashion sense even in a very simple dress.

I know her since my early childhood as she is my cousin. She is very close to me and she often visits our house.

The reason I preferred her as a well-groomed person for this topic is that she always wears neat and clean dresses and never wears something that contradicts the conventional dress code of an event. She always gives the weather condition a priority when choosing her clothes. She will give people an aura of tranquillity and the impression of a dandy person and this is quite unique about her.

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