IELTS Cue Card Sample 395 - A person you know who dresses well

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a person you know who dresses well.

You should say:

  • who this person is
  • what kinds of clothes this person likes to wear
  • how you know this person

and explain why you think this person dresses well.


Model Answer 1:
This is indeed an interesting topic to talk about. As soon as I looked at this candidate task card, several well-groomed people’s faces crossed my mind. But for this cue card topic, I would like to talk about my cousin Helen who, in my opinion, has the best dressing senses. As she is in the fashion industry, she dresses quite fashionably. However, she never wears something extravagant or offensive to the family members. 

Helen is my cousin and she is 3 years older than I am. She did her graduation in Fashion Technology and has been working in a reputed fashion house for the last 3 years. She had a distinguishing fashion sense from her childhood and she is always quite careful about the way she dresses.

She does not have any defined dressing preferences. She rather chose to dress based on the weather, temperature and the occasions or events she attends to. She is quite a beautiful lady with a great sense of humour and her distinctive dressing styles make her stay out-of-the-crowd. As far as I have seen her, she likes to wear comfortable dresses but those dresses always have the touch of some sort of fashionable designs. She mostly wears cotton and light dresses during the summer. In winter, she wears jeans, long overcoats and beautiful hats. Her preferences of shoes are quite remarkable and I seek her advice every time I need to purchase shoes for me or whenever I am confused what to wear in an occasion or a party. 

I believe expensive dresses do not always make someone fashionable or careful about the ways s/he dresses! Helen is a perfect example of a person who can reflect a positive fashion sense even in a very simple dress. She does not wear gaudy and very colourful dresses and I have hardly seen others complain about the way she maintains her fashion and grooming.  But you know there are always some people who like to comment about the ways other dresses, and I do not consider their remarks very important!!!

I know her from my early childhood as she is my cousin. She is very close to me and she often visits our house. She lives in a different town now but she used to live in our neighbourhood. I went to her office twice and I was astonished seeing her working with many renowned fashion designers in our country.

The reason I preferred her as a well-groomed person for this cue card topic is because she always wears neat and clean dresses and never wears something that contradicts the conventional dress code of an event. She always gives the weather condition a priority while choosing her clothes. She will give people an aura of tranquillity and impression of a dandy person and this is quite unique about her. I have talked to her many times about fashion and costume, and in my opinion, she is quite knowledgeable about these aspects. She values the importance of traditional dresses and whenever she wears an exotic dress, she makes sure it does not look offensive to the family members or to others. I would say this is a great accomplishment for a fashion designer and a person who respects her own tradition and culture.


Sample Answer 2:
In this present age, having a nice dress is really a necessary element to represent someone in a decent manner. I know a colleague of mine who dresses very well. Describing him in a few words would be difficult for me. 

I am a senior executive here in Bulgaria and working with an international NGO. I take care monitoring aspects for some the projects. My colleague, Mr David Johnson works with me in the same position. He is a tall-figured person with a stunning look. He loves to participate in outdoor sports and travelling is his another hobby. Besides, he is smart enough to deal with complex situations and brings the win for him. His analytical ability is adorable and also can take an instant decision about different project monitoring issues.    

He is a bit different than the other employees. Though we work in a very formal environment, we enjoy the flexibility regarding our dress code. We do not have any strict dress code but wearing formal dress is preferable. Mr Johnson is the only person who never comes with an informal dress at the office. Even if he is asked to attend any meeting in the weekend, he appears with a formal dress. He loves to wear the formal shirt, pant, suit and shoes. Once I asked him what his attires were in his residence. He replied that he remains causal at his home. But unluckily we could not see him in his casual dress. But he is a bit choosy about dress colour. He loves to wear the light colours than the dark. So, all of his suits and shirts are of lighter colour.   

I first met him on the day of the interview with this organisation. I had been looking for a suitable job for me and applied for the position. There were two posts and lots of applicants. On the day of written tests, I met him at the conference room, where the exam was taken. Later, both of us were allowed for an oral test with some other applicants. Finally, we two got the job at the project. From the very first day, I have seen him in formal dress. He even never wears sandals at office lest his formal dress code become spoilt. In fact, this is the only person I have seen ever so obsessed with his formal attires. But by the same time, he is also adored for his sincerity with the dress code. He also has got an award for maintaining the formal attires round the year in the office. 

I had some conversations with him about his dress code. His reply on the issue made me amazed. He is really sincere in every issue related to his career and profession. Since an early age, he is sincere with all the duties and responsibilities he gets. Wearing a formal dress is the official order, but many of us do not comply with the order in the right manner. Some of us often come with a casual dress and they feel comfortable in such attires. But he is completely different. His pure and perfect sense of responsibility does not allow him to disobey the official dress code. Even when he and I go to field visit in different remote places, he is still formal with his dress. I think the sense of responsibility and sincerity makes him determined to follow all the rules and responsibilities. So, he dresses well always. 

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