IELTS Cue Card Sample 397 - Describe a person who is fashionable

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a person who is fashionable.

You should say:

  • who is he/ she
  • how you know him /her
  • what kind of dresses this person wears

and explain why you think this person is fashionable.

Model Answer 1:
Mr Robert is our neighbour who lives next to our house. In my opinion, he is a fashionable person. He works in a private bank and is around 34 years old. He has recently married the girl he had been engaged for more than 2 years and moved to our locality.

I know him as he is my neighbour and often visits our house. He has been living in our locality ever since he got married. The first time he visited our house with his wife was the day we met. Since then we know each other and we often have conversations whenever we meet in our house, street or in the supermarket.

He usually wears formal dresses for his office which is a white shirt, and black suits. He likes black shoes and he has more than 20 pairs of shoes! He either wears a blue or red tie for the office and I have never seen him wear dresses that give a very casual impression in an office environment. Though he wears official dresses like other employees, he has an acute sense of fashion and style that makes him stay out-of-the-crowd. He always wears branded dresses and that makes him look quite handsome.When he is at home, he wears jeans and T-shirts. However, the T-shirts he wears are designed by his wife who is a talented artist. 

I find him quite fashionable as he follows the latest trends in fashion. He is fond of shopping and has a great sense of latest fashions. He always wears dresses that would comply with the occasions. His great personality, dandy dressing style, knowledge on latest fashion trends and amiable behaviours make him a likeable person.  As per several conversations, we have had, I know that he is a talented person. He told me that he likes to wear comfortable yet fashionable dresses as it keeps him motivated to work harder or concentrate on doing things he needs to do. He also believes that the way we dress reflects who we are and other people often judge us the way we appear in front of them.

He told me that some people find his shopping habit quite silly, but he likes to spend money on buying new clothes because it gives him a great pleasure. However, he also confessed that sometimes purchasing new dresses becomes quite addictive and he is very alert not to fall into this trap. The perfect way he dresses, the branded dresses he purchases and the sense of style he follows make him a fashionable man.


Sample Answer 2: 
Fashion always changes its shape based on situations and environment. But there are some people who are always trendy and look beautiful whatever they wear. And if they are models, they need to be careful about the fashion too much than the ordinary people. 

Champei Devi is a fashion model in Cambodia and she is extremely cautious about her fashion. In fact, she is the only fashion model in Poipet, Cambodia and always loves to wear the dresses of the latest design. She has been playing the role of a fashion model since her early age, and now has established herself as an influential model of the arena. Besides, she also takes part in some other commercials where she also exercised her fashion. I think she has a fascination towards fashion. Often I become amazed at her attires and appearance. 

I know her from my childhood. In fact, she used to live with her family adjacent to us in the same locality. We were neighbours. She started her elementary school at the same institution where I also took admission in the same grade. But later, she left the school and joined at another one. Suddenly, she started appearing in some local fashion shows. With her participation in the shows, she attracted the attention of the mass media and some of the large modelling agencies. Then her career as a professional model began. But it was not so smooth as it sounds. She underwent struggles and experienced numerous challenges. First of all, her progress as a model was hindered from her family. But with the change of time, her popularity grew and the family barriers also vanished.     

Usually, she loves to wear a tee shirt and jeans pant. At an interview in a local magazine, she described her personal fashion. But when she is in a photoshoot, she needs to wear dresses prescribed by the agency or photographers. Besides, she also loves to wear the traditional dresses of Cambodia. But she feels comfortable most in the western dresses. She is aware of the fashion and tries to place her signature on the fashion as well. So, whenever there are any latest designs, she is the one to use that first. She also looks fine with formal dresses. Once I had seen an image of her wearing a formal suit. That really looked beautiful. In her personal life, she is also careful about her appearance. She never goes out without a complete makeover that matches with her attires. 

Champei Devi is really a fashionable lady now. She always wears the attires of the best designs. Besides, the dresses are colourful as well which make her look stunning. But I have not seen her to be indecent with her dresses. She loves to wear different types of dresses and poses for photo sessions. But none of the attires could prove her to be arrogant or moody. She is simple in her manners and loves to socialise with people. But the outstanding dress code and styles have made her different from others in some sense which is clearly visible. Based on all such reasons, I think she is really a fashionable lady.

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