IELTS Cue Card Sample 400 - Something that you want to learn more

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe something that you want to learn more.

You should say:

  • what it is
  • how you would learn it
  • where you can learn it

and explain why you want to keep learning it.

Model Answer 1:
I started learning how to play the piano when I was in my high school and I know very little about playing this music instrument. Now I would like to enhance my knowledge and learn it more.

I was around 15 years old when I started learning it from the Music and Melody society that was run by some music teachers. I was involved in this society only for 4-5 months. I could not finish my lessons on piano playing and have forgotten many things that I was taught. Later on, I have learned how to play the guitar but I never had the opportunity to learn to play the piano.

Since I already have the basic knowledge on how to play the piano, I would like to practise for a month before I get admitted to a music academy that teaches interested individuals how to play the piano. Besides, the internet would be helpful as I would be able to find many lessons and tutorials from it. Video tutorials that are found on YouTube would be helpful as well.

Though I always thought to enhance my piano skill, I could not actually find a suitable place or time to do so. Now, I have finished my graduation and would be able to devote some time to learn it more. Furthermore, one of my cousins has recommended a music academy where I would get admitted in a couple of weeks.

The piano is one of the most widely used musical instruments in our country and I always had a passion for music. I do not have the plan to start a career in the music industry but music is in my blood. My grandfather was a renowned songwriter and one of my uncles is a vocal in a large music band in our area. I love the melodious and harmonic aura of a piano and being able to play it would be a great accomplishment for me. It’s a passion and I would be happy to learn it more.


Sample Answer 2: 
During the childhood days, I used to learn a paper craft at my elementary school and the craft was named as origami. This is a type of art where papers are folded to create different shapes and miniature creatures. Gladly, I will discuss the topic here and thank you for allowing me to talk. 

Origami is the combination of two words – Ori and Kami while ‘Kami’ later turned into gami. This is the art where a good number of designs and sculptors are formed by folding the paper only. The culture originated in Japan but now it is practised worldwide for its popularity. No cuts or glues are used in this art of paper folding. Kids are trained with the origami in their schools but when they grow matured, they forget the practices as I did. So, I want to learn it now and master the skills so that I could practice the art every now and then. 

Learning the origami is not difficult. It needs a sheet of paper to create the sculptors and designs. Besides, the basics are easier to learn which I had learnt in my elementary school. Some of the people try to create origami with cutting and pasting glue on the papers. This is similar to the practice that is done is China. The authentic origami does not need to apply the external resources to complete the sculptor or design. The basic comes with the combination of folds and a good number of tricky folding is available to give the perfect shape. Basically, the designs are done on sheet square in shape. Using sheets of different shades brings a special look at the designs and creatures. 

I do not know if there are any professional agencies who train on this art of origami. There are plenty of schools available to train on kirigami which actually I do not want to learn at all. In kirigami, everything is similar to origami but it uses different cuts and attaches glues which appear artificial to me. However, I have been looking for a suitable organisation where I can learn the real origami. I can remember the basics but with the change of time, I think the area has improved and lots of changes have appeared. So, I need to learn the latest origami updates. There are some organisations which train origami for the kids and adults are not allowed. I am planning to meet with them and ask them for opening an adult course of origami. I want to learn it as this is a passion for me.   

I have an event management agency in Japan. And often I am responsible for organising a good number of national and international events in and out of Japan. If I am skilled in decoration with origami, I could be able to beautify the venues perfectly. The designs and shapes will be around the event venue. As a result, the event will get a special value to the invited guests and everyone present there. It will help me to get linked with the origin of Japan. The traditional Japanese design will appear in line with the modern art and culture which will uphold my nation as well. So, I want to keep it learning as long as I can and enhance my skills of origami.


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