Cue Card Sample

IELTS Cue Card Sample 402 - Describe the age or stage you enjoyed most

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe the age/stage you enjoyed most in your life.

You should say:

  • what the age/stage was
  • what did you like to do back then
  • who you enjoyed spending time with mostly back then

and explain why this was the best age/stage in your life.


Model Answer 1:
To be honest, I don’t really like to subscribe to the idea that there is one best age or stage in our life because the truth is that we wouldn’t be able to grow as a “person” unless we choose to consider each age or stage of our lives as “special”. But, since, this cue card is asking me to do just that, I will try to make it as interesting as possible.

Moving forward, I would say that probably the best stage in my life was when I was a child with an age range of 8-12 years old. This was the stage of my life when I could do pretty much anything and everything (nothing anti-social, of course) without having to worry about any major “reprisal”. However, back then, one of the things, which I really liked to do, was to go to a nearby open field/space and play football and volleyball with my friends and senior brothers after finishing the schools. Then, of course, I also need to mention here about our weekly “fishing activities” in the company of my elder brother which I enjoyed almost every weekend. But, the best thing of all, which I really enjoyed doing every weekend, was to watch the cartoon movies on television with my elder brother and sister while enjoying some special snacks together.

By the way, my parents didn’t allow us to go to a movie theatre to watch movies back then. So, watching cartoons on TV was something which I really appreciated, especially, if I was doing it with my elder brother. After all, it was my elder brother, with whom I just loved spending my time.

Anyway, I would consider this particular stage of my life as best because I didn’t have to worry about being “judged” by people around me. Besides, this was also a period of time, when I made some “lifelong” and true friends. Finally, I would consider this state as the best because I could enjoy the little things of our life without any “guilty feeling” in me.


Model Answer 2:
Life is a great journey and in different stages of our life, we have different priorities, activities, responsibilities and interests. However, I believe childhood is a magical period in our lives and most of the people would agree with it.

My childhood is the best phase of my life and I had an excellent and memorable childhood. I lived with my parents in a suburban area where I had many friends and neighbouring kids with whom I loved to spend time with. We had a team of 6-7 children and our days were full of joyfulness and excitement.

We used to play indoor games, make our own rules in a game, run beside the green paddy fields without any reason, swim in the river, sometimes quarrel and finally play football in the evening. There was no particular rule or obligation- we did whatever we liked to do as long it was safe and healthy. Our parents used to disrupt our activities only when we started doing something harmful or risky. Apart from that, we were allowed to play the way we wanted.

I loved to collect stamps in my childhood and I spent a considerable amount of time with other kids who had this hobby. I also liked to swim in the river and I was a great swimmer at that time. I could easily defeat other kids of my age in swimming competitions. I liked to go to new places with my friends and that was quite exhilarating in my childhood.     

'Why this was the best stage of my life?' Well, those are the golden days of my life. I believe others would agree that our childhood had a different charisma and we miss it a lot at our later stages. I had plenty of scopes to enjoy the days and had the opportunity to get involved in many electrifying activities that made my days happier. I had no tension, did not have to take responsibilities that were harder to bear or go through any complexities of life. It was simple, full of ecstasy and thrill and I had many friends and loving parents to share my happiness with.


Model Answer 3: 
Childhood is considered as the best part of life. But I enjoyed my adolescence most than any other stage. I was 13 at that time and passed the golden times of my life so far. I am lucky enough to describe the issue here. 

This is the age when you will have some special thoughts and activities. In fact, people perform the silliest activities in this stage of life. I was not an exception to this universal rule. Rather, I was something more wicked in nature than the other boys. I did almost all types of wicked activities and still, I practice those if I get a chance. The adolescence is the age of life which is really a time to enjoy. People can get rid of the blames as they are still immature and with this chance, they can do whatever they want to do. But it should be kept in mind that there should be a limit of wickedness. 

I was born and brought up in a village in India. In those days, there was not as much development as it is found now. So, the activities I participated in may appear weird to some. In fact, I did a lot of things that the kids of today even have not heard of. I liked most to steal fruits from trees of my neighbours while they chased me for the stealing. Sometimes they reported the issues to my father and he used to chide me severely for such activities. Moreover, I had a group of kids of the same age. When we got together, we used to do some mischievous activities like stealing domestic animals and selling them in the local market to arrange money for the cinema. Bunking the school was a usual phenomenon for us. Since we all lived in the same area, we made the group and visited many places by bunking school.    

I did not have any close or best friend rather I liked to move in a group. I formed a group of 12 members. We passed most of the times of the day together. In fact, we used to remain together when we were out of the home. If someone of us was in danger, we all moved together to rescue him from the situation. The situations were hilarious – they got caught in mischievous acts. Besides, we also had some common enemies and they were senior to us for one or two years. When they got us alone, they punished us in innovative ways. And we did not have anything to do with them as they were seniors. Besides, we used to play football together. We all contributed to buy football and other sporting elements. So, the times went very well.    

There are a good number of reasons to consider this age as the best part of my life. When I gradually got matured, I was shouldered with more responsibilities for my education and academic career. Besides, I also had to participate in some familial matters with my father and paternal uncles. So, I lost freedom gradually after the adolescence. But I do not have any regret that I lost freedom. I have had enough fun and lived the days of that age with great enthusiasm. So, I think this was the best stage of my life. 

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