Cue Card Sample

IELTS Cue Card Sample 411 - A person who is beautiful or handsome

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a person you know who is beautiful or handsome.

You should say:

  • who this person is
  • how you know him/her
  • what you know about him/her

and explain why you think he/she is beautiful or handsome.


Model Answer 1:
When we think or talk about a handsome man, the names of some really famous Hollywood actors come to our mind. Therefore, it is really difficult to come out of that mindset when describing a handsome man, just as it is difficult for me now.

Anyway, the handsome person, I want to talk about today, is nobody else other than my own cousin. This cousin of mine is in his early 40’s and is more than 10 years older than me. But, even though, he is older than me, we have a very special relationship between us since we both treat each other like a real friend and real brother. Anyway, so why I think of my cousin as a handsome person? Well, it is certainly not because he has a flat, solid-looking and fat-free abdomen, with a height of 6 feet, and has some nicely trimmed dark hair, but because he always likes to carry himself like a real and confident person.

Anyway, I have known this person for the last 25 years or so, but seldom have I seen him without a happy face. Besides, I have always found him to be a very active person since I have hardly ever seen him indulging in unproductive things. Of course, when I say that he hardly ever involves himself in doing “unproductive” things, I don’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t socialize with friends or families or enjoy his life, but what I mean to say that he knows his priorities perfectly well. And as far as the looks of this “handsome” person are concerned, he is barely 5’8” tall, with a slightly darker complexion, and has two curious eyes which always radiate with some kind of “intelligence”.  

Well, I think that my cousin certainly is a handsome person, mainly because he knows exactly how to carry himself like a confident person and be a perfect gentleman. What makes him even more “handsome” in my opinion is that he hardly ever looks sad or depressed, even when facing real difficulties in life.


Model Answer 2:
Irene, a friend of my elder sister, is both beautiful and handsome whom I know for a long. Her full name is Irene Chemo and she works in a multinational company as a senior executive. She is 5 feet 9, has a slender body and a great complexion. On top of that, she has a great fashion sense and her intelligence and amiable personality make her even more handsome. As I heard from my sister, Irene once won an award for her extraordinary performance in a fashion design competition. In my opinion, she is a rare combination of beauty, intelligence, fashion sense, sense of humour and kindness.

Irene is my sister's school friend and I know her since my early childhood. She often comes to our house and I have been to her house on several occasions. She lives with her parents and three other siblings. She is 26 and last year she finished her graduation. Now she is working full full-time in a large company and planning to establish a small coffee shop near her house. She has asked my sister to be her business partner.

Irene is undoubtedly a beautiful person - both in appearance and in thoughts. She has got the kind of look that can be described as unique and elegant. I guess she could have easily become a renowned model in our country. Her sense of fashion is quite fabulous and most importantly, her higher IQ makes her stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, she is kind and helpful and her amiable and affectionate behaviours make her even more likeable. Her innocent look and distinctive fashion sense are worth noticing. For all these reasons, I like her very much and have picked her for this cue card topic.

I believe the definition of the term 'smart' or 'handsome' is not that straightforward and someone's intelligence is equally important to become handsome as much as his or her physical appearance is. From this regards, Irene is smart, good looking and handsome.


Sample Answer 3:
Thank you for allowing me to discuss the topic. Since my birth, I have met a good number of people but none of them is as beautiful as my mum is. She is the most beautiful lady I have ever seen in my life. And I am really happy to have the chance of introducing her to you.

My mum, Rini Mutsoku is a striking lady. She loves her family much and been caring for the family for a long time. She is well-educated and has completed her MA in social science. She is smart, intelligent and owns a pretty look with her dashing eyes. She is in her middle age now and used to be a teacher in a local school here in Japan. She left the job a couple of years ago and turned into a full-fledged homemaker. She has a distinctive style of cooking and she can cook different sorts of traditional foods. In fact, she has got training in cooking.   

I am a young lady and have completed my graduation from the University of Tokyo. Rini Mutsoku is my mum and I have a very intimate bonding with her since after my birth. Though I am not the only daughter to her, she loves me much being the youngest one. But she tries to take care properly for each of the members. She arranges for everything to run the household. My dad is also happy with her efforts and often tries to help her with domestic chores. Being a fresh graduate, it is not possible for me to help her in all such activities as I am busy searching for jobs and interviews across the city. Besides, my other siblings are also busy with their respective activities. Hence, it is my mum who is to take care of everything at the home.

The early life of my parents was not so good. In fact, they had to struggle a lot to come to the current position. Life was challenging for them, especially for my mum. Her parents did not want her to get married to my dad for some reasons. At that time, dad was not too much wealthy but he had potentials. After lots of struggles and challenges, both of them got married and started their life together. She continued caring for the home and teaching simultaneously. When my elder two brothers were born, she had to struggle more for taking care of her boys. She also had to suffer for me in my childhood. But now all the sufferings are gone.

My mum is beautiful in many aspects. Firstly, she has a beautiful mind filled with kindness. She loves to help others. Her beauty lies in her mind. Of course, she has fair skin but it does not reflect her inner beauty. I have had close contacts with her numerous times and discovered her inner self. She is a lovely lady of around 40 and loves to socialise. Almost everyone loves her for her benevolent nature. Besides, she is extremely caring for us. When I was a kid, she used to teach me a different course with outstanding examples. And now I realise how adorable she is. She has managed everything, made the family relations stronger, smartly handled all the distressful moments and more other issues. So, I think she is a beautiful lady in all terms.

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