IELTS Cue Card Sample 413 - Describe a tourist site you have been to

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a tourist site (not from your city) you have been to.

You should say:

  • where it was
  • when you went there
  • who you went with and what you did

and explain how you felt about being there.


Model Answer 1:
I live in a wonderful country with some really beautiful tourist spots to visit. Even the town, in which I live now, is considered to be a wonderful tourist spot by many because of its many ancient buildings and a very large but beautiful lake. But, today, here I would like to talk about a tourist site which is not from my city.

This tourist site, I visited, is called “Galle” which is known to be one of the major cities of Sri Lanka. Located on the southwest coast of the country, this city attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year from all around the world. It attacks so many tourists because of its perfect mixture of history, culture and fun activities. Interestingly enough though, I had very little idea about this fortified old city from 16th century up until I visited this place about a couple of years ago at the invitation of one of my old friends (from high school) who is running a restaurant business there. But, anyway, I am really glad that I visited this tourist site with a cousin of mine and learned a lot of things about a great country like Sri Lanka.

After visiting this city, which also was the key trading port for thousands of years between east and west, the first thing I did there was to visit the “Jungle beach” which I thought was one of the least crowded beaches in the world with a stunning view of the ocean. Later in the afternoon, we also visited the magnificent Galle fort which certainly was the highlight of the town’s many tourist attraction. We also visited a couple of cafes there in order to enjoy some of the finest Sri Lankan cuisines.

Anyway, I felt really great and relaxed after visiting this old and historic city for a change. Besides, mingling with the locals there certainly provided a great window of opportunity for us to learn about the rich culture and traditions of the Sri Lankan people.



Sample Answer 2:
Thank you a lot for this nice candidate task card topic. I would now talk about a tourists site which is not located in my city and where I have been to with my wife.

Last year I went to Kuala Lumpur Bird Park in Malaysia with my wife and this was an excellent tourist site. As the name of the park suggests, Kuala Lumpur Bird Park is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was probably the early November, last year when I had been there. I visited this park with my wife and her excitement was quite fabulous. She is very fond of birds and being in a park which was entirely dedicated to different bird species was a breathtaking experience for her. I have never been to such a place before and I thoroughly enjoyed the hours I spent there.

The total park area must have been more than 20 acres and I guess there were more than 200 different bird species and more than 3000 birds in total. I heard from a tour guide that more than two hundred thousand visitors visit this park each year. This is probably a popular tourist spot in Kuala Lumpur city as the 'Google Search Engine' brought this place in search results every time I searched for popular tourist spots in Kuala Lumpur.  

I was very excited to be there. The time we spent in Malaysia was marvellous and the park made it even more enchanting. In our country, we have many zoological gardens and parks but not a single one which is totally dedicated to the birds. It was an exceptional and enthralling experience for me to watch so many birds in a single park.

I was very much amazed by the beautiful flora and fauna that have made the park a worth visiting tourist spot. This was indeed a great place to observe the activities of birds in their natural habitat. We went to the park by a tourist bus and noticed that some of the tourists were going there for the second time and a few of them were researchers and research scientists. The peacocks of various species were so beautiful that most of the tourists took their pictures. This park was a great place to be and I took many photos on my camera and tried to save the memory.


Sample Answer 3:
My last trip to Australia was outstanding. I had visited some of the most notable tourist spots in the country, and Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of them. In fact, I liked the Bridge the most. This is one of the most splendid structures I have ever seen.

The bridge is located in Sydney Harbour. It is responsible for carrying different types of vehicles including rails, cars and even bicycles. Besides, the bridge also has a provision for pedestrians. This is a magnificent bridge located near the Sydney Opera House and also named as Coathanger. The naming is done for its design that resembles an arch. Vehicular movement is done between the North Shore and the central business district of Sydney. The bridge provides a striking view of the Sydney Harbour. The entire structure is made of steel and one of the tallest one on the earth. The maximum height of the bridge is about 134 meters.

I am a businessman in Japan. I have a business of electronic goods. I need to move to different countries to make deals with my suppliers and clients. As part of my business trip, I went to Australia in November last. It was really an outstanding trip. I made some new deals with the existing clients in Australia. Besides, there were some issues with product quality. I discussed the matters with the producers and they assured me to take steps on providing the best quality products. Further, they did not have any return policy for me. I also placed the issue which meeting with them. They assured me to think about the return policy. Often it happens that some of the products become defective in different terms. Some get damaged while packing and some others have manufacturing defects. So, it becomes hard for me to sell the products to the end-level users. Overall, it was a successful business trip for me.   

Since it was about business deals, I took my general manager with me to accompany. He is also a smart and intelligent individual and owns years of experience in dealing with such critical issues. Both of us made meetings with the suppliers. Once the meeting was over, we made short trips inside the city. As part of such a trip, I went to see the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Adjacent to the Sydney Opera House, the Bridge comes with two railway lines and eight lanes for vehicular movement. In fact, the Bridge is now a famous tourist attraction in Australia for the outsiders. This is an impressive steel structure and was made in 1932.
I felt a deep sense of joy after seeing this large steel-made bridge. Walking on the Bridge was a splendid experience for me. When I ascended the top of the Bridge, the views appeared completely different than it was from the ground level. It was in the evening when I ascended on the top and found that the entire harbour, and the city was shining with bright lights. The natural view was also stunning, especially the sunset scene. This was really a memorable experience for me.

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