Cue Card Sample

IELTS Cue Card Sample 417 - A place that can be good for relaxing

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a place that can be good for relaxing (except home).

You should say:

  • where this place is
  • what it is like
  • what you can do there

and explain why you think it is a good place for relaxing.


Model Answer 1:
There is no doubt that home certainly is one of the best places, if not the best, for our relaxation. But, outside of the home, there are also some other good places for relaxing, and today, I would like to highlight one of them.

The place, I would like to talk about, is a beautiful looking public park, which is about 10 kilometres away from the place where I live. Although people like to call it a public park, I consider it to be more like a mini botanical garden which has pretty much all the ingredients of relaxation.

In fact, with its 20 plus acres of forestation, a rose garden, a few tower-like observatories, and plenty of spots to hideaway from it all, it is very much like a haven for the nature lovers. But, if these things are not enough to help someone relax, a few natural canals with crystal clear in them will certainly make him or her fall in love with this place. By the way, a park with an area of 20 plus acres of land just may not sound too big of an area, but since everything in this park is placed and organized in such close proximity and in a beautiful manner that one would never get bored after spending hours at this place.

Moreover, you can do a lot in this park in order to relax here, from taking small walks in it to checking its beautiful rose garden to just sitting on the benches there and read some good books. Besides, you can also watch some live music concerts, organized by some local bands, if you are visiting it at the weekend.

Anyway, I think that it is a good place for relaxing because it certainly brings very close to mother nature while forgetting about the stress of my day to day life. It is a good place for relaxation also because this is where I can be a “person of my own” without worrying about the undue attention from others.


Sample Answer 2:
Thank you for this nice topic and the time you allowed me to talk about a place which is good to relax. Without any doubt, most of the people would consider their home for the ideal place to relax. I would also agree with them but this cue card topic specifically  instructs to pick a different place than my home. Well, a park which is located near my home, in my opinion, is also a very good place to relax.

The park I am talking about is called (...give a park's name which is located near your home...) and it takes only 15 minutes for me to reach there from my home. This is a beautiful park and I feel quite relaxed there. Every time I go there, I feel a different kind of peace that the busy city, where I live in, rarely offers. The scenic beauty, the large lake, places for a picnic, boat rides, green vista, harmonic songs of nature, the chirping of the birds, sweet aroma of  different flowers make it a paradise. Interestingly this place is preferred by many young artists and it is quite common to spot an artist busy in his work inside this park.

Usually, I go there to walk or to get away from the crowd. It is also a good place to read books or newspapers. I often take a book and read under one of the large trees. When I go there with my friends, I mostly prefer to sit beside the lake and gossip with them. The total area of the park is more than 100 acres and it is maintained by the Metropolitan Park Authority.

The busy city has very fewer places like this one. Once inside, I can forget the busy schedule, think clearly, concentrate on revising my plans, breathe fresh air, sit in a silent corner of the park and can read books or a magazine without any interruption. It might sound a bit awkward but I one spelt there under a tree. I was quite stressed out and tired after a long and busy day. On my way home, I went to this park and sat under a tree. After a while, I fall asleep. I have never told about this anyone. Probably you are the first person I am telling this and to explain how good a place this is!

The beautiful trees, sweet gentle breeze, symphonious ripples on the lake and various beautiful birds make it an ideal place to remain close to nature, think about ourselves without any disturbance, relax our mind and get away from the monotonous city life. I know this park for a long time and I have been there countless times. This is an excellent place where I can relax and I believe I will go there many more times as long as I live in this city.


Sample Answer 3:
Relaxation is one of the greatest demands for people and they need it indeed to remain active and vigorous in their day to day life. I also have a place for relaxation and the place is a public library. I love to spend time here by reading different books which makes me feel relaxed.

It may sound weird to many that I go to a library for relaxation despite numerous other methods. But the preference for relaxation differs from person to person. I love to read books in a quiet place. Accordingly, a library is a right place for me. The New Orleans Public Library is just a few blocks away from my home and I often visit the place to read books. In fact, this is the only place in the entire city where I can have some quietness.

This is a large place. It appears to me that the entire history of humanity and civilization is kept in the books on the shelves. The library also comes with some other features. There are plenty of spaces to take a book and start reading them. It really looks good to see a large number of books well decorated on the huge shelves. Besides, the variety of books is another interesting issue. Almost all types of books are available here. This is like a heavenly place where everyone is busy with reading books. The seating arrangements are also fine and comfortable. I love the way to collect books and borrow them for reading at home as well.  

My initial purpose is to read books at the library. But there are some preconditions to read inside the library. This is the place where nobody is allowed to break the silence. If I need something or to do something else, I need to do it silently. I love the way of working in a silent manner. Besides, I am also allowed to borrow books of my interest. I am a member of this public library and often bring books at home which I cannot finish reading in the library. Further, I am happy to have this library adjacent to me as I do not need to spend more time visiting the place. I can reach the library within a few minutes from my residence. Sometimes, I take light snacks from the coffee shop inside the library. But mostly I spend time reading there and it is in the evening.

This is a good place from many perspectives. Firstly, this is an interesting place to sit and relax with books. While reading books, I feel a sense of peace inside me. In fact, reading books brings inner peace and satisfies the mind. Besides, there are a variety of books available and I can take any one of them after my taste. I also like the environment of the library. Everyone is busy with their respective activities. There is no chaos but everything is running smoothly inside the building without any noise. Besides, this is a very good place to relax and anyone can read books as long as they want before the closure of the library. Considering all such benefits and features, this is a good place for relaxation for me.

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