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IELTS Cue Card Sample 428 - Describe a place you particularly liked

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a place where you have visited and particularly liked.

You should say:

  • what place it was and when you visited there
  • who you went with
  • what was most memorable about it

and explain why you particularly liked visiting this place.


Model Answer 1:
I like to visit different places whenever I get an opportunity. So thank you for this interesting cue card topic since it will allow me to talk about a rather exciting place which I visited about a couple of years ago.

The place, I visited, was a border town, sitting conveniently on the northeastern part of my country. The city is divided by a beautiful river and the other side of it falls into our neighbouring country. But, the interesting thing is that, for a person, who visits that place for the first time, he or she would never know that this is actually a bordering town since people from both sides of the river frequently can be seen visiting their neighbours in their parts of the city.

After seeing this, a couple of my friends, visiting with me, jokingly commented that the people of that bordering city were having an amusing time since they could literally eat their main dishes in our part of the city while enjoying desserts on the other side of the river.

Needless to say, I also agreed with my friends, and I happened to like their idea so much that, after eating our lunch, we also decided to visit the other side of the town and have our desserts. By the way, as we were visiting the other part of the city in a steamer, I noticed that live music was being played in many of the steamers, crossing the river, by some young musical talents. However, the most memorable thing about this visit was that the people of both parts of the city treated each other as their own neighbours.

Well, I liked visiting this place, mainly because it allowed me to see some of the most friendly and cordial relationships between the people of two countries. I liked visiting this place also because the river there, and the beautifully built houses in rows on its banks, was one the spectacular view I have ever seen.


Sample Answer 2:
Travelling is my passion and I love to explore new places. I even have a wish list of places I would love to go before I die. Among the places I have been to, Sanyou Cave in China is a place that I particularly liked and would love to visit again.

It was 2005 when I went there with my family members. It would probably be mid-July of 2005 when I had been there. My parents are also fond of travelling to new places and my father actually selected this place for a two week’s tour. I went there with my parents, my elder brother and his wife. We wanted to take my grandmother but she declined the proposal considering her health condition.

Sanyou Cave is in the sheer cliff at the northern region of Xiling Gorge. This was about 6 miles away from the Yichang City of China. This is considered as one of the best cave scenery in Asia and the whole part was something unexpected to me.

Walking up the path from the cave to the Zhixin pavilion was the most memorable part of this tour. My father was with me and he said ‘is not it beautiful?’ twice during our walk. I thought I time travelled to a distant past and was part of another time and dimension that I actually live in.

When we arrived near the cave and looked around, I was awe-stricken. It was quite surprising for me to witness a place that I never thought would exist. This place reminded me of the movie ‘Time machine’ that I watched many years before. It was so beautiful a place that I liked every moment of our staying there. We spent the night in a hotel established in the cave and that was enthralling. The meaning of the words ‘Sanyou Cave’ is ‘Cave of the Three Travelers’ and it is said that this is a place that inspires people. The exceptional inspiration I got from this place is something I will cherish, probably for the rest of my life.


Sample Answer 3:
Recently my visit to the Glacier National Park gave me immense pleasure after a very long time. This is an area where nature has bestowed her gifts generously to the mountains. The place is also good for hiking. I am really lucky that the memories are still vivid in my mind and here I got the chance to describe them.   

Generally, I try to take some visits to the nearby locations with my family and sometimes alone. I made this visit all by myself and enjoyed a lot. In fact, this is a rocky area filled with natural beauties. So, the best time to visit the park is in winter, I think. And the view may differ to others. The thought appeared on my mind as I have visited the area in different seasons but only found it is charming most in winter. Hence, I made the visit in the middle of December, last.   

I made a solo visit here at this time. But before this visit, I went there with my family members. In fact, it was a solo visit for different reasons. First of all, I wanted to have some times for myself. I was experiencing huge workloads from my office. By the way, I am a professional computer programmer and work with an international IT agency. So, I have to follow some strict rules and regulations to meet the deadlines. I need to meet targets and other issues within the allotted time. Besides, I need to manage my team of as well consisting of 10 members. As a result, I need to remain busy and even have to attend office for over 13 hours in a day. At the end of the day, I become exhausted and this was the routine for the last couple of months. To remove boredom from life, I decided to take break and moved for the Park to spend an entire day, alone.   

To me, this is a place for natural beauty. I find a sense of serenity in this place. The wilderness amazes me. the carved peaks and valleys adjacent to the Canadian border are really adorable to look at. Moreover, the memories of hiking and riding on a boat will remain for long. I walked about five kilometres on the hiking trail by over three hours. Besides, riding on the boat was a different experience for me on the lake of the Park. This was also the perfect place for camping but I was unable to camp. I did not have the preparation for camping. Cycling is another adventurous activity here and I have seen many cyclers exploring the area. I will try to bring a bicycle next time whenever I come. The bright night with millions of stars was the other attraction for me.   

I liked the wide glaciers and lakes of the Glacier National Park. This is located in the Montana state in the USA and visited by a large number of people. I like the mountain ranges most here. The mountain ranges are completely different from the other smaller mountains I have seen. Besides, the lakes are on the next of my preference list. I liked swimming in the lakes and fishing as well. The mountains of the Park formed around 170 million years before and still, they are on the same location. However, there are slight changes in the shape and size of the mountains and lakes. Besides, the enriched animal species are loveable as well. This is really a great place to pay a visit.


If you can talk about this cue card, you should be able to answer the following cue card topics as well:

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2. Describe a beautiful place you have visited.
3. Describe a tour you remember well.
4. Talk about a place you would like to visit.
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6. Describe a place you think worth visiting.
7. Talk about something that inspired you.
8. Describe a naturally beautiful place.
9. Describe a tourist attraction in your country.
10. Talk about a famous place you have been to.

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