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IELTS Cue Card Sample 432 - Describe someone who is similar to you

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a relative/friend/family member who you think is similar to you.

You should say:

  • who he/she is
  • what he/she does
  • what other people think about him/her

and explain how he/ she is similar to you.


Model Answer 1:
I am a rather average person both in terms of the look and personality. So, it is no surprise that I find many people around me to be similar to me, as far as the behaviour and personality are concerned, and today, I would like to talk about one of them here.

The person, I am talking about, is a distant cousin of mine. Although we are distant cousins, we have a very warm relationship with each other. In fact, we grew up together even though, we have an age difference of almost 2 years between us. But that age barrier never stopped us from playing soccer together in the same team or enjoying a movie at a theatre.

By the way, I and this cousin of mine aren’t exactly considered “friends”, but we are more than friends. In fact, we are like brothers to each other with a rather strong brotherly bond where anything goes.

To introduce this distant cousin of mine, he is a university graduate and studied accounting. But, even though, he is a very bright student with distinct academic performance, he never really went for any job. Instead, he chose business as a career. He is about 6 feet tall and has a rather strong physical built like me. There is no doubt that I like my cousin a lot, but other people around him have some mixed feelings and thoughts about him, as some of them consider him friendly while the others think of him as a rather arrogant and rude person because of his “straight talks”. But, whatever he may be, all people around him consider him as a very hard working person.

Anyway, my cousin is similar to me in three aspects. First one is, of course, we both like to wear white t-shirts and jeans and have somewhat similar physical build. The second one is, we both like our coffee to be really strong and hot. Finally, the third one is that we both like to save up as much money as possible without ever wasting them.


Sample Answer 2:
Well, people often say that I have many striking resemblances with my elder brother John. If I have to choose someone whom I consider to be like me, I would also choose my brother John. His full name is Alfred John and he is 4 years senior to me. He is an architect and working as a project lead in a large international organisation for the last couple of years.

His physical appearance, height, body structure and complexion are quite similar to mine. I can recall two/three events when a distant relative thought I was John. People often make this mistake especially when I wear formal dresses (like my brother most of the time does) and they look at me from a reasonable distance.

Apart from the remarkable outer similarities between us, we have many common interests and similar ways of thinking. We like the same type of foods, music, movies and sports. We are in fact really good buddy when we play together or compete with others. We have common interests like our passion for gardening, reading, travelling and collecting coins. We both love to learn new technologies and that makes us common minded. Sometimes he gives his opinion in many family-related and political issues that I find quite as the reflections of my thoughts.

To my parents and others, he is a great human being and an example of an ideal son. Apart from my mother, others think that he is quite exceptionally brilliant! My mother still considers him as a fragile kid who needs here affection and advice to survive.

I consider him as a brother only lucky people can have! To me, he is a friend, a mentor and an example in life. The most important similarity I wish to possess is the morality and kindness he has for others.


Sample Answer 3:
Usually, kids look similar to their parents. Some of them might look like their father while some others like the mother. My relatives are on the view that I am almost a copy of my mother. She was the same as I am today in my 24. This is an important issue for me and in fact, I am really glad to have a chance to discuss this interesting topic.
My mother is a middle-aged woman and she is a housewife. She is not that much healthy and maintains her diet chart perfectly. She also loves to listen to soft music and sing songs too in family functions. In her early life, she had spent the days in different parts of the world due to my grandfather’s profession as a diplomat. So, she is well familiar with different cultures and other issues. Besides, she knows several languages at the same time and learnt during her school days. She is very kind and generous to people. So, everyone loves my mom very much.  

Before getting married, she was a school teacher here in Thailand. My dad settled here from Taiwan and got married to my mom. After their marriage, mom had to give up her teaching profession. She had to give up her career to perfectly maintain the entire family. When my father settled down in Thailand with his business, he brought his other family members to reside permanently in Thailand. It was really a brave decision and my mom had to manage everything. Even in the present days, she is the key to everything at our home. She is the example of a perfect housewife. She takes care of every single member of the family, personally. She fixes the menu for the day, how many maids will work on the day, daily shopping, and much more.

My mom is a quite popular figure in my entire family. She loves to socialize and knows very well how to entertain people. In fact, she entertains people with her heart and in returns, she wins their love. Everyone respects her for her benevolent nature and kindness. She also has a great impact on our neighbours. She moves forward in each of their needs. Since she has no other tasks other than maintaining the family, she gets enough time to help the neighbourhood. Many of them are dependent on my mom for her extraordinary intelligence. She can solve critical problems instantly. Moreover, with the charming attitude, she makes everyone as her fan. This is really fun to enjoy.   

Many of the people, familiar to my family, have said that I look like my mom. And this is true to many extents. My face has a similarity with my mom’s face. She had a similar robustness as I have today. My grandmother told me the stories of my mom. When she was in my age, she used to do similar things. But she was a bit calm while I am a bit unstable in nature. I am similar not only with her in physical terms, I have a striking similarity of nature with my mom. For instance, my hobbies are similar to those that my mom had in my age. I enjoy music, movies, love reading books while my hobbies were the same for my mom. This is really a miracle for me and I am happy with the similarities with my mom indeed. I love my mom and consider her to be a great person. so when people, especially my relatives compare me with my mom, I feel happy about it. I wish I would be able to become as great as my mom is now!


More Ideas to talk about this Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card topic:

Topic: Describe a relative/friend/family member who you think is similar to you.

1. I do not know how it is possible but my friend Jim is almost similar to me. He is a college student here in New York and we both are in the same college. In fact, the teachers are often confused from a distance to identify whether I am Jim or not. We both have similar height,s weights and body complexion. Coincidentally, our faces also appear similar to an extent. This is really a wonder for me and everyone else. When we met first in the college two years ago, both of us were surprised seeing us. He loves reading books like me and we have the same taste in music as well.

2. My cousin Lita is similar to me. She is similar in the sense that we both share the same mental attitude. Both of us are perfectionists. Lita is a university student and senior to me by two and a half years. Other relatives wonder about the picky nature of us. In fact, they are too much irritated on the issue that Lita and I are too much compulsive. She dislikes the traditional food of Indonesia as do I. Attention to every detail about everything is our special feature.

3. Robert is my maternal uncle and I have some striking similarities with him. He works for a multinational corporation in Thailand and comes to visit us once or twice to Australia, where I live in. Some of our relatives and friends are on the view that there are too many similarities between us in terms of nature and reactions to different events. He loves music and formed a band in his youth as I am doing exactly the same thing. In fact, they term me as the reflection of his past days. I am fond of adventure as he is.

4. My father is my icon and my family members and relatives say that I have become more like him. My father is a government employee here in Sri Lanka and a perfect gentleman in nature. My other siblings are just opposite to him while I am the perfect copy of my dad. My relatives said that they never saw him getting angry and they also see the feature in me. I think I have some other similarities with my dad. He loves to read books and I am a book lover too. Dad is also fond of sweetmeats and seems like I have inherited this as well!

5. My mom is my best friend and I have many similarities with her. She is a perfect housewife here in India. She is an example of how a woman can be perseverant in the present days. She is highly tolerant and cares for everyone in the family. Though I did not have a similar physique; I have similarity with her in terms of characteristics. I love to entertain guests and never get rude with the other family members like my mom. We also have similarities in nature – both of us love to help people.

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