Cue Card Sample

IELTS Cue Card Sample 436 - Describe an activity you recently took part in

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an activity you recently took part in.

You should say:

  • what activity it was
  • why you took part in it
  • how it was organised

and explain how you felt about participating in this activity.


Model Answer 1:
I love to take part in different kinds of social and physical activities. But, of course, time is always in short supply when you are working and studying at the same time. Still, I managed to take part in an activity which I really enjoyed, and today, I would like to talk about that here.

The activity was related to creating awareness against driving fast on our roads and streets. Such an important activity was long overdue, especially, in our crowded city which has seen an alarming spike in the number of road accidents in recent months.

Because of this spike in the rate of road accidents, not only our city authority was concerned but also the regular residents like us. Therefore, something needed to be done to address this issue. But, of course, before anything else, the concerned authority needed to find out the root cause for these road accidents, and after gathering all necessary data and information, they found out that driving over the speed limit was mainly causing such accidents.

Anyway, after finding out this reason, the city authority asked for volunteers from all the localities in our city to take part in a campaign in order to raise awareness against driving carelessly. From my locality, along with a dozen volunteers, I also joined the campaign because just before the campaign, one of my cousins also got hit by a careless driver. My cousin, of course, was lucky to survive the accident without any major injuries, but the trauma, she suffered, because the accident was devastating. So, it was time for me also to voice out my concern, and the activity offered me a perfect opportunity for that.

Well, I felt really glad that I actually got a chance to take part in that activity and thus also making my voice count. Besides, taking part in this activity also allowed me to learn a valuable lesson, and the lesson was that it was always better to be safe than to be sorry.


Sample Answer 2:
Recently I took part in a social activity which I would like to talk about for this cue card topic. It was a social campaign to inform everyone in our community about the vaccination for children. This was an important vaccination project that the government was funding and our objective was to inform everyone in our community so that children from 6 months till 5 years old get it for free from the designated centres on the due date. The awareness campaign was organised by our university and I participated in it to be a part of an important social cause. It was a 3-day long campaign and I felt really great to be able to deliver an important message to every single community member.

In fact, this was not the first time I participated in such an activity. My mother is a social worker and from her, I learned the importance of being a part of such great activities. Last month when I heard that one of our university teachers was looking for a few students to contribute to this campaign, I did not hesitate to be enlisted.

Before we started knocking on the doors of each community member, a government organisation sent a three members’ team to train us. It was more like professional training and workshop where we were taught about our duties during the campaign. We were handed over a list of our community members and their probable time of being home. We had to make another list with the name, address, child’s age and the type of vaccine they are supposed to be given. We had a supervisor in our team from the beginning of this campaign and he guided us whenever we needed his advice. I would say that the organisation of this campaign was quite thorough and structured.

Honestly, I felt so happy and contented about this whole activity. I knew how important it was to deliver the message to all our community members so that they do not miss their children’s vaccination. I thought it was a great social work which would be quite helpful for the members of our community and did not hesitate to take part in it. I have always felt quite excited and happy about being part of any noble and helpful activity and the vaccination campaign was no exception.


Sample Answer 3:
I am really glad to have this topic for the discussion. In fact, I had been planning to take part in some sort of physical activity as I am gaining unnecessary pounds which I do not want to. Swimming appeared the best solution for me. Accordingly, to learn swimming I took admission at a local swimming club and that is a recent activity that I would like to talk about.  

Swimming is one of the greatest physical activities and I believe that this is a perfect match for me. Swimming has some advantageous aspects. It helps to keep the body fit. It also helps to refresh the body and mind. The other physical benefits include – it helps to improve breathing, improves muscles especially shoulder muscles, keeps the mind calm and more others. Further, it is also helpful to save lives in danger. Considering all the positive aspects, I decided to take part in swimming.    

I took part in swimming to reduce my weight. I met a nutritionist and she suggested me with a diet chart and prescribed some sort of physical exercise. She suggested to walk, but it is really difficult for me to manage the time to walk around the city. After pondering on the physical exercise issue, I decided to swim. Before joining the swimming club, I did not have the slightest idea about swimming but now I am skilled enough. I have been joining the club for the past couple of weeks. Being an engineering student, it is really hard for me to manage extra hours for swimming. Thus I go to the club twice in a week. By the time, I have learnt the swimming basics. Gradually I am getting skilled in different sorts of swimming styles. I like freestyle swimming more than any other styles.    

I live in Sydney. Life is really mechanised here. So, to lead a healthy lifestyle, people need some sort of physical activity. Accordingly, I took part in this activity. Before starting the full-fledged swimming, I needed to learn it. So, I joined the Swimmers’ Club to learn swimming completely. This club has been formed to teach swimming to the civilians. Besides, the learning cost is also affordable for everyone. The club was formed in the last part of 2014 but is now growing rapidly. The instructors are extremely cooperative. In fact, without their direct help, it would not have been possible for me to learn the basic techniques of swimming within a short time.  

I really feel good about swimming. This appears the very best way for me that keeps me fit. Before joining the club, I was gaining weight. It happened due to my lazy lifestyle. And still, I am. But the laziness has been reduced to a great extent. I have started participating in swimming. It helps me to cut my weight. I have lost an extra three pounds within two weeks of swimming. I swim for four hours in a week and it is helping to remain fit. Usually, I pass more times by sitting and hence, I started feeling some disorders. But after learning and practising swimming, I have started feeling better. I have gained mental satisfaction. My muscles are strong now. Besides, I have gained confidence as well. Actually, I am feeling quite fine now than ever before after taking part in swimming.


More Ideas to talk about this Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card topic:

Topic: Describe an activity you recently took part in. 

1. I am glad to have this topic in my share. Last month, I took part in a painting exhibition at my college in Singapore. I took part in it because I wanted to get some ideas about painting competition and assess my skill in painting. It was organized in an efficient manner. The authority had great arrangements for the competition. We had to bring papers and other tools for painting. I felt glad and had won a prize too which was inspiring for me indeed.

2. Recently, I took part in a cycling competition in Adelaide. It was a nice event for me. I wanted to get some refreshments and get to know other cyclists in our area. The event was well organized and I thank the authority for such a nice refreshing event in the city. I was highly glad to be part of this competition. In fact, I did not have the chances to spend some refreshing moments lately and this bicycling event made me feel great.

3. Taking part in an interview is hard indeed if you do not have necessary preparations. I had to participate in an interview as it was held suddenly. And so, I did not have the proper preparation for that. But it was well organized. The authority was cordial to me and did not ask irrelevant questions. So, I was able to make a deal with them. Initially, I was a bit upset about the interview but later, all the worries were gone.

4. Last month, I took part in a cultural event in my son’s school. It was not mandatory for all the guardians but I took part in it as I like the idea of the event. It was organized in the school premise and a few indoor games were arranged for the guardians. I was glad to be there and the event took back me to my teen days. I used to take part in indoor activities like passing pillows, playing chess, singing, and others. It was a memorable day for me and my son indeed.  

5. Participating in physical activities is my hobby but I am unable to participate all the times. So, I did not miss the one that was arranged by my gym. I took part in the activity to refresh my former skills. I took part in physical training and freehand exercises. I felt glad. But it was hard for me to start the activities at the beginning as I was abstaining from such activities for a long. But finally, I enjoyed the event and also got an award for my performance.

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