IELTS Cue Card Sample 441 - Your favourite newspapers/ magazines

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe one of your favourite newspapers/ magazines.

You should say:

  • what it is
  • how much each copy costs
  • how often you read it

and explain why you like it so much.


Sample Answer 1:
My favourite newspaper is ‘The Daily Mail’ and it is a daily newspaper with more than 20 million readers per day. I have been reading this newspaper for the last seven years and it is quite popular in our country.

As a daily newspaper, it is comparatively cheaper. Each copy costs a dollar and it was 40 cents a few years back. Some special editions sometimes cost few cents more than usual price.

I read this newspaper almost every day. In the morning when I eat my breakfast, I love to read this newspaper. I also read it in the evening. The fine print, committed journalism, news presentation and authenticity of news are the most important aspects I like about his newspaper. I like their editorial part the most and the in-depth analysis of their journalists and editor is really good. This newspaper has comprehensive sections on international news, sports, business and political news. The way the journalist and the news analysts present news and analysis is quite remarkable and they seem like to be the only newspaper that still maintains the white journalism.

As a reader, I have compared this newspaper with many others and I have always decided to continue reading it. I feel like the news and coverage of this newspaper is not biassed and whenever I read something, I can be sure of the authenticity of the news. This makes me stick to this newspaper for a long.


Sample Answer 2:
PCWorld computer magazine is one of my most preferred magazines. The magazine deals with the latest technological issues and I love it most for its stylish presentation of the trendy matters.  

This is a global computer magazine and available in almost all the parts of the world. Here, in Australia, this is also available. Before 2013, the magazine was available in printed forms but now only the online publication is meeting the readers’ demands. The magazine has gained a huge reputation as it comes with the potential solutions, reviews of hardware and software and much more. Further, the magazine also contains the details of other technological issues and devices. People also can have reviews about television brands, cameras, phones and tablets etc. on this magazine. The magazine had experienced some rainy days before 2012 and there were some changes in the editorial level.    

When the magazine was in printed form, I used to be a monthly subscriber and it cost me around 6 AUD then. But now the online subscription costs less than the former charge. It costs around 2.50 AUD now for the online version of the magazine. Though the magazine is headquartered in San Francisco, it is running its business across the world effectively. Besides, there are fewer changes in the online magazines and almost all the reviews and articles are the same. The magazine is also available under different other names in different countries but the popularities are skyrocketing in the present days for its online presence. The first magazine was published in 1983 and since then it is being continued. But the magazine also underwent some controversies but instead of ditching, readers have grabbed it more firmly.   

I read the magazine whenever I can manage time. Since I am a monthly subscriber, I get the online copy in my email. Downloading the copy, I read it on my iPad. Mostly, I read the magazine in my leisure times. But if I need to know about any specific issue, or if I need to read any review over technology, I browse the magazine and read it. In fact, there are no specific time frame or limits for me to read the magazine. I carry my iPad with me and the magazine is stored in that. Sometimes, I share relevant information with the others if I feel necessary. Moreover, the magazine contains all the latest technological reviews over electronic gadgets. When I decide to buy any specific electronic gadget, I try to get a review from my surrounding and if they are unable to provide me with the right directives, I look that matter into this magazine. So, it appears that this is the magazine that is able to help me around the day.     

Certainly, there are a good number of reasons to like this magazine. First and the most important thing about the magazine is that it is all about technology. In fact, technology changes every now and then. So, if someone wants to keep pace with the advanced ages, they need to read this magazine. The magazine comes with the latest news about the technological issues. If you are unaware of the matters, it may happen that you are lagging behind in your real-life issues. To me, it is the key to enter into the kingdom of information technology. Hence, I like it most than any other magazines.


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