IELTS Cue Card Sample 452 - A time when you stayed far away from your home

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a time when you stayed far away from your home.

You should say:

  • when and where it was
  • how long you stayed there
  • why you stayed there and what you did there

and explain how you felt about staying far away from home.

Sample Answer 1:
Till I turned to 16, I can’t recall any even when I stayed far away from home alone. Though I visited some of my relatives who stayed far away from our living place, but in all those occasions either of my parents or both of them were with me. For this cue card topic, I will talk about an event when I stayed far away from my home, where I went, how long I stayed there and my feelings about staying far away from home.

I went to Denmark when I was 19 years old as part of a tour that our college arranged. That was a 7 day-tour to explore a different country. I went to Denmark and stayed in a hotel that our college booked for us.

As I remember I stayed there for about 7 days and that was indeed my first stay in a place quite far away from my home. The day we reached there, I was quite fascinated to be in a different country. We reached there in the evening and checked in a hotel. I got a small single room where I stayed for 4 days. After we move to Odense in South Denmark, we stayed in a different hotel but this time, I had to share the room with one of my classmates and luckily the room was large enough for two of us to share.

We did numerous things during our stay including visiting museums, camping, completing an assignment, visiting two other colleges in Denmark and meeting with the students there and visiting different historically significant places in Denmark. Some of the experiences, including dining, visiting local markets and meeting local people were some distinctive experiences for me.

I would say I was very excited about the whole tour and everything we did and participated in were very enthralling. This was the first time I stayed so long in a distant place without any family members. I called my parents almost every day and I missed them quite often. They were worried for me and called me now and then to learn what I was doing and whether everything was okay or not. I missed my own room, my little sister and parents but that did not make me homesick due to the stirring experience and time I was having.

I did not feel how much I missed my house, parents and little sister until I returned home, as, seeing all of them and getting back to my own house gave me a unique feeling I never felt before. It was like getting back to a place and people I love most.


Sample Answer 2:
When I was in my college days, I had to get separated from my family for a couple of years until my under graduation was completed. It happened as the university was located in a different state – Texas.

In fact, I was born and brought up in Missouri while I had to take higher education in another state. Dad wanted me to keep me out of the home so that I could learn about the world and be a practical person. So, I enrolled myself at the Texas Christian University in 2011. I took Political Science and Sociology as my course because of my former academic background. Moreover, the university I picked was one of the best one in the state, Texas, with some reputed faculties.    

I had to stay for around four years in the state due to the academic activities. I had to cross initial stages to reach in the next phases of the degree. I enjoyed the academic texts and other assignments related to my courses. Passing a long time out of home was a bit troublesome and made me nostalgic. It was the longest time for me to live without my family. But I went back to Missouri in different occasions and celebrated notable events. I missed each and every member of my family, especially my pet dog. So, when the undergraduate was over, I felt a sense of relief. But passing moments in Texas was interesting in some aspects.     

Gone are the days when I used to make sudden trips with my university buddies. To complete my undergraduate, I had to study in Texas, a different state from where I was born. In fact, I was sent to be a warrior to deal with the modern and competitive world. My dad wanted me to be a perfect man to deal with every adversity of life. Now I admire his decision – how right he was. In Texas, I did lots of things. Most of the times, I used to move with my best friends in different outings and enjoyed them to the fullest extent. Group study before the exams was the most attractive thing for me and my friends. We used to wake up late at night and studied the untouched topics of the class. The exam results were satisfactory. The days passed in all such activities.    

I am quite happy with my stay in Texas. Though I felt a bit homesick in the beginning, gradually I overcame the feeling. It was one of the greatest experience in my life that has made me stronger, confident, have gained leadership skills, achieved some awards and overall now I am able to battle with the competitive world. Everyone in the present age is racing, they are racing against time. So, to keep pace and compete others, people are in need of some special set of skills and expertise. I have developed almost all of the real-life skills and now exercising them. Consequently, I am leading a decent and happy life with my family. Staying far from home has taught me the best lessons of my life.


If you prepare for this cue card you should be able to answer the following cue cards as well:

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