IELTS Cue Card Sample 459 - A handmade gift you gave to a friend or relative

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a handmade gift you gave to a friend or relative.

You should say:

  • what the gift was
  • who you gave it to and when
  • how you made it by hand

and explain why you gave a handmade gift to your this friend or relative.

Sample Answer 1:
Thank you a lot for this topic. I will talk about a handmade gift that I gave to my younger sister when she was only 7 and how I actually made it.

Well, the gift was a wooden doll (I must confess that doll did not look that great as I made it when I was only 15 years old and I had little skills making such things). Yet my sister loved it so much and I felt so proud for making this gift for her. It was a late winter evening probably in 2001 when I took my sister to the market to buy her a pair of shoes. On our way back to home, she showed me a large doll displayed in a fancy toy shop. She told me that she would love to own a doll like that. She knew the price of that doll would be really high and I did not have enough money to actually buy her that doll.

This event made me sad a lot and I asked my father, who lived in a different city for his job to buy her a doll. He probably forgot about the doll and did not send any doll in next two weeks. My sister’s birthday was approaching and I wanted to make her a beautiful doll before her birthday. I used to make boats, wooden pens, and other types of toys in my childhood as a passion but making a doll was something I never thought I would do someday. However, I dared to make one and worked for more than 7-8 days to finally make something that I could claim as a doll. I took a fine quality wood large enough to give it a shape of a doll, used other tools, glue and other ingredients to make this doll. I painted that doll and tried to mimic my sister’s facial features in this doll. When I gave this doll to my sister, she was so amazed that she kissed me and thanked me again and again. She even recognised that I tried to mimic her face in that doll. Then I told her that ‘the name of this doll is Emmy’. She laughed and told me that it was even more beautiful than her.

A few weeks later my father bought her a very expensive and beautiful doll but my sister was somehow convinced that the one I made was prettier. Maybe that was because of her love and affection for me.

I basically wanted to make my sister happy and to give her something before her 8th birthday. I did not have enough money to buy her a big doll and I had some skills on making toys with woods and papers. Considering all these facts I was convinced that I should make a wooden doll by myself for my sister.


Sample Answer 2:
Receiving a birthday gift helps us to feel delighted and how we are cared for. Besides, this is really filled with enjoyment. When the gift is handmade, the happiness doubles. So, I presented a handmade leaf light to Camellia on her 21st birthday. She was extremely glad about the gift.

I was wondering what can I present to Camellia on her birthday. In fact, it is really difficult to select the right gift for someone since there are some common gifts which are always presented by people. So, I tried to avoid the regular track and planned to offer her something handmade. So, I gave her the leaf lamp. It was an outstanding gift for her and she was immensely happy with the innovative gift. It was a simple leaf lamp. Actually, I try to make handmade things by reusing them. This is a great idea to make people amazed.  

Camellia is my childhood friend. She and I have been continuing the friendship for past 14 years. My parents shifted in Mexico about 15 years ago when I was a kid. They admitted me at the local elementary school where I studied for next five years. I met Camellia Wellington at this school. She was studying there before my appearance. She was a native resident of the locality – her parents settled there even before her birth. However, we met in the school and the bond is still going on. Both of us are at the same university now with the same courses. So, the bondage between us is really awesome. Marking her 21st birthday, I gave her the gift. She invited me a couple of day before the birthday, but I started making the gift a week before the day.    

This was a bit difficult for me to prepare the leaf lamp. In fact, I watched the lamp on a DIY website (not citing the name of the website). But they did not have any clear instructions to make the leaf lamp. The website just showed that making a lamp would be attractive as a handmade gift. So, I made it by my own attempt. I took some plastic colourful bottles which are usually thrown away after use. I collected the bottles and cut them into leaf shapes. It was a time-consuming task to cut the plastic pieces into the shape. Some of the pieces were not in the exact size while some of the leafs were smaller. However, I glued then with a string and created a hollow in the mid of the leaves where I placed a bulb. When the bulb is plugged in, the light looks colourful.

Generally, people go to stores and get their gifts. There is nothing newer in this traditional way. Most of the cases, it appears that there are a couple of presents of the similar category. So, I thought something different. Usually, I perform some DIY techniques for my home and dad likes it most. When I was planning for a suitable gift for Camellia, I thought the leaf lamp would be a nice one for her. So, I prepared the handmade gift to present her on her birthday.


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