IELTS Cue Card Sample 461 - Describe an occasion when you waited for someone

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an occasion when you waited for someone.

You should say:

  • who you waited for
  • when and where you waited for the person
  • how long you waited for the person

and explain why you waited for the person and how you felt about it.

Sample Answer 1:
I must confess that waiting for someone for a long is something I am never fond of, particularly if this person is supposed to arrive at a time that we both agreed upon. This topic reminds me a time when I had to wait for my best buddy, John, at a park nearby my home and he showed up at least two hours late than he was supposed to.

It was about a year ago when John invited me to visit his hometown during our semester break. I convinced my parents that I will go to John’s hometown for only a couple of days just to refresh myself and to enjoy the beauty of a suburban area. However, we fixed a date and in the morning John called me that he will pick me from the park and I should reach there within 30 minutes. I left home after 20 minutes and thought John would come any time to pick me up. The horrible waiting experience then started and as I remember I had to wait at least 2 hours till John finally arrived.

I had no idea that John would arrive so late and I could not reach him on his cell phone though I tried several times. At a time I started worrying that John must have been in some kind of problems and I thought to return home. However, something inside me told that John would not abandon the tour without any valid reason and he must have been in some kind of emergency. The waiting time somehow seems longer than usual and waiting for two hours seemed like so long to me. I felt anxious for the first 30 minutes and then started worrying about John. At a time I started feeling stupid for leaving before John reached. I even felt angry and thought to cancel the tour. So I would say my experience was not good while I was waiting for him.

However, when John arrived and explained that he had to run to a hospital where his uncle got admitted all of a sudden and could not contact me due to the mobile network, I felt calm and considered the reason a valid one for the delay.

Sample Answer 2:
The celebration of an event is a matter of great excitement but waiting is really intolerable amid such occasions. Theory of Relativity starts influencing the time. In fact, it happened with me last Monday on the 16th birthday of my younger sister.

I live with my family in Alberta, Canada. I am a college student while I have two more siblings – David, five years senior to me and a computer programmer at a multinational IT agency located in Alberta, and Susana, the youngest member of the family. Susana just turned 16. To make the birthday remarkable, I arranged for a party in the association of mom and dad. The house was decorated nicely and mom made the finest cake of her life marking the day. But we all lamented for David. But David was unable to join us at the right time for his office engagement.

Susana crossed 15 and stepped into 16 on November 21. It was a great day for her. Considering her age, I planned for an exceptional birthday party at home. My parents invited some of our relatives residing in the same locality while Susana asked some of her friends to attend the party. In fact, without the near and dear ones, it is impossible to have a great birthday party. Unluckily, we missed David so much on this day. He told on the telephone that just before leaving the office, he was shouldered an assignment which may make him late. He suggested continuing the party. But we were worried at home about David if he could join us in time.

The party was set to begin at 7 sharp and the guests started to arrive since 6.30. Susana did not start the party and asked everyone to be patient for few more minutes. So, we waited for one and half hours more for David. Moreover, the invited guests lived nearby, and hence they also agreed to wait for him. After all, he is the elder brother of the birthday girl. Finally, David informed that he was unable to come even by 10 pm. Considering the issue, we had to start the party by 8.30. Everyone present there started missing my elder- David as he was fond of such family events. He actually never missed such events before but now his professional involvement has made the trouble.

Waiting is indeed a hefty task. But sometimes we are to wait for some undeniable reasons. I waited for David as he is my elder brother and a part of my family. Similarly, the other invited guests and especially Susana waited for him as he is a loveable person. He knows very well how to make people smile. His smart answers and ideas amaze us all. But unfortunately, he missed the event. He was sorry for that. On the other sides, we also missed him much. Susana could not enjoy the party to the fullest extent as David was absent there. The absence of David reminded all how dearer he actually is to us all.

More Ideas to talk about this Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card topic:

Topic: Describe an occasion when you waited for someone.

1. Marry told me that she will be back in a few minutes and I waited for her for about one and a half hours. She borrowed my chemistry notes and asked me to wait inside the college compound here in New York City. Though I do not prefer to wait for someone, this time the scenario turned the opposite for me. I waited until she returns. It was a bothersome experience for me. In fact, I started playing games on my mobile but could not focus on that. And you know, time becomes longer in such cases.

2. Waiting is unbearable for me, but recently I had to wait for my younger sister. She wanted that I should take her home from her school in the centre of Ho Chi Minh city. So, I waited for her. Though she told me that she would be at the school gate by next 10 minutes, I waited there for around 30 minutes for her arrival. And the time was entirely boring for me. Besides, standing with a motorbike before a girls’ school is also indecent.

3. Alex asked me to wait for him near his office. He was set to take the leave for that day within next five minutes (as he told me over the phone). But he was late. I waited for him for nearly 45 minutes at the same place. And when I phoned him, he did not pick. The waiting hours were tiresome. And when he returned, he said that his boss assigned him a job suddenly and stood before him until the job was done. So, he made the unintentional delay.

4. My dad is a lazy person and he makes delay often. Last Sunday, I had a plan to go shopping with him in a street market here in Singapore. And I told him to be prepared for the shopping day. But as usual, he was late to respond to my phone call. I waited for him in the garage and made phone calls on his mobile repeatedly. It was the 15th time when he picked and replied he was coming. I had to wait for over 30 minutes for him and finally, he arrived. It was a bitter experience for me.

5. Indeed, this is a virtue to become patient and I am so. I waited for a person whom I was scheduled to meet on last Monday at the national library here in Moscow. But the man was late to arrive on the spot at the right time. He was one hour late. So, I had to wait for him for the time being. I went to a coffee shop and had two cups of coffees. I was not irritated like the other people because I knew the late was not intentional. I, rather, tried to enjoy the moments.

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