IELTS Cue Card Sample 472 - Funny text message you have received

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a funny text message you have ever received.

Please say:

  • what it was about
  • who sent it to you
  • when you received it

and explain why you think this was a funny text message.

Sample Answer 1:
Though some people might disagree, I find the concept of sending and receiving text messages quite fascinating. I often send text messages to others and love receiving witty and humorous text messages from my friends.

I got a very funny text messages from Rocky and it was one of the funniest text messages I’ve ever received.  This funny text message was about another friend who had a funny way of taking and dealing with others.

Rocky was my best buddy during my university days and we still are quite good friends. We often try to meet each other even in our busy office schedules. He often sends me text messages and most of his messages have some kind of humour or a unique way of expressing something. The particular message I am talking about was sent by him and we were in our 7th terms in our university. As far as I recall I laughed for a few minutes after I read his SMS. This was funny yet thought-provoking SMS while it actually characterised another funny friend of ours.

It described how the friend in question uses his money to earn respect and companionship from others. However, his trick does not work with us and this is something he has complained about to Rocky that days. On the evening Rocky sent me a text message which was more like a poem and it was quite a good one. I quite liked the rhyme and underlying meaning of the message and that’s why I still remember it quite well.

Sample Answer 2:
It is nearly impossible for me to compose a funny text message marking any occasion as many other people do. But my cousin, Henry, is able to compose some extraordinary messages and he had sent me such a funny text message on my 22nd birthday.  

In fact, I turned 22 three months ago and observed my birthday amid a festive mood. I received a good number of gifts and wishes, and among them, the funny SMS was the best gift for me. The SMS was about wishing me a happy birthday in a special tone. I was glad indeed having the SMS. The SMS read, “Actually, I wanted to get you something super great, super terrific, unique and beautiful for your birthday, but I don’t fit into the envelope.” I laughed a lot once I got the meaning of this text message.  
Henry Johnson is my cousin. He lives near our residence of Port Elizabeth in South Africa. In fact, the entire family of my parents live in the same locality. Earlier, they used to live in an extended family but with the change of time, the family extension has been split and they have settled in a scattered manner covering an entire locality. So, often they come to visit us and this is similar for us as well. We love celebrating events together. Even, they all appear if they are not on the invitation list, and I like this cordial tradition most. Marking the birthday, I received the text message from Henry but he also brought a pleasant gift for me on the evening when the birthday party was held.   

He had sent me the text message at midnight. I received the text when it was just 12.01 am. I think he was counting his moments to send me the message at the right time to wish me. I was surprised. Henry was the very first man to wish me on that night and then I started receiving other text messages containing wishes of my friends and relatives. All of them wished me a very happy birthday and also wanted me to see smiling throughout my life. I was feeling lucky at this stage as a notable number of people and friends care for me. They have shown their love and care for me through the wishes and the presented me with the gifts which I liked most. In fact, the presents and wishes were encouraging for me and I loved them all.
I received a large number of gifts and text messages marking the birthday and the text message from Henry was probably the best and funny. He wanted to send himself as my birthday gift, but unfortunately, he was unable to fit him in the envelope! So he sent me the text and wished the birthday. The SMS was funny to me because I could not get the meaning immediately after I received it. Once I got the meaning, I laughed for a while. Then I replied him with a potential solution to his problem – ‘You can arrange for a bag, get inside and walk to our home in the evening’. Henry was amazed at my instant reply and texted me back that he would try it on some other day. 

More Ideas to talk about this Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card topic:

Topic: Describe a funny text message you have ever received.

1. Receiving funny text messages is indeed a fun if you can get the meaning. I got a funny text SMS from a friend of mine about making a remark to a teacher. John sent the SMS to me. I received it when I was in the class. It was a funny message because John was trying to make the man understand the consequences of making rude remarks but the man continued to make the remarks. At last, John had stopped by making another final remark which made the other people laugh out loud.

2. A text message about losing mobile phone made me laugh. It was all about simple conversations between two persons. Samantha sent it to me when I was playing chess with my dad. The text message was funny because two people were discussing that one of them lost his mobile phone and so he was unable to reply the message from the other part. And the man assured that he will reply soon after getting the phone back. Actually, this is not possible to send a text message if you do not have a phone and as you are sending texts, it refers that you have the phone in your hand. So, you are lying.

3. I could not resist laughing from a text message I received from my wife yesterday. It was about sending the message to many other people. Maria, my wife, sent me the message. Undoubtedly, the message was funny because it read that if I do not send the message to 10 other people, I will get a Saturday after the Friday. My failure will bring the Saturday soon if I hesitate to send it. Actually, it was funny indeed.

4. Making an apple juice needs an apple but the text message meant it in a different way. It was a hilarious joke in form of a text message. Leonardo had sent it to me last week and still, I remember that for the funny situation. The message reads that a drunken man put an iPod on the blender. He wanted to have apple juice and his wife rejects to talk with him for this reason. It was tough for me to stop my laugh after going through the message.

5. Before reading the text message, I did not have the slightest idea that a joke can create a break up between couples. Huang had sent me the text on the last week and I received when I was on the bus to return home. It was a funny message for its nature and I do not think that a relationship should break for some silly matters. The SMS read that a lady wanted to have a poem from her counterpart and the man made a bit fun of her. She replied back that she will stay no more with the man. But the tone of the text was funny indeed and I actually have no idea what happened finally. 

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