IELTS Cue Card Sample 476 - Something you borrowed from one of your neighbours

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe something you borrowed from one of your neighbours.

You should say:

  • what you borrowed
  • who you borrowed it from
  • why you borrowed it

and explain how you felt about borrowing it from a neighbour.

Sample Answer 1:
Almost two years ago I had to borrow a rice cooker from one of my neighbours. Her name was Catherine and she was a very good person. She lived next to our house with her husband Alfred and three beautiful children. She was a full-time mom and I liked her amiable behaviour and genuine smile.

I do not cook that often but one day when my younger sister and tow of her friends came to visit us, I planned to prepare the lunch myself. When I was in the middle of my cooking preparation, I found that pour rice cooker was not functioning. I had no idea that it was out-of-order. Only then I knocked on Catherine’s house and requested her to lend me her rice cooker. In fact, Catherine had two rice cookers and that’s why it was not a problem for her to lend me one. As far I knew Catherine, she would have lent me her rice cooker even if she had only one of it.

I was really confused when I decided to ask Catherine to lend me her rice cooker. I really needed it to finish my cooking, especially when my sister and her friends were waiting for the lunch. This was the first time for me to ask something from Catherine. You can understand my dilemma about borrowing it. On the one hand I needed it badly and on the other hand, I was quite confused about lending it from one of my neighbours. I was thinking if Catherine rejects my request, it would be quite embarrassing for me. However finally I felt totally relieved when Catherine lent me her rice cooker and I returned it just after I was finished with my cooking. Catherine seemed quite surprised but I explained that I did not want to use it more than once. She was laughing and assured me that I should ask her for anything I need without any hesitation.

The rice cooker that I borrowed from Catherine was manufactured by Philips and was one of the latest models. I liked it very much and in few days I bought a similar model for us.


Sample Answer 2:
Sadly, I had to borrow some money from one of my neighbours last month to cover the medical treatment of my grandmother. In fact, I was helpless at that moment and the situation compelled me to borrow the money.

My grandmother is an asthma patient. She lives with my family. She is around 78 and requires medications to control her respiratory disorder. Often it happens that she forgets to take the medicines for her old age complications. Besides, she does not ask for medicines if they are finished. So, we have to remain careful about such issues. Suddenly, she felt sick and I had to hospitalise her. Unfortunately, my parents were not home. So, I with my younger brother took her to the nearest hospital and to meet the initial expenses, I had to borrow the money.

Mr Abhinanda is my neighbour and lives in the next door of the house we live in. He is really a helpful person and tries to help everyone in their troubles. He is an engineer and works with the government of Nepal. Without having any other options, I knocked at his door and fortunately I found him. I described him the situation and asked him for some recommendations in this situation. In fact, my parents were absent. Both of them are teachers and had gone to attend a conference of teachers in Sri Lanka. They were set to return in the next week. Though they had managed everything, it was impossible for me to take care. So, I was unable to handle the situation for my young age. As a result, I sought help from Mr Abhinanda.

I made a phone call to the local hospital and they suggested me to hospitalise the patient. My grandmother was having serious troubles in breathing. Her heart beat slowed down. Actually, she had not been taking her medicines from last day as the medicines were finished. So, the situation deteriorated and needed emergency breathing service. But taking a patient to a hospital requires some formalities, time and most importantly money to pay the charges. I had no extra money with me to take her to the hospital. Basically, we had no idea that the situation will be so extreme. If grandmother had told me before that she needs medicines, I would have arranged for them. So, being helpless, I had to borrow the money from my neighbour.  

I am an introvert in nature and feel shy to ask for any help to anyone about any issues. So, it was not a happy event for me to seek help from my neighbour for my grandmother’s sickness. In fact, I really felt shy to ask for the money. But I had no other options left. If I did not ask for money on that day, I think I could have lost my grandmother. She was taken to the hospital emergency and the doctors provided her with oxygen to smoother her breathing. Then they pushed some vaccine and arranged for a saline. Her nerve turned so weak that she was unable to speak with anyone. However, though I felt nervous for the situations including the money lending, finally I got my grandmother back, and I am happy with that. This was a different kind of experience for me.

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