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Describe a party that you enjoyed - Cue Card # 483

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a party that you enjoyed.

You should say:

  • whose party it was and what it was celebrating
  • where the party was held and who went to it
  • what people did during the party

and explain what you enjoyed about this party.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]


Model Answer 1:
My friend, Robin, is essentially a party animal. In fact, he likes to party whether he wants to celebrate his birthday or just celebrate buying a new bicycle with the money which his grandfather gives him. But, the party, I attended and going to talk about here, was organized by Robin for a more serious and formal reason, and the reason was to celebrate his new job.

Anyway, Robin wasn’t just a party animal, but also somewhat a careless person when it had come to choosing a proper job or career. Of course, he would get a part-time job here and there, but he would stick to them only for a few months at maximum. However, this careless behaviour of Robin became a serious issue for his parents, so they actually forced him to find a real job. So, Robin, at least for once, gave his best shot to search for a real job. For that, he even went to a number of employment agencies to learn about the interview tips and also how to write a great resume/CV. Finally, after trying almost 6 months, Robin did find a real job, and that too as a Senior Officer at a very prestigious bank.

Naturally, it was time for some party and Robin didn’t want to waste any time in doing it. So, he invited all of his friends, including me, to a nice restaurant to enjoy some great foods. The restaurant also had arranged live music for us. Apart from enjoying great food and live music, we also had the opportunity to see the rare video of Robin in which he could be seen dancing for the first time at a high school party.

Anyway, I enjoyed pretty much everything about this party, but what I really enjoyed the most was the way how we all teased Robin for behaving like a “grown-up” person for the first time. Besides, I also liked the live music show which played some of my most favourite songs that I almost forgot about.


Model Answer 2:

Celebrating special occasions with family and friends is always enjoyable. Among such celebrations, family parties hold a special place. Here, I am going to talk about a family party that my aunt held, which I enjoyed a lot.

Whose party it was and what it was celebrating: 
It was my aunt's party and she was celebrating her promotion at her workplace. My aunt has always been an ambitious woman, and we were all proud of her achievements. Therefore, my aunt decided to throw a party to celebrate her promotion, and she invited all her family members and close friends.

Where the party was held and who went to it: 
The party was held in a community hall near my aunt's house. It was a spacious and well-decorated hall with tables, chairs, and a dance floor. The party was attended by my aunt's family members, including my parents, grandparents, siblings, and cousins. Additionally, some of her colleagues and close friends also attended the party.

What people did during the party: 
The party started with a delicious dinner, including different cuisines. After dinner, the music started, and people started dancing and enjoying the music. There were a lot of games arranged for the kids, and the adults played some fun games too. The highlight of the party was a cake-cutting ceremony, where my aunt cut a beautiful cake, and everyone wished her good luck and congratulated her on her recent achievement.

And explain what you enjoyed about this party: 
I enjoyed this party a lot. I met my cousins and family members after a long time, and it was great catching up with them. The atmosphere was so lively, and everyone was in a cheerful mood. Moreover, the music was amazing, and I loved dancing with my family. And last but not least, the food was mouth-watering, and I relished every bite of it. Overall, the party was full of fun, laughter, and joy, and I cherish those moments even today.


Sample Answer 3:
Ooh, parties!  That conjures up so many different possibilities.  Children’s parties with jelly and ice cream and silly games like ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ when I was little, or more ‘serious’ celebratory reception parties after a wedding.  However, the most recent party I went to was neither of those things, and it was great!

I’m going to tell you what it was about; who threw the party; where it was held; who went there; what people did during the party (which might be a bit unexpected) and explain what it was that I enjoyed about this party in particular.

So, the occasion was a birthday, but not for a person, for an event.  In the UK – and indeed in many other countries worldwide now, there is an organisation called 'parkrun'.  This umbrella group sets up free, inclusive running events all over the country.   I think at last count there were 406 of these runs taking place every Saturday at 9.00 a.m. at different locations throughout the UK.  Parkrun organise free, weekly, 5 km timed runs. They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in.  The initiative first started about 10 years ago, with just one run, now it has expanded and new runs start up all the time.  It has become something of a tradition that every community-run celebrates their ‘birthday’ on the anniversary of the date on which they were first established.  It is a good excuse for an annual prize-giving, conversation and lots of cake!  This particular party was at a parkrun that is reasonably local to me, although not my ‘home’ parkrun, I made a special trip to their event to join in their celebrations.

The ‘party’ was held at a place called Graves Park in Sheffield.  It is a lovely public open space, which also has a small animal park, so part of the 5 km run takes you past an eclectic mix of animals including highland cows; alpaca; donkeys; pigs and a couple of curious goats.  Everyone assembled in time for the usual Saturday at 9.00 a.m. starts to take part in the run, but because it was the Graves parkrun’s fourth birthday everything was a bit different from normal...

So in terms of what people did at the party?  Well, we all ran 5 km for a start.  That’s not what usually happens at a birthday party, but it is what always happens at a parkrun.  In other ways though, the event was a bit more unexpected.  The main change was that the course was run in reverse.  This was quite comical, as it is confusing running in the ‘wrong’ direction, and meant some of the steep uphill climbs on the usual route were replaces with death-defying downhill scrambles!  It’s a bit like trying to cross your arms the wrong way round, you’d think it would be easy or at least ‘no different’ from how you usually do it - until you actually try. 

The next difference was that lots of us were in fancy dress!  I’ll wear fancy dress at any excuse.  I have a child’s toy wrap-around pony costume.  It looks great, like I’m riding a miniature pony, but is in fact incredibly light and easy to run in.  Other people wore onesies (all in one jumpsuit made to look like animals).  A few men wore drag (dressed in women’s clothes) some more imaginative runners came dressed up as Roman soldiers (complete with helmets and large circular shields) or various cloaked superheroes (Batman and Robin and Wonder Woman just for starters).  It was great fun, we must have been quite a sight, some 250 runners or so storming round in ridiculous outfits.  At the end of the run, lots of people had brought sweets or cake with them to share as part of the birthday celebrations.  We all adjourned to a convenient café within the park for a good-humoured prize giving.  Lots of awards were handed out, not just for running fast but for humorous things too.  After the prizes had been given out, we all stayed in the café, chatting, admiring each other’s costumes and most importantly of all drinking tea and eating cake.  Someone had even made a special parkrun cake with the parkrun logo on it.  It was a great party indeed!

Why did I particularly enjoy it?  Well, I think it must be obvious surely.  I got to spend my Saturday morning doing my favourite thing, which is taking part in parkrun, with a fantastic group of people, followed by tea and cake. What’s more, I got an excuse to wear a party dress, have a good old giggle with friends AND I won a prize. What’s not to like.  Parkrun is great and parkrun event birthday parties?  Well, they are better still!
[ Written by - Lucy Marris (2016):  Careers Adviser (UK), TEFL teacher (Vietnam) ]


Model Answer 4:

Parties are always a great source of enjoyment and provide a much-needed break from the monotony of daily life. I am fortunate enough to have attended many such parties in my life, but the one I want to talk about was organized by one of my colleagues from work. I enjoyed it so much that I still remember it so well.

Whose party it was and what it was celebrating: 
The party was thrown by one of my colleagues named Spencer. He had recently been promoted to a higher position, and the party was thrown to celebrate his success. It was a surprise party organized by his team members to make him feel special.

Where the party was held and who went to it: 
The party was held at a rooftop restaurant in the city centre, which had a stunning view of the city skyline. All the members of Spencer's team were invited to the party, along with a few other colleagues from different departments. It was a small gathering of around 20 people, but it was perfect for the occasion.

What people did during the party: 
The party began with everyone congratulating Spencer on his promotion and wishing him all the best in his future endeavours. The restaurant served delicious food, and everyone enjoyed their meal while chatting and laughing. Spencer was presented with a cake, and we all congratulated him. The highlight of the party was when Spencer's team members prepared a short skit, highlighting his journey from an intern to a team leader. It was hilarious, and we all had a great time watching it.

And explain what you enjoyed about this party: 
The thing I enjoyed most about this party was the friendly atmosphere and the feeling of togetherness. Although everyone was from the same company, we didn't always get the chance to interact with each other, especially those working in different departments. This party provided us with the opportunity to get to know each other better, and it felt like we were part of one big family. The food, music, and beautiful view from the rooftop restaurant also added to the overall enjoyment of the party. It was a memorable evening, and I felt lucky to be a part of it.


Sample Answer 5:
I was invited to a private DJ party last month arranged by one of my college friends. This was a different kind of experience for me. I will describe the event for this topic as it was a great party.

The party was organised marking the birthday of Samantha, my bestie in college. We are at the undergraduate level at the American College of Greece. We both share everything between us which has created a strong bond between us, and accordingly, she invited me to this private party. I was amazed at the party arrangement. It began in the evening with light snacks and soft drinks, and then the show started. We took our supper during the DJ show and returned home safe and sound once the event ended. The show was extremely exciting and the invited guests were enjoying the music. I also danced on the rhythm and enjoyed the moments perfectly.

The party was held in the garden of Samantha’s house. In fact, she lives in a large villa with her family. Though it was difficult for her to arrange the show in the garden, she managed the permission from her dad after a lot of struggle. Some of her cousins helped to decorate the entire garden which finally looked like a football ground with a round boundary. So, it was really difficult for them to decorate the entire venue. The stage for the DJs was built with the help of outside professionals. The lighting system was unique. The food corner was set in a corner containing different delicious food items and beverages. I liked the arrangement most among the other features of the party because it was the first of its kind for me.

A limited number of guests were invited to the party. Before the DJ show begins, Samantha had cut the birthday cake. She stepped 18. The guests present there, including me, sang the traditional birthday song and wished for her very successful in the coming days. Then she distributed the pieces from her birthday cake. Really I have never had such a juicy and delicious birthday cake before. The DJs were not on time. So, the show was late. The people passed their time by gossiping with each other and taking photographs. I think the number of selfies was more than any other thing on that day. However, the DJ show began at around 7.00 pm. Then the people moved to take seats near the stage. But the majority of them stood before the platform to dance with the music. I went there as I could not manage a seat to sit. 

I enjoyed everything at the party until the last moment. It was exciting for me. In fact, this was the first experience for me to participate in a DJ party and listen to live music. All of the people invited there were amazing and helped me to dance by showing some steps and moves. I loved the food and drinks. Some of the traditional foods of Greece were ordered (as her mother was unable to cook for this crowd) and we enjoyed them profoundly. The lighting of the venue was breathtaking. Some hidden lights were set that illuminated the entire ground from different parts. Overall, it was the very best experience of a party in my entire life.


More Ideas to talk about this Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card topic:

Topic: Describe a party that you enjoyed.

1. Usually, a birthday celebration is typically an event for cutting the birthday cake, singing the birthday song, giving presents and having a meal. But the birthday party of Maria was a bit exceptional when she turned 19 last month. So, she arranged for the party at her home, and it was a nice one I have ever joined. The invited guests arrived on time and they praised the elaborate preparation. I also enjoyed the party and it was the delicious foods that helped me to enjoy there. Interestingly, there was no birthday cake in the party. Besides, I also loved the company of other friends and this was a great one for me so far.

2. The sudden invitation at the tea party from my boss was unexpected. In fact, I did not have any idea why the boss was inviting me to a private party at his home. Later, I came to know some surprising facts. People who went there started arriving in time and I met some of the influential people in the industry. I enjoyed the party as I had the chance to meet new people and knowing them. Actually, it was a pre-planned party to make me familiar with the industry bigshots. So, I enjoyed the party in all the terms.

3. Attending a Christmas party was interesting and I enjoyed it a lot. The party was held on the night of Christmas Day at the rooftop of Sam’s home. The invited guests enjoyed the party very much and spend their time mostly by gossiping and eating the barbeque items. I enjoyed the party because it was held in the open air. It was snowing lightly and we all were enjoying the scenario. Besides, the company of such nice people gave me immense pleasure. Based on everything, I enjoyed the party.

4. It was a weird idea to participate in a game night party. But I enjoyed it to the last minute as long as I was there. The indoor party was held at the garage of Andrew here in Virginia. The invited guests took part in different types of games. I enjoyed the party as I won the games I played. I played mostly chess and card. Luckily, I won both the games which never had before in my life. So, I enjoyed the party to the extreme extent.

5. Indeed, the pirate parties are the best in the world. And I was thrilled to take part in this party arranged by Samantha at the large garden before her house. She invited all her classmates but some of them missed the party. I enjoyed it because finding out the treasures was exciting. Besides, I also played a certain role and it was interesting too. Finally, when all the treasures were revealed we all became excited and shared the treasures amongst us. So, I enjoyed the party very much.

Part 3 – Two-way discussion/ Detail discussion:

Family Parties:

Q. What are the main reasons why people organise family parties in your country?
Q. In some places, people spend a lot of money on parties that celebrate special family events. Is this ever true in your country? Do you think this is a good trend or a bad trend?
Q. Are there many differences between family parties and parties given by friends? Why do you think this is?

National Celebrations:

Q. What kinds of national celebrations do you have in your country?
Q. Who tends to enjoy national celebrations more: young people or old people? Why?
Q. Why do you think some people think that national celebrations are a waste of government money? Would you agree or disagree with this view? Why?

Family Parties:

Q. What are the main reasons why people organise family parties in your country?
Answer: Well, in my country, we usually like to consider “families” as the building block of our society. So, we should actually consider it as our responsibility, in my humble opinion, to encourage and support stable family life by any means possible. Fortunately, most of the people in my country understand this important aspect of our societal stability, and they choose to display this by organizing different kinds of “family parties” on different occasions, such as marriage ceremonies, wedding anniversaries, birthday parties and religious festivals. 

Q. In some places, people spend a lot of money on parties that celebrate special family events. Is this ever true in your country? Do you think this is a good trend or a bad trend?
Answer: Well, as much as I dislike to admit it, the matter of the fact is the same kinds of things are taking place in my country as well, which wasn’t the case even a decade ago or so. Many rich people spend a huge some of money on such events and in my opinion, it is not a very good trend. Of course, we can have some temporary gratification by becoming a part of this kind of trend from time to time, but it certainly doesn’t augur too well for the growth and sustainability of a healthy society, since it only encourages people to focus on the “materialistic aspects” of our life.

Q. Are there many differences between family parties and parties given by friends? Why do you think this is?
Answer: Well, the answer very much depends on what kinds of things we do in these parties, and what their ultimate goals really are. But, to be more precise about the difference, family parties are usually attended by all kinds of people to enjoy some quality time in a rather formal environment. But, on the other hand, when a party is thrown by friends, they are usually attended by the friends only, more often than not, in order to have some happy, fun and light moments in a rather informal environment.

National Celebrations:

Q. What kinds of national celebrations do you have in your country?
Answer: Just like any other country, we also have our own national celebrations which we like to celebrate in grand style. Among some of these national celebrations are “the independence day” (the day when we actually declared our “independence” to free ourselves from an enemy country) and “the victory day” (the day when we actually got our “freedom” after a long war). Besides, we also have a couple of major religious festivals that we all celebrate every year in a very festive mood.

Q. Who tend to enjoy national celebrations more: young people or old people? Why?
Answer: Well, the answer to this question just might not be as straightforward as one may like to think. After all, while one group of people may consider it enough “just to enjoy the festive mood” during the time of a national celebration, the other group of people may not just stop at enjoying the festive mood, so to speak, but also going as far as taking part actively in doing all those “customary things” which are directly related a particular national celebration. So, again, it is not about young or old, rather it is about how we view “enjoyment” from our respective positions.

Q. Why do you think some people think that national celebrations are a waste of government money? Would you agree or disagree with this view? Why?
Answer: Well, unfortunately, I can’t really stop people from thinking in a certain way, but as far as I am concerned, I am never of the opinion that national celebrations are just some waste of money. And I hold onto this opinion of mine rather firmly because there is just something which money can’t buy, and national festivals or celebrations exactly are such things. After all, it is these national celebrations that unite all the citizens of a country together for a better cause in order to promote patriotism and brotherhood among them, which is otherwise always not possible.

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