IELTS Cue Card Sample 501 - Describe an event when someone denied your request

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an event when someone denied your request.

You should say:

  • when it was
  • what the request was about
  • whom you requested

and explain how you felt about being denied.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Sample Answer 1:
Last year I applied for a car loan but the manager of the bank denied my application. For this cue card, I would like to talk about this event when my loan request was rejected by the loan section and manager of the City bank. I personally met the manager to know why my application was refused, he explained me few facts that demonstrated why he had not granted my loan application.

It was 2015, probably early August when I applied for a car loan in the City bank. As I went through their loan requirements, I found that I was quite eligible for their car loan that I was expecting to have. I talked to the loan officer of the bank, he asked me to fill up the loan application form and bring some necessary papers. After I submitted the signed application form along with the other required documents addressing the manager of the branch, I had to wait for two weeks.

However, it was quite a surprise that the loan department and the manager had withheld my loan application. This was a bit frustrating and surprising to me. When I met the branch manager (his name was probably Franklin), he explained that I had to be in my current company for at least two years to be eligible for the loan. I asked him 'why have not you mentioned that on your website and loan application form?'. I also informed that it would have then saved the time and energy I have wasted for this loan application. He was very professional and cunning. He explained to me that he must maintain the professional integrity and follow the bank rules in any situation. He also told me about some case scenarios where loans were not recovered since the previous branch manager did not follow the loan rules very rigidly. He also assured me that he will definitely consider my car loan application whenever I work more than two years with my current employer. It was, however, a denial of my current loan application and was a bit disappointing experience for me.

As I was denied from the bank to be granted for the loan, I used my savings and purchased a second-hand Toyota car. I have applied for two other bank loans a few years back and none was refused. Nevertheless, I quite understand the reasons my loan application was not accepted and I am quite okay with that. The hard feelings that I had just after my application was refused are long gone.

Sample Answer 2:
Attending concerts is really fun and exciting. I try my best to attend the concerts and enjoy them. But often I am unable to attend the concerts due to my dad if those are in the evening. In last November, I had to miss such an event as my father did not grant my request to attend the concert. Now I will describe the entire event here. Thank you for this nice cue card topic.
The concert was held at the end of last November. It was held in our college compound and some local bands were set to perform at the concert. It was held marking the 25th anniversary of our college. In fact, the programme was an elaborate one and started from the morning of the day. It was arranged by the college authority. I took part in almost all the events except the concert. My dad is a bit conservative and does not allow me to stay out of home for a longer time. Hence, I was unable to be there in the evening while the concert was held at night.

On the day of the programme, I asked for his permission. Usually, my parents allow me to participate in all the college functions. But they are a bit aware of the cases about time. When the events or programmes are at night time, they deny my requests for attending there. Accordingly, I was a bit confused if I would get the permission or not. But with the inspiration of my group, I sought it and finally, I was denied. I made a phone call and asked for his permission to stay at the college until the programme ends. But on the other side, the voice said me to be home within 6.00pm. Unfortunately, the concert was supposed to start at 7.00pm. Simultaneously, the college was a bit far away from my residence. Therefore, I was told to start for home immediately.      

Actually, I made the phone call to my mum first. She did not approve the request. Then she suggested if I could obtain permission from dad, she will have no objection on the issue. Accordingly, I phoned to dad. Describing the entire issue, in brief, I told him that I do not want to miss the concert. But he rejected my plan saying that I should be home as soon as I can. In fact, though he is a music lover, he does not love listening metal songs or concerts. He was true in some sense but I loved the heavy metal sounds. However, my appeal was rejected and I returned home without attending the concert.   

I was really sad about the event. Actually, parents are unaware of the feelings of their kids. I tried to make my dad realise that this event has been organised marking an anniversary of the college and I should be there as I am also a part of the college. But he discarded my urge on the grounds of security. He told that I would be unable to return home alone and there are some unwanted events in concerts. In fact, he prioritised over my security issue as I am his only daughter. Considering the issue, I obeyed his order. But I really missed the concert. Some of the local underground bands were hired to perform at the programme. However, my dad surprised me with a present as I obeyed him. So, I forgot about the sadness and finally was happy with the present.

Topic: Describe an event when someone denied your request.

1. I went to enjoy the annual sports event that held at my college in Barcelona. I requested a fellow student to book a seat for me beside him as it was a rush inside the auditorium. But it was a mistake from me. I forgot that Nicholas was not my friend. Actually, he opposed me always in the class. So, when he denied my request, I felt irritated and blamed myself for requesting a fool like him.

2. My last visit to India was not satisfactory for many reasons and I particularly noticed some events. I asked for a change to a shop owner after purchasing some stuff from his shop in New Delhi. The middle-aged shop owner turned down my request. He simply refused to change a note. It was a sad event for me. And in fact, I am not habituated with such refusals. Changing a note is not a big deal and people get the change smoothly. But alas! I was refused.

3. Usually, the cricket match ticket sellers do not deny to sell tickets. But when I asked a seller, on Monday last, to sell two tickets together, he denied. I requested him to sell two tickets to me, he did not pay heed. The young seller in his blue eyes looked nice. But he did not listen to my request for selling an extra ticket. I was even ready to pay a higher price than usual. Initially, I did not I do not know why he did this and later came to know that selling two tickets together was disallowed on that match day.

4. I was flying to Indonesia from Thailand last month on a local flight of my country. During the travel, I wanted a glass of juice more but was denied. The beautiful looking air hostess politely denied my appeal. And I felt insulted. The airliner was charging more than usual fare but they do not have an extra glass of juice. So, I pledged that I will never fly with the airline authority. When I informed it to the cockpit, they apologized.

5. Travelling is my hobby and I prefer the bus to travel. In last month, I went to Singapore and rode on a bus. I asked the man beside me to leave me the window seat as I need some fresh air. The man denied. It was a troublesome situation for me. I was feeling uncomfortable and wanted to sit beside the window. But the man did not allow me. And I also could not manage another window seat. It was an uncomfortable journey indeed.

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