IELTS Cue Card Sample 505 - Describe someone who is your online friend

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe someone who is your online friend.

You should say:

  • who is he/she
  • how you know him/her
  • how long you two are friends

and explain how you two maintain the online friendship.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Sample Answer 1:
To be honest, I have many online friends and selecting someone to talk about for this cue card topic was a bit tough for me. I have many online friends who stay far away and I have never met a few of them. This candidate task card reminds me Julia, who is a good online friend of mine. She lives in Sweden and I have never met her.

Julia is around  27 years old and a British citizen. She is doing her post-graduation at a Swedish university. She became my friend on LinkedIn, which is a networking website for professionals. After that, we became Facebook and Twitter friends.

The first time we got connected online and learned about each other on LinkedIn would be more than 4 years ago. However, I would say, we became friends a year later. Thus our online friendship has elapsed over three years.

We often email each other, exchange greeting cards & gifts and update our life events. Since we both have a similar educational background and many common interests, we have many interesting and exciting to discuss. We often chat online and both of us follow each other on Facebook. With time, we have become good friends. I frequently get lengthy emails from her which describe everything she is up to. Last month I sent her a gift that she liked very much.

I think common interests, similar mindset and regular communication keep our friendship alive. Even though we have never met each other, our friendship means a lot to both of us. Digital friendship often lacks the commitment, feelings and reciprocal respects that most of the real-life friendship has, but I never feel it in my friendship with Julia.  She means as much any of my friends means to me. I am not sure how this online friendship would go on in the future but at present, Julia is a good friend of mine who cares and value our friendship.


Sample Answer 2:
Humans cannot live alone. They are born to socialise. But the change of time the socialisation process has turned virtual and people are utilising different online applications and platforms. Hence, the number of online friendship is on the rise and I am really happy to talk about the issue.

I have a very good number of online friends in Russia. He is Alexander Kir, a teacher in profession. He lives in Saint Petersburg in Russia with his family. His profile picture shows that he is ready for skiing with his daughter on snow. He is really a good friend of mine and often we chat when both are online. I am familiar with all of his family members with the pictures he shares on his Facebook timeline. I have been maintaining the online friendship with him for past two years and have become like a bosom friend to him.

I am a development activist here in Jamaica. While browsing Facebook, one day I got a friend request from an unknown individual named Alexander Kir. I usually do not accept any unknown requests on facebook. And if I am to accept the request, I visit the timeline of the sender. If everything appears satisfactory to me, I accept the friendship offer. From my previous experiences, I know that most of the times people try to make some fake identities for some dishonest purposes. So, I make sure the person I am in contact is free of such issues. If I find something doubtful, I simply ignore the requests or block them. However, I accepted his virtual offer to befriend with me.

The friendship between me and Kir began in mid of 2014. But now we are good friends. We regularly have chats and even video calls. In the Christmas last, he made a video call where all the other members of my family had a virtual get together. In fact, distance has been removed in the present day with the support of technology. So, we were able to make the video call and it appeared that Kir and his other family members were sitting just opposite to us. However, in this two-year friendship, we never had any quarrels as it is a usual matter in non-virtual friendships. Most of the time, he made the calls to me whenever he needed my support for his family over negotiating any important issues.  

This is really difficult to maintain a virtual friendship. To make a friendship in real-life, everyone needs to be present there. But in virtual situations, it is not possible for everyone to be present at all the times. Thereby, it is often troublesome. It has happened that Kir did not reply to any of my queries for over two or three days. Later, I came to know that he was too busy to sit on Facebook. The similar matter took place with me as well. When I need to visit the other parts of the country, Jamaica, I cannot keep in touch with the internet and thus remain detached from all of my online activities. Since both of us are matured, we do not need to communicate every day. We make chats, voice or video calls once or twice in a week. And I think the friendship is perfect for this understanding between us.

Topic: Describe someone who is your online friend.

1. Meeting George was an interesting event in my life. He lives in the USA and I live in India. We share a very good online friendship. And we have been maintaining the friendship for past two years. I came to know him from Facebook while commenting on a certain page. Our friendship is based on chatting and passing times by voice calls using the online media. But we cannot talk for long as both of us are busy. So, we try to keep in touch through messaging in most of the time.

2. Robert is my online friends and we have a good bondage. He lives in the same city in Australia like me. I knew him through Twitter. I loved one of his Tweets and the friendship grew since then. My meeting with Robert was held in March this year and our friendship is around 10 months old. Since we are in the same city, we try to meet often. But most of the time we are engaged in our social platforms. It is nice indeed to have a friend like him.

3. I feel lucky to have Nubia on my friend list. She is an Egyptian young lady and has a nice behaviour. I met her on Facebook last year. Since then, we are friends. Actually, I went to visit her social profile sensing it a fake one. And gradually, I found that I was wrong. She appeared introvert but loves to lead a happy life. Often I chat with her online and also make voice calls. She loves commenting on my posts too and often tries to make fun of my posts deliver her witty comments.

4. The use of Google+ is not so much prevalent in the present age but I met with Fukumi. She is a Japanese young lady and interested in social events like me. I knew her from the Google+ and we are using this social platform for a couple of years. Often we chat using our google account and share our emotions. She is a nice person indeed. When we talked, she discussed her dreams to contribute to her nation’s development. I appreciated all the matters.

5. My LinkedIn profile attracted attention from many quarters and I met with Harry. He is a business professional in Malaysia and a good soul too. He asked me to join his company last year but I had to decline the offer for my ongoing engagement. Since then, a sense of fellow feeling has grown between us. To maintain the online friendship, I often send him a message on his success. He also congratulates me when he knows about mine. And this has become a trend for us. Hope, someday I would meet him in person. 

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