Cue Card Sample

IELTS Cue Card Sample 540 - Describe an enjoyable place you visited in the countryside

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an enjoyable place you visited in the countryside.

You should say:

  • when you visited this place
  • who was with you
  •  why the place was enjoyable

and say if you would like to go back there in the future.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you're going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]


Model Answer 1:

(...Say your country name...), my homeland, is a country with abundant natural beauty, from beaches to forests and from waterfalls to vast and green paddy fields. But, in my humble opinion, the countryside of my country is even more beautiful, and today, I would like to talk about one such enjoyable countryside which I visited about a couple of years ago.

Anyway, visiting the countryside once in a while is one of my favourite things to do. So, when a couple of my friends told me that they were going to visit the beautiful countryside in the southern part of (...say your country name...), I became really excited. Our trip began around 8 am in the morning, and after riding the bus for about 4 hours, we finally arrived at our destination.

Needless to say, we were all taken aback by the sheer beauty of the landscape around us as the scenery just stretches off into the horizon, as far as our eyes could see, with miles and miles of rice fields shimmering in the heat haze. The paddy fields were divided into broad rectangular shapes, making them look like some beautifully decorated “green chamber”. Occasionally a tree would rise up out of the paddies, claiming to be the only biggest thing there, while providing a seat for the crows and other birds that flew around. The flapping sounds of the birds there invited us to watch them fly under the blue and beautiful sky. The presence of green meadow creek on one side of the vast paddy fields and the beautiful lake, flowing through it, make it look like a little piece of heaven on the earth. The serene and quiet nature of this beautiful countryside was so enjoyable that we didn’t really want to return back to our home in the city.

Anyway, I would surely go back to that place in future because this is where I could find my peace and serenity. Besides, I would go back to that beautiful countryside also because it would remind me again how we could live a very simple life and yet become very happy.


Sample Answer 2:

I have recently visited "Fraser Island", the largest sand island in the world. This is a great place to visit and enjoy the touch of nature. The freshwater lakes offer a wide number of activities to explore them. The sand formation of this island is spectacular and wins the hearts of its visitors. The white sands were really adorable. I would like to thank you for this nice cue card topic.

The island is located adjacent to the Queensland coast in Australia. I went there with my family members. Actually, it was a two-day trip to the island for holiday purposes. I was accompanied by my parents and siblings. Everyone was happy with the natural view of the island. The sand was the most attractive thing there and now it has become an eco-tourism destination in the country. We paid a visit to the Cathedrals, the cliff which is also famous for the sculpted ribbons, and swimming sites.

The place was enjoyable for its natural beauties. The freshwater lakes, camping facilities, fishing on the lakes, swimming in the freshwater pools etc. are the key attractions. In fact, we need to take leaves from our daily life sometimes, and this is a perfect place to enjoy the leaves. The site is enlisted with the World Heritage Site and offers a wide number of natural resources to explore. The rainforest is another attraction of this location which allows the visitors to walk along. The area is blessed with over 100 freshwater lakes which are always crowded with swimmers.

If I get a chance again, I will get back there in the future. In fact, I am in love with this natural place. This blissful place has won my attention and the memories here haunt me every day. I will never forget the guided tour through the untouched beauty of the place.


More Ideas to help you prepare your own answer:

Cue Card Topic: Describe an enjoyable place you visited in the countryside.

1. I visited a village near Essex in England last week. One of my college friends accompanied me on this visit. In fact, we had planned long ago to make such a trip in the countryside. The place was enjoyable for many reasons. The surrounding areas were filled with trees and picturesque views. Obviously, I would like to go back there once again in the future. This was a very attractive place and the gentle breeze removed all the tiredness from inside me. The deep blue sky is still in my mind.

2. I went to the countryside in Oregon last July. It was a stunning place indeed. My younger sister accompanied me on the trip. Actually, experiencing her pressure, I planned the sudden trip. The place was enjoyable for many reasons. The blue lake and the greeneries attracted me most. The place was wide and open. So, I liked it very much. And I want to go back there in the future. I have a plan to spend a night there with my family and friends.

3. There is not many countrysides in Malaysia but recently I visited the countryside in the southern part of the country. The place came with an outstanding view. In fact, it was an excellent location filled with large trees, villages and more. The foods there were highly delicious and prices were reasonable. Considering everything, it was an enjoyable place. So, I want to get back there again in the future. I have a plan to take my girlfriend there.

4. The countryside in Vietnam is adorable. They come with eye-catchy beauties. I went to such a place last month with one of my college buddies. The place was enjoyable for many reasons. There were some archaeological sites in the place and they were charming indeed. So, I liked the place too much. Of course, I would like to go back there in the near future. And that time, I will take some other of my friends to visit the spot.

5. Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka is a great place to visit. I went there with my father. It was a nice trip. The place was enjoyable too. I gazed at the open wide sky and enjoyed the natural beauty of the location. The waterfalls and the tea plantations were amazing. This time I could not enjoy completely as I was with my father. But I have a plan to come back here whenever I will manage time next year.

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