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A situation when someone suggested a clever solution - Cue Card # 607

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a situation when someone suggested a clever solution.

You should say:

  • when it was
  • what the situation was
  • who suggested the solution

and say why you think it was a clever solution.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]


Model Answer 1:

Problems distract us and frustrate us when we expect them in the least just like the problem with my newly-bought computer about a couple of years ago when it started to give me “a hard time”. However, it didn’t become much of an issue as one of my friends offered me a very ‘clever’ solution to deal with it.

Anyway, after buying my computer a couple of years ago, it started to give me different kinds of problems soon after starting to use it. Since the computer was not under any warranty, I couldn’t return it or receive any technical support from its vendor or manufacturer. So, all I could do was to take it to a local computer technician every time it gave me a problem. But, after visiting the technician 4/5 times already within just a couple of months, I became a bit frustrated, so I decided to seek a solution from one of my friends.

As soon as my friend, whose name was John, learned about my problem, he suggested me to buy a good book on “computer repair and maintenance” and start reading it word by word while using my computer also at the same time like a “kid”. Of course, I was a bit nervous about the “solution” initially as I was a novice in the world of computers and troubleshooting, but my friend assured me that the suggested solution would work just fine for me if I could exercise patience in reading the book.

And, guess what, it was indeed a clever solution as I could slowly and slowly begin to figure out many of the computer glitches by myself. In fact, some of the computer problems, for which I took my computer to a technician earlier, could be solved by me after trying with a little patience. Besides, after reading that book, I also came to learn how to best handle a computer and keep it safe. But, the best part of the solution was that I could actually boast about my computer repairing abilities to my friends as I could solve “complex” computer glitches rather easily and quickly afterwards.


Model Answer 2:

Thank you for this intriguing topic. I appreciate the opportunity to share an experience where someone proposed a clever solution. Here, I will discuss the details of this situation, the solution proposed by Sarah, and why it stood out as a clever and effective response to our dilemma.

The situation unfolded last semester when our engineering class was assigned a project to develop a sustainable energy solution for a rural community. We had been brainstorming ideas for weeks but kept hitting roadblocks due to the complexity of the project and the limited resources available. As the deadline loomed closer, tensions started to rise, and we were feeling increasingly stressed about finding a viable solution.

It was during one of our group meetings when Sarah, a quiet but insightful member of our team, suggested a clever solution. Instead of focusing solely on expensive and high-tech renewable energy systems, she proposed a simpler approach using locally available resources. Sarah suggested harnessing the power of the sun by installing solar panels on the roofs of the community's houses. These panels could generate electricity during the day, which could then be stored in batteries for use at night.

What made Sarah's solution particularly clever was its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. By utilizing solar energy, we could provide a sustainable power source to the community without relying on expensive infrastructure or external resources. Sarah's suggestion garnered unanimous approval from our team, and we quickly began working on implementing her idea. 

Sarah's solution was indeed a stroke of genius. It not only addressed the technical challenges of our project but also aligned with our goal of creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution for the rural community. Sarah's ingenuity and outside-the-box thinking served as an inspiration to our team, reminding us of the power of simplicity and resourcefulness in problem-solving.


Sample Answer 3:

It may sound peculiar to many but I have got a clever solution from one of my friends to find more time for reading books and the process is unorthodox. In fact, I love to read books and want to finish at least four to five books in a month but my hectic schedule hardly allows me to finish two books every month. So, do not be surprised by the solution that one of my friends suggested and thank you for the time you have allowed me to talk about it.

Last year, I was wondering how to install a small bookshelf inside the bathroom to keep some books safely because the privy attached to my bedroom was unable to accommodate a moderate bookshelf. So, installing a small shelf centring the tissue holder was an unconventional yet smart idea. I used some small wood pieces to form the shape of a bookshelf with the help of my friend and was really proud to have finally made it. Now I can place two or three books together at a time and read them inside the privy.

Barbara suggested the solution to me. In fact, I shared my dilemma with her a few months ago and she suggested me to install a small shelf made with a couple of timber. She also helped me build the shelf. In fact, it was easier than I thought and the credit goes to Barbara who, in fact, gave me a great suggestion.

The solution to the problem was unusual yet very effective. Now I am using the shelf comfortably and can manage more time for reading books I like. So, considering all the facts, this is a clever solution to my problem of reading books inside the lavatory.

Sample Answer 4:

Thank you sir/madam for the opportunity to let me talk about an event when someone's intelligent suggestion solved a big problem. It was almost two years ago and I wanted to get a part-time job so that I could gain some work experience and in parallel earn some money. But managing a suitable job was not easy, especially at a time when most of the companies in our town were downsizing their employees.

To tell you the truth, I forwarded my CV to a good number of companies and strangely got no interview call. Then I met a friend from my school and during our conversation, he suggested that I should try some freelance work from one or two reputed websites like and At first, I was not convinced but he went on explaining how this could help me enhance my web designing skills and earn a steady amount from my work. He explained to me how he had been able to manage some work and clients from such platforms. I was convinced and thought that it was a step worth taking.

I now feel that my friend James, who actually suggested the solution, did a remarkable job by persuading me to follow his trait. His suggestion to work as a freelancer solved my dilemma to get a job and gain some experience.

During the last two years, I have finished some great projects and that would add some weight to my resume. Besides, due to James's timely solution - which was actually an alternative for getting a part-time job, I now enjoy a certain degree of economic freedom and can concentrate more on my studies. I would say that was a great solution from one of my old friends. 

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