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Something you have achieved and proud of - Cue Card # 611

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe something you have achieved and you are proud of.

You should say:

  • what you have achieved
  • when you have achieved it
  • what was difficult about it

and explain why you are proud of this achievement.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:

A few months ago I took part in a photography competition organized by a local museum and I won the second title. I consider it a fabulous achievement and I am genuinely proud of this accomplishment. When I saw my photo in a daily newspaper as one of the winners, I was very exhilarated. Many of my relatives and friends congratulated me for the achievement and I am fortunate to have the chance to talk about it. I must thank you for that.

I am not a professional shutterbug. I finished a basic course in photography two years ago. I still consider myself a learner, and this achievement is highly encouraging for me to go further. There were more than seven hundred contestants and being second in the final stage was not easy. The competition was announced in a local newspaper with the rules and policies to submit both digital and printed versions of the photos and I selected three best shots of mine and submitted those to the organizers.

The photograph that won me the second prize depicted an old woman anxiously waiting at the station for someone to arrive. It perfectly blended her red dress and yellow hat with the station’s red and white colour. A glimpse of the approaching train was visible at a far distance. I took this snapshot in 2016, and have long revered it as one of my best works as an amateur photographer.

The second prize brought me 700 dollars and a silver crest along with a certificate. The prize money was not significant, but from an inspirational point of view, this was priceless. It definitely boosted my motivation to continue my work, which I was often confused about and made me renowned among contemporary aspiring photographers. I have every valid reason to be proud of this achievement, I think. 

Model Answer 2:

As the sun sank below the horizon, casting a golden hue over the peaceful landscape, I stood atop the mighty peak, my heart swelling with pride and exhilaration. For it was on this very mountaintop that I achieved one of my most treasured accomplishments – conquering the formidable challenge of climbing a tall peak. This is something I am very proud of. Thank you so much for the opportunity to let me talk about this important achievement of my life that I like to talk about a lot.

It was a crisp morning in the heart of winter when I embarked on this epic journey. With the biting cold and the frosty air filling my lungs, I began the arduous ascent, my determination unwavering despite the daunting task that lay ahead. Every step was a battle against the elements, a test of endurance and resilience.

The journey was fraught with challenges at every turn. The steep incline seemed to stretch endlessly before me, the icy terrain treacherous and unforgiving. Yet, with each passing obstacle, I summoned every ounce of strength and determination within me, pushing myself to the limit and beyond.

As I ascended higher and higher, the air grew thinner, the wind fiercer, and the temperature colder. Yet, amidst the harsh conditions, there was a sense of awe-inspiring beauty that surrounded me – the snow-capped peaks glistening in the sunlight, the majestic glaciers carving their way through the rugged landscape.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity of relentless struggle, I reached the summit – a breathtaking vista of boundless beauty stretching out before me. In that moment, as I stood atop the world, the sense of accomplishment washed over me like a wave, filling me with an indescribable sense of pride and achievement.

As I stood on that mountaintop, gazing out at the vast expanse before me, I realized that this achievement was not just about conquering a physical peak, but about conquering my own fears, doubts, and insecurities. And so, as I descended from that towering peak, my heart filled with pride and gratitude, I knew that this journey would forever be carved in my memory as a testament to the power of perseverance, determination, and unwavering belief in myself.

Sample Answer 3:

I am not sure if quitting smoking should be counted as a big achievement but to me, it was the supreme triumph in the past few years in my life. I would like to thank you for this nice topic and the time you have allowed me to talk about one of my feats that I feel very proud of.

I can't be sure how it started but in the third semester of my university, I found myself smoking cigarettes and without even noticing, this became a habit I could not leave behind. Initially, it was just curiosity and fun, but not after a few months when I was already a regular smoker. However, last year I finally stopped smoking as it was my only new year resolution and I feel great about it. To be more precise, I quit smoking on the 31st night in 2023.

I have tried to quit smoking several times in the past 3 years and it was not easy. It was both a physical and psychological challenge to which I yielded and finally started this heinous act again. But it was not the case on the 31st night in 2023. My determination helped me overcome this and achieve something I have failed at several other times in my life.

Smoking is a silent killer and a habit that no one should be in. The first time I tried to quit smoking was the time I realized how difficult it was. It was like iterating in a circle that does not close! The urge to puff a few more times never ended and I was feeling the lack of stamina when playing football or table tennis. I was quite determined, however, to get back to the stage when smoking was not a part of my life. Luckily I have been without it for the last few months. This is, in fact, one of the biggest achievements of my life.

Model Answer 4: 

I have always disliked being an “overweight” person not only because being overweight makes us look “out of shape” but also affects our health very negatively. But, that’s exactly what happened to me a few years ago, and I needed to get back in “shape” again by hook or by crook.

So, I started to put a break on my eating habits by giving up on carbohydrates and meats- especially the “red meats” like beef and mutton. I was on a low-carb diet like this for some time, but nothing really changed as far as my body weight was concerned.

Anyway, seeing no reduction in body weight, I decided to walk for at least two hours every day. But, maintaining this habit wasn’t very easy either because of my rather busy work schedule. But, I promised myself that I needed to lose my weight significantly in the next six months no matter how difficult it really was.

To achieve my goal of “losing weight”, I even started eating different fruits and vegetables which did not taste very good, at least to me. I, nevertheless, ate them in order to bring some much-needed energy in me to carry on with the daily walk and exercise. Finally, after some tiring efforts of about 4 months, I started noticing that I was close to achieving my goal of losing weight.

Anyway, I feel proud of this achievement mainly because many of my friends and relatives had told me that I wouldn’t be able to lose weight because I loved eating too much, and I was too lazy to do any physical workout for a long period of time. I feel proud of this achievement also because even though I struggled to maintain my routine walking and food habits for almost six months, I managed to do everything on time and enjoy my life without much trouble which was even surprising for me!


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