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A typical day in your life when you were a child - Cue Card # 618

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a typical day in your life when you were a child.

You should say:

  • what you did and ate
  • what sorts of game or sports you played
  • who looked after you

and explain what was most enjoyable of it.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1:

As a child, my typical days were like that of most other children, who were attending an elementary school, except, of course, on the days when the weekend arrived because all I used to do during my weekend was mostly sleep.

Anyway, my typical day started at around 7:00 am when I used to get ready to go to my school after freshening up and eating my breakfast. By the way, I really enjoyed having milk and cereal as my breakfast, but sometimes I had to eat just a plain vegetable sandwich with a glass of milk with it when there was no cereal. After arriving at my school, of course, I needed to attend classes and other school activities for a marathon 7 hours that included an hour of lunch break and 30 minutes of physical exercise, which, by the way, I never really liked. But I liked the tiffin, provided by my school, of boiled egg, potato chips and a banana or apple a lot during the lunch hour.

After finishing school, I straight returned to my home and had to take some rest, as was the rule, put forth by my mother, before going out to play with my friends. Sometimes, I used to play football with my friends, and I used to serve as their regular goalkeeper, at a playground next to my home. Sometimes, I used to ride my bicycle there also without going too far from my home as my mother would never approve of that. Later in the day, I sometimes used to watch some TV as well with my family.

The most enjoyable part of my day was walking to school with my friends as I could talk about a lot of things with them and make jokes. Another thing, which I really enjoyed, was buying my favourite ice-creams during the lunch break at my school and sharing them with my friends. Finally, I also enjoyed it a lot when my mother sometimes allowed me to watch my favourite movie before going to bed at night.


Sample Answer 2:

Thank you Sir/Madam for this interesting topic. I spent my childhood in a beautiful suburb, and my childhood was exciting, magical and full of surprises. There was no trauma, anxiety or responsibilities and every moment, I was ready to explore the unknown and do something new and interesting.

I would like to talk about a typical day of my childhood when I was around 7 or 8 years old. I used to wake up very early and get ready for my school. I used to eat my breakfast at around 6.30 in the morning, and the milk, bread, banana and egg were the usual breakfast items. My mother prepared breakfast for the whole family. Then I rode with my dad on his motorbike every day to school. I played with my classmates before and after our classes. I mostly played football, chess, hide-and-seek and the merry-go-round with my classmates and friends.  

When I returned home at around 2.00 pm, it was the time for taking a shower and no matter how hard I tried to avoid it, my mother always made sure that I took a shower. For lunch, we ate what my mother cooked at home and she was an impressive cook who had an uncanny power of cooking delicious meals. Interestingly, I never wanted to take a nap after lunch and play instead, but my mother would not let me.

As I can recall, my mother mostly looked after me while my father tried to spend quality time with both of us when he was at home. He often helped me complete my homework, or played chess with me. I must be very lucky to have such passionate, caring and friendly parents who always sacrificed their interests to be by my side and to make us happy. I did not have any brother or sister and I always thought kids with a lot of siblings had more fun!

The afternoon was the most exciting time for me as I could do anything at that time. I often went outside to play with my friends. Sometimes we ran and shouted for no apparent reason. At night I spend a couple of hours watching TV and then completing my homework. I usually went to bed at around 10.30 pm.

I would say everything in my childhood was exhilarating. However, the natural beauty around our neighbourhood, my parents, the unbound freedom to play and good friends were something truly special and I still miss those days.


Model Answer 3:

Well, thank you for this interesting topic. It helped me revive my childhood once again for a while, and I am grateful to you for that. Here, I will tell you about a normal day in my life as a child.

When I was a child, a typical day in my life was filled with simple yet joyful activities. In the morning, after waking up, I would have a hearty breakfast with my family, usually consisting of cereal, toast, and a glass of milk. Sometimes, if it was a special day, my mother would surprise us with pancakes or French toast.

After breakfast, I would head out to play with my friends in the neighbourhood. We would spend hours playing outdoor games like tag, hide and seek, and soccer in the nearby park. Around midday, my mom would call me in for lunch, which often included sandwiches, fruits, and a homemade treat like cookies or brownies. After lunch, I would sometimes take a short nap before heading back outside to play with my friends again.

In the late afternoon, my siblings and I would often have structured activities or chores to do. We might help with household tasks like setting the table for dinner or watering the plants in the garden. As the evening approached, my family would gather for dinner, which was always a special time for us to reconnect and share stories from our day. We would enjoy a home-cooked meal together, and afterwards, my parents would often read to us or we would watch a family movie.

At bedtime, my parents would tuck me in and read me a bedtime story, which was always the highlight of my day. I would drift off to sleep feeling loved, safe, and grateful for the simple joys of childhood.


Your readiness to talk about this topic would enable you to talk about the following topics:

1.  Describe a day in your childhood.
2.  Describe something interesting you remember doing in your childhood.
3.  Describe how you spent your childhood.
4.  Describe a happy moment in your life.

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