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Describe a hotel that you know - Cue Card # 733

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a hotel that you know.

You should say:

  • where this hotel is
  • what this hotel looks like
  • what facilities this hotel has

and explain whether you think this is a nice hotel to stay in.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]


Model Answer 1:
On my recent visit to Thailand, which I took about a couple of months ago, I stayed at a hotel in Bangkok. Frankly speaking, I think that it was one of the best hotels in a very serene environment, in which I have ever stayed, and today I would like to talk about it here.

Anyway, located in the Dusit district of Bangkok, a little more than 8 kilometres away from Bangkok downtown, this stunningly beautiful looking, private urban sanctuary sits on 3 acres of a lush garden and by one of the famous rivers of Bangkok. Easily being considered one of the best heritage-style, luxury hotels in Bangkok, it has all the ingredients to “awe-inspire” the guests with its marvellous antiques and decoration.

Taking elegance to the extreme, this hotel offers plenty of panache with its silent marble corridors, arranged around a central courtyard under glass with some incredible vegetation and plenty of natural light. With about 40 spacious rooms, this vast property is scattered with pieces from the owner's art collection, including breathtaking wooden Buddha statues from the 16th century, and has everything from an infinity pool to multiple dining venues to a library, cinema, gym, and spa -- while maintaining an intimate vibe. Secluded Villas offer private pools, hot tubs, and rooftop terraces.

All rooms include breakfast, butler service, and free long-tail boat service along the river. Besides, its huge public area, and enormous banana trees, surrounding its water pond on a three-storied high atrium, would make one feel like he or she is in a huge garden.

Anyway, I think that this is one of the nicest hotels, I have ever seen and where I have stayed. One of the best features of this hotel is that it makes sure that all of its guests have plenty of space around them so that they never feel congested. Another remarkable aspect of this hotel is that every element in it, including the art pieces, decoration and design, feels like they all are the functional parts of the overall design of this luxury retreat.

Model Answer 2:

Thank you very much for this topic. As a traveller, I think that hotels are an essential part of the travel experience. They provide a temporary home away from home, and it is crucial to find one that suits our needs. I have stayed in many hotels in different parts of the world, but the one that stands out is the Marriott Hotel.

Where the hotel is:
The Marriott Hotel is situated in the heart of the city in the commercial district of our country. It is conveniently located, and you can easily get to the main tourist attractions, shopping areas, and restaurants.

What this hotel looks like:
The Marriott Hotel is an impressive 20-story building with modern architecture. The lobby is spacious, and the decor is tasteful. The hotel has a modern feel, and everything is well-maintained. The rooms are spacious, and the beds are comfortable, ensuring a good night's sleep.

What facilities this hotel has:
The Marriott Hotel has a range of facilities to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. The hotel has a fitness centre, a swimming pool, a spa, and a sauna. The hotel also has a range of restaurants that serve different cuisines, and the food is of excellent quality. The hotel offers free Wi-Fi, which is convenient for guests who need to work or stay connected with family and friends.

And explain whether you think this is a nice hotel to stay in: 
In my opinion, the Marriott Hotel is an excellent place to stay. The staff is friendly and helpful, and the service is of the highest standard. The hotel's facilities are excellent, and the food is delicious. The location is convenient, and you can easily get to different parts of the city. The Marriott Hotel is a perfect choice for both business and leisure travellers, and I would highly recommend it.


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Q.  Do you think staying in a luxury hotel is a waste of money?

Discussion topic: "Working in a hotel"

Q.  Do you think hotel work is a good career for life?
Q.  How does working in a big hotel compare with working in a small hotel?
Q.  What skills are needed to be a successful hotel manager?

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