Cue Card Sample

When you gave someone directions to a place - Cue Card # 740

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a time when you gave someone directions to a place/location.

You should say:

  • when it was
  • whom you gave the directions
  • how you gave directions

and explain if the person was happy about it.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]


Model Answer 1:

One occasion that stands out in my memory is when I had the opportunity to give directions to someone who was new to the area. It was a pleasant experience that showcased the sense of community in our neighbourhood. For this topic, I will share this experience with you.

When it was:
This happened about six months ago on a sunny weekend afternoon. I was on my way to the local grocery store when a lost-looking individual approached me with a map in hand.

Whom you gave the directions:
The person seeking directions was a tourist, easily distinguishable by their camera and city guide. They seemed a bit perplexed, trying to match the landmarks on the map with the actual surroundings.

How you gave directions:
Being familiar with the area, I offered to guide them to their destination. I pulled out my phone and used a mapping app to provide step-by-step directions. Additionally, I pointed out some local landmarks and notable streets to make their journey smoother.

And explain if the person was happy about it:
The tourist was visibly relieved and expressed genuine gratitude. They mentioned how kind and helpful the locals had been during their visit. It was fulfilling to see a stranger turn into a delighted visitor, showcasing the warmth and friendliness of the community. This small interaction not only helped the tourist but also made me appreciate the sense of belonging in our neighbourhood.


Model Answer 2:

Technology has revolutionised the way we do things, including how we choose our holiday destinations, navigate on roads, book a hotel and even find a location. 'GPS' and 'Google Maps' types of technology make it absolutely easy to find a location, and yet I often find myself in situations where I end up giving directions to others or sometimes asking for directions.

So, it was about four months ago when I went out in one evening to walk in a park as part of my daily exercise. On my way to the park, a medium-built, thirty-something man, who was walking from the opposite direction of mine, suddenly stopped and asked me how he could go to the 'Vista Residential Area'. After I gave him directions to this place, he told me his name. Unfortunately, I no longer remember his name. But I clearly recall that he was nicely dressed, and didn't seem like a local resident to me.

When he asked for directions, I realised that he was heading to a different block than he was supposed to. I gave him the bad news, and I asked him to cross the road using the nearest foot-overbridge and walk along the right-side street for around 15 minutes before crossing two intersections to reach the block he was looking for. I finally mentioned that his desired place would be just 3/4 lanes away from the entrance gate where he could find a large supermall. I also told him about a few prominent landmarks on his way to the destination. I did not forget to advise him that instead of doing all these, he could call a taxi and just tell the driver his destination.

Well, from his facial expression, I felt that he was happy about the directions I gave, or at least that's what I assumed! But it is hard to tell if he had been able to find his destination easily or not. I hope it had been easy for him as it seemed to me that he was eagerly looking to reach that place.

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