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Describe a rule that you do not like - Cue Card # 757

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a rule that you do not like.

You should say:

  • what rule it is
  • how common it is for people to follow this rule
  • how others feel about his rule

and explain why you do not like this rule.

[Instruction: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]


Model Answer 1:

I am not really an expert on rules or laws, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I like all kinds of rules and regulations that exist today in our societies. One such rule, which I don’t like, is to have different standards in place when deciding on the driving ages for men and women. In other words, this particular rule dictates that men and women should be treated differently, as far as their legal age is concerned, when allowing them the privilege to drive a car.

Now, I am not too sure as to what exactly drives the authority to decide upon such a discriminatory rule, but I am assuming that it must have something to do with age-old gender discrimination. In other words, women are the weaker gender of the two, and as such, women can’t really be trusted with their hands behind the steering wheels until they become 21 years old and more mature, as opposed to 18 years for men.

But, no matter how uncomfortable the rule makes others, because of its discriminatory nature, it still very much is a common practice to follow this rule around many parts of our world. What is even more frustrating for many others, wishing justice and equality for both men and women, is the fact that many women, who are otherwise progressive, smart and open-minded, are also somehow led to believe that such a rule is actually needed to ensure their safety and security!

Anyway, I don’t really like this particular rule, mainly because it is very much demeaning and discriminatory in nature for all those women who are working very hard and shoulder to shoulder with men in every respect of their lives. I don’t like this rule also because it has the potential risk to cause some unnecessary tensions and rifts between men and women which is certainly not good for our societies and “male-female” relationships in the long run.


Model Answer 2:

I think I could live without many rules today. However, the rule, I want to talk about is regarding the time schedules for using the hostel kitchen at my university. This rule states that one can’t use the hostel kitchen after 4 pm during the weekends and holidays. 

Initially, when I joined the student hostel about a year ago, there was no restriction whatsoever in using its kitchen facilities. In other words, everybody could cook their favourite foods there or warm them up 24 hours a day. Of course, there were some issues regarding keeping the kitchen clean and tidy once in a while, but the person in charge of keeping the kitchen clean was kind enough to do that job for us, outside of his regular working hours.

So, things were going smoothly for us, as far the issue of using the kitchen was concerned, but as soon as some “unruly and untidy” students had joined our hostel, this new rule came into effect, apparently because those “irresponsible” students didn’t even make the minimum efforts to clean the kitchen after using it.

Having said that, however, this new rule has helped us in a way too because those “unruly” students can’t bother the students anymore with their loud noises while preparing some food in the kitchen in the middle of the night. Besides, it also has helped us all the hostel residents, in general, get rid of the “stigma” of being “untidy and unclean” since we can’t keep our kitchen clean. However, most students don't like this rule as they are kind of forced to abide by it.

And, as far as I am concerned, this new rule hasn’t helped me at all since I can’t really enjoy some of my favourite, freshly-made foods, away from my home. After all, I don’t really like to eat outside, unless I really, really have to, because they are not healthy most of the time. Besides, I also have to waste additional money and time to buy some of the essential food items and snacks from far away, in order to deal with my appetite, during the weekends and holidays when the kitchen remains closed after the hours.


Model Answer 3:

Well, one rule that I do not like is the strict dress code policy in certain workplaces, dictating formal attire at all times. For this topic, I will elaborate on what I think about this rule or policy.

What rule it is:
The rule mandates that employees must adhere to a specific dress code, usually requiring formal clothing such as suits, ties, or business attire, even if their roles don't involve frequent client interactions.

How common it is for people to follow this rule:
In many corporate environments, this rule is strictly enforced, with employees expected to comply with the dress code on a daily basis. Deviation from the prescribed attire may lead to reprimands or, in extreme cases, formal warnings.

How others feel about this rule:
Opinions on this rule vary. Some employees may see it as a way to maintain professionalism and a sense of unity, while others find it outdated and restrictive, especially in workplaces where client interactions are minimal.

And explain why you do not like this rule:
I find this rule disagreeable primarily because it places unnecessary constraints on individual expression and comfort. While I understand the importance of maintaining a professional appearance, I believe that modern workplaces should prioritize flexibility. Forcing everyone into formal wear, irrespective of their job responsibilities, can be uncomfortable and counterproductive.

Moreover, enforcing a strict dress code doesn't necessarily enhance productivity or job performance. In many cases, it can create an artificial barrier between employees and hinder a more relaxed and collaborative work atmosphere.


Sample Answer 4:

In order to live and function properly in our society, we all agree that we have to have certain rules. But, then, it is also true that we don’t always like all the rules, if they, especially, affect us. Today, I would like to talk about one such rule which I, as a student, can’t really say that I actually like that much.

Anyway, before I go to talk about why exactly I don’t like this particular rule at my university, it is necessary to spell out what this rule exactly says. It says that students can’t really take any other courses, outside of their majors, unless they are recommended by the university authority. This rule applies to all students even though the students really like those courses – the courses outside of their majors that is – and they feel that those courses may actually help them in future. 

Now, I am sure that the university authority has their reasons behind enacting such a rule, but I think that it would do an even better job if they sometimes take the opinions of students into cognizance as well before implementing these kinds of rules in such a strict manner. Well, at least, that’s what I feel, and I am pretty sure that many other students also feel the same way because I have seen them talking about this matter/rule with other students in private. 

But, no matter, how much reservation we, the students, have about this particular rule, the truth is that all students follow it because the university authority is very strict about allowing any exception to this rule. 

I don’t really like this rule, mainly because, I think, it prevents students from demonstrating some of their talents and skills. I don’t like this rule also because it leaves no room for the students to express their opinions on the usefulness of such a rule, even though they are the major stakeholders in this rule.

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