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Describe a luxury item you would like to own - Cue Card # 764

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a luxury item you would like to own in the future.

You should say:

  • what item you would like to own
  • what this item looks like
  • why you would like to own this item

and explain whether you think you will ever own this item.

[Instruction: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]


Model Answer 1:

I think that it is only a natural desire in the hearts of many people that they want to own things that are beautiful, uncommon and luxurious because it helps them define their characters and personalities. Needless to say, I have also wanted to own some of these luxurious items myself in the future, and a luxury bathtub happens to be just one of them.

Now, this luxury item is such a thing that I can’t just buy one and stick it somewhere inside my home or carry it with me wherever I go. Oh, talking about home, I don’t even own one because the place, in which I usually live, is either rented or is owned by my parents. So, the idea of owning a luxury bathtub, even in the future, just might seem to be a bit farfetched at this point. 

But, I am pretty sure that situation is going to change someday when I will have my own home and with it, I shall also have my luxury bathtub – an elegant-looking, crystal bathtub that is – made by some top-notch Italian company. And after setting this luxury item inside my bathroom (looking equally beautiful and elegant as well), I will definitely want to enjoy my bath as often as I can, until I get tired of it, while also enjoying some beautiful music and romantic light at the same time.

Anyway, I want to own this luxury item, mainly because it looks so classy and elegant that it is sure to change the complexion of my entire bathroom to turn it (bathroom) into a very special part of your lovely home. After all, to me, the more appealing your bathroom gets, the more livable your home becomes. I want to own this luxury item also because this is where I want to enjoy my “very own, quality time” while taking my shower after a long and tiring day at work. After all, I don’t think that anything rejuvenates us as much as taking a nice shower in a nice bathtub!

Model Answer 2:

What luxury item I would want to own in the future? Well, how about a great sports car! Now, there are so many types of luxury car brands in the market, and therefore it is never easy to pick the one l really like. Of course, I have driven some luxury cars before, but that never makes me an expert on “luxury cars”.  But, based on whatever tiny bit of information I have gathered so far about luxury cars, I think that I would like to buy a Porsche Sports car in the future. 

To give you an idea of what this car exactly looks like, it's a two-door, two-seater, rear mid-engined coupe that is not only powerful but also carries a class and attitude that can easily make one proud about his taste in cars.  With a familiar muscular look, this shiny, six-engine, road warrior has a longer wheelbase, wider nose, and of course, some groundbreaking technologies. The interior features also are beyond the world. 

So, by any standards, this Porsche sports car is “unique” among other luxury cars, and that’s probably the main reason why I want to buy it. Then, of course, the grand and special feeling of creating “traction” on the highway with such fast cars is just unbeatable. Besides, at some points of my life, I also want to be seen as “successful”, instead of looking frugal always, and I just don’t think that there is any better way to do this than owning a luxury car. 

Of course, learning how great this car really is one thing, but whether I would be able to own it one day or not is something totally different. But, given what I earn now, I think that it will probably take me about a good 20 years of my life to save up enough money, necessary to buy such a car. Now, with an average age of about 70 years, the prospect of saving up so much money and then actually being able to buy such a nice and luxury car doesn’t look very bright, does it?


Model Answer 3:

Luxury is a term that is often associated with high-end products and services, which are not essential for daily living but are desirable to own. In my opinion, owning a luxurious house near the sea beach would be a dream come true for me. And here, I'd like to talk about the luxury house that I would like to own in the future.

What item you would like to own:
The luxury item that I would like to own is a house situated near the sea beach. It is a high-end property, built with a modern architectural design and equipped with luxurious amenities.

What this item looks like:
This luxury house would be a multi-story building with a large balcony overlooking the sea. It needs to have a spacious living room, a dining area, a well-equipped kitchen, and several bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms. The walls should be decorated with high-quality paintings and the furniture is made of premium materials.

Why you would like to own this item: 
Owning a luxury house near the sea beach has been my dream since childhood. I am fascinated by the sound of waves and the scenic beauty of the sea. Living in such a house would give me a sense of peace and tranquillity, which is hard to find in the bustling city.

And explain whether you think you will ever own this item:
As of now, owning a luxury house near the sea beach seems like a distant dream. It requires a significant amount of money and financial stability to afford such a property. However, I believe that with hard work and dedication, I can achieve my dream someday. Meanwhile, I am making plans to save money and invest in lucrative opportunities that can help me reach my goal in the future. So, let's see what happens in the future.


Part 3: Details Discussion

Discussion topics: Expensive items 

Q. 1)  Which expensive items would many young people (in your country) like to buy?
Answer: Young people in my country, just like the ones in any other country, also like to “express” themselves. And to do so, they like to buy expensive items also, in addition to practising other things. However, when they go for those expensive items, they mainly stick to buying expensive clothing, fashion items and footwear. Some affluent young people, besides buying these expensive items, also like to purchase expensive mobile phones, perfumes wrist watches, electronic gadgets, motorbikes and even cars. So, it could actually be anything, depending on how rich they really are, and what their moods are. 

Q. 2) How do the expensive items that younger people want to buy differ from those that older people want to buy?
Answer: Well, it is an interesting question to ask, but the mindsets of younger people and older people do differ when it comes to buying expensive items. For example, when younger people buy expensive things, the first thing, which comes to their minds, is how beautiful or appealing they look. On the other hand, when older people are doing the same thing, the first thing, which comes to their minds more often than not, is how long those items are going to last. Besides, younger people in most cases don’t really consider the price factor that important, but older people do. 

Q. 3) Do you think that people are more likely to buy expensive items for their friends or for themselves?
Answer: Well, I may come off as some “brute personality” here, but the reality is that people, because of their “selfish” nature (some might call it “self-conscious” to sound a bit more “politically correct”), would prefer to buy the expensive items for themselves rather than their friends unless, of course, they value their friends more than their own life. Of course, some (again, “some”, not all) would probably buy some expensive items once in a while for their friends, either to share some special moments with them, or to buy their loyalty,  but that doesn’t happen very often. 

Topic: Rich people 

Q. 4) How difficult is it to become very rich in today's world?
Answer: Since I am more of a pessimistic person, and probably a bit lazy too, I think that it is really difficult to become very rich in today’s world. But, even if I believe, just for a second, that I am neither pessimistic nor lazy, I still think it is not that easy to be so rich in today’s world for the majority of people, primarily because majority of these people in this world are either happy to live with whatever “little” they have, or they are not just as shrewd, smart and intelligent as those who eventually become very rich by either adopting some kinds of unfair means or “dishonesty” or working really hard to amass fortune. 

Q. 5) Do you agree that money does not necessarily bring happiness?
Answer: Well, I have argued on this topic with my friends so many times that I feel like I have actually become an expert on this rather controversial subject. But, to answer this question in just one simple sentence, yes, money does bring happiness, it can at least help people buy those things that can bring happiness to them. Besides, whether we like to agree with it or not, the truth is, there is nothing better and more powerful in this world, today than money which can eliminate all of your worries and insecurities instantaneously. So, again, yes, money is what rules the world.

Q. 6) In what ways might rich people use their money to help society?
Answer: Rich people, with all of their riches, can do a world of good to help society in many ways, only if they are passionate about eradicating the plights and sufferings of people. For example, they can start donating more and more to charity funds. They can also start investing in non-profitable businesses so that they – the non-profit business that is – can offer their products and services at no profit, at least, to help the poor segment of our society if not able to provide them for free. So, the rich people really have a lot of options if they want to help.

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