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Something you liked and bought for your home - Cue Card # 780

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe something you liked very much which you bought for your home.

You should say:

  • what you bought
  • when and where you bought it
  • why you chose this particular thing

and explain why you liked it so much.

[Instruction: You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]


Model Answer 1:

Thank you for choosing this interesting topic for me. I indeed have bought a few items for my home even though many of them didn’t quite serve the purposes for which I bought them.  But, then there was an item which I really liked, and today, I would like to explain why I actually chose to buy it for my home and why I liked it so much.

Anyway, the item, I want to talk about, is called a “folding chair”. I bought this piece of lightweight furniture at a discounted price from a local super shop in my city about six months ago. Now, I must say that I had always thought of buying such chairs after seeing them in a clinic, but I could just never find them in any store or furniture shop. So, I thought that those folding chairs were the products of some custom order. In other words, those chairs were made according to the specifications and requirements of some customers. Be that as it may, I was so glad that I finally found such a beautiful-looking folding chair and that too at a very affordable price.

I chose to buy this particular folding chair for my home mainly for two reasons: number one reason is that - I can move and carry this chair at ease, as opposed to the other chairs which are rather heavy and occupy a bigger space and make myself comfortable. The second reason is that I can set this chair in some areas of my home, where a permanent seating arrangement is not possible - if some guests want to sit there.

By the way, I liked this particular chair so much because it wasn’t only very lightweight but also was built very strong with some kind of top-class stainless steel. Made of a very beautiful champagne colour, mesh polyester, and stainless steel frame, this folding chair also had a warranty of 2 years!  So, it was indeed a great deal in every business and commercial sense, so I didn’t hesitate, even for a second, to buy it.


Model Answer 2:

I would like to talk about a piece of furniture that I bought for my home that I really liked. It was a wooden bookshelf that I purchased from a local furniture store a few months ago.

I was looking for a bookshelf that could hold all of my books in one place, but at the same time, looked elegant and would add to the overall decor of my living room. I had been to a few stores but couldn't find the one that matched my requirements until I stumbled upon this beautiful wooden bookshelf.

It was made of high-quality wood and had a beautiful dark brown finish, which made it look very elegant. What I particularly liked about it was the fact that it had ample storage space, with multiple shelves that could hold a large number of books. Additionally, it also had a couple of drawers at the bottom, which were very useful to store some of my other belongings.

I purchased this bookshelf without any hesitation and brought it home. Once I had assembled it and placed my books on it, I felt extremely satisfied. The bookshelf added a touch of elegance to my living room and made it look much more organized.

What I liked most about this bookshelf was not just its aesthetics, but its functionality as well. It made my life much easier as I no longer had to hunt for books all over the house, as they were all in one place. I feel that it was very useful in keeping my books organized and easily accessible, which made my life much more comfortable.


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Q.  Why don't some people care about how their home looks?

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Q.  In what ways is living in a flat/apartment better than living in a house?
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Q.  Do you agree that the kinds of homes people prefer change as they get older?

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