IELTS Cue Card Sample 25 - Describe what you usually do in your leisure time

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe what you usually do in your leisure time.

You should say:
  • What you do
  • Who you do it with
  • Where you do it

And explain why you like to spend your free time this way.

Follow-up Questions:

  • What are some constructive leisure time activities? 
  • How leisure time activities have changed in the last 10 years?
  • What type of activity would you suggest to your kids?

Possible Answer: 
I have classes 5 days in a week, I attend a diploma course on Computing and I do some tuitions as well and all of those activities and my study make my days busy. However, I maintain some leisure activities and in my day-off, I go through a different routine.

I love to read books and maintain my own blog. Whenever I get time either I read books or write/ moderate my blog. Besides reading and writing for my blog, I play some indoor games with my friends and family members like chess, computer games etc. If it's an outdoor game, I play with my neighbours or friends.

I read book mostly in my study room and sometimes in the nearby library. I work on my computer to update my blogs. I mostly read fictions and historical books. The blog I maintain is mostly technology related and I add the details with images for my blog readers. Two friends of mine are now the moderator of this blog and they contribute to this blog as well.

I like to utilise my leisure time and enjoy very much what I do. Reading book is the most prudent investment of leisure time and I learn many things from reading. Maintaining a blog is a great way improving the writing and sharing knowledge and that helps me greatly to explore new things as I need to read a lot to generate ideas to write.

The indoor game like chess is a great way of passing time and also helps doing some brainstorming. I take part in the outdoor games to both enjoy the game and to keep my body and mind fresh and fit.

Part 3 – Two-way discussion:

Q. What types of leisure activities are popular in your country?

Q. Why it is important for people to have time for leisure activities?

Q. Why are some leisure activities more popular than others?

Q. Are the types of leisure activities that are popular today the same as those that were popular when your parents were young?

Q. What types of leisure activities may become more popular in the future?

Q. What type of leisure activities helpful for children? Why?

Q. Some people do not have any leisure activity. Why it is the case?

Tips for answering this cue card question:

Pick a leisure time activity that you usually do. You can talk about one of the following topics or the one you really do:

  • Take your parents or children outside for walking.
  • Play indoor games like chess, computer games etc.
  • Go out for walking, running or for other forms of exercise.
  • Take care of the garden you have.
  • You visit your friends and spend time with them.
  • You watch TV, movies or listen to music.
  • You learn something like singing, playing musical instruments, cooking, dancing, sports, art etc.
  • You do some freelancing jobs.
  • You write for your blogs and surf internet.
  • You read books.
  • You visit your relatives.
  • You spend time with your family members, help them completing their household chores etc.
  • You actively participate in social works.
  • You go to the nearby park or open space for fresh air.
  • You have a hobby and you spend time for that.

Not necessarily you have to talk about one particular thing you do in your leisure time, you can say a combination of things you do in your leisure time like sometimes you surf the Internet, sometimes you go out for a walking and sometimes you spend time with your family members and help them on their tasks.

People usually do their leisure activities from their interest, passion and need. So describe your reasons for doing things you do in your leisure time. Besides describe how you enjoy doing it and how it is beneficial for you.

You should also be able to talk about the following cue card topics you get prepared for this cue card:

1. Describe you hobby.
2. Describe how you like to spend your free time.
3. Talk about an activity you do.
4. Talk about how you spend your days-off.
5. Describe a thing you like to do.
6. Describe a healthy habit you have.
7. Describe how you help your family members.
8. Describe something you do besides your study or job.
9. Describe an outdoor activity you perform.

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