IELTS Cue Card Sample 39 - Describe a thing which is important to you

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a thing that you possess and which is important to you.

You should say:

  • What is it and who gave it to you
  • What's the speciality of it
  • Would you ever give it to someone else

and explain why it is important to you.

Follow-up Questions:

  1.  What are the changes of the city between now and the past?
  2.  Does money represent happiness and why?
  3.  How do you regard as the things people want to earn?

Possible Answer:
My cell phone is very important to me as it helps me communicating my friends, family members, teachers and gets me connected with the people I care. I use the internet on my cell phone, check my emails, update my blog, track the statistics of my website, send and receive SMS, play games, listen to music, take pictures and then share on my Facebook, Google plus and twitter profiles. Besides these I do lots of other things in my cell phone including using important apps, reading e-books, using it as a modem to use the internet on my PC etc. My father gave me the money to buy a cell phone and I bought the HTC desire X cell phone from an authorised seller. So my father actually gave the mobile phone to me.

This smartphone has versatile usages and is very special to me. I spent a significant time with this device and some of them are very positive for me like updating my blog and reading e-books. This is a small device with approximately 6.5 x 4 inches dimension but it is a powerful tool and the internet connection in it makes it even more powerful. The first and foremost speciality of this device is that it lets me get connected with my family members and friends. Second, it is an amusement and recreational device that lets me play games and listen to music. Third, I can update my social networking profiles and get updates of my friend right from my cell phone. I had to go to a cyber cafe to check an email or to send one before I purchased this smartphone. Now I have this handy device that I can easily use to connect to the internet. Since this is an android OS device I can download many application and tutorials and learn new things. Sometimes I take photos and then share it with my friends. Communication has become so easy and convenient with the help of this cell phone.

Yes, if needed I can give this device to someone who I care about but I will then have to own another one. It's not like I will give this cell phone to someone and then would stop using any cell phone or switch to an ordinary phone. What I mean is, I can give this particular phone to someone but can't stop using a Smartphone.
Technological advantages have made things easier especially communication and my cell phone is a really unavoidable and inevitable device to me.

Tips for answering this Cue Card Topic:

This cue card question asks you to talk about something you possess and which is useful to you. Since the question implies that it is a tangible thing you should not talk about something you can't touch like your painting habit, your music lessons, some advice you got from someone etc. You can talk about one of the following devices or things that you have and important to you:  

  • Your cell phone.
  • Your laptop or computer.
  • A gift you got from someone.
  • Your certificate.
  • A famous book or CD.
  • Your pager or land phone.
  • Your gaming device
  • Your exercise instruments.
  • One of your household appliance.
  • Your notebook.
  • A car you own.
  • A motorbike you have.
  • A greeting card/ letter you got.
  • A musical or sports instrument. etc.

You should talk about the thing, how you use it, how it is helpful to you and of you would give it someone or not.
Mention some of the points regarding this thing mentioned bellow:

1. This was a special gift from a family member or from a friend.
2. You use it daily and you will have a difficult time if you lose it.
3. You become depended on it and it helps you to communicate with others/ help you enhance your knowledge.
4. It helps you to do exercise and thus helps you keep your body and mind fit.
5. You learn something using it.
6. It has some memory related to someone and thus it is important to you.
7. This is a valuable possession and you do not want to lose it.
8. You would give to someone who you really care and s/he needs that more than you do.
9. You would not give to someone random because it is very useful to you.

Some similar cue card topics you can also answer if you prepare for this cue card:

1. Describe a gift which is very useful to you.
2. Talk about a possession you have and you do not want to lose.
3. Describe something you use often.
4. Talk about a useful electronic device you have.
5. Describe a household appliance you own.


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