Cue Card Sample

IELTS Cue Card Sample 43 - Describe one of your neighbours

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe one of your neighbours.

You should say:

  •  when you two became neighbours
  •  how often you meet him/her
  •  whether your neighbour is a good person

and explain why you like/ dislike this neighbour.

Follow-up Questions:

  •  What is the difference between neighbours and friends?
  •  How do you think of the relationship in the city?
  •  How to improve the neighbourhood?


Model Answer 1:
I am not too sure that I would be able to describe a person, be him a neighbour or some distant relatives, in an objective manner, mostly because we are “born” to be biased one way or another. However, since this cue card topic is asking me to do just that, I will go ahead and stick to the task as best as I can.

His name is “Lenin Gafur”. We became neighbours when he moved to my neighbourhood about a few years ago from another city for professional reason. Incidentally, I met him on the same day when he was moving his furniture and belonging to his new flat. He seemed like an easy-going fellow, who didn’t like to talk too much, even though he talked to me with a smile as long as the conversation had continued.  

Lenin Gafur is about the same age as me, but he looks a bit too old for a 32 years old person.  He wears looking glasses and likes to wear traditional dresses always. My neighbour is single and lives in a 2 bedroom flat which is about a couple of blocks from my own residence. He seems to be like a very busy person with his works as he returns to his residence pretty late almost every night, even though I manage to meet him every week at a commonplace of worship.

Being a “Senior Nurse” by profession, Lenin has a habit of asking all people, people he meets, about their detail health situation. I have even seen him providing necessary health tips to people around him whenever he gets an opportunity. I think that he is a good person for the most part except that he can get cranky if he hears any noise around his residence.

Anyway, I think that I like my neighbour, mostly because he doesn’t poke his nose into the business of other people unnecessarily. I like him also because he seems to be a very hard-working person. Finally, I also like him because he is mild-mannered and always speaks with a smiley face.


Sample Answer 2:
I’m lucky, I’ve got good neighbours. I’m going to tell you about just one of them, when we met, how often we meet and why I think he is a good neighbour who I like very much.

I live in an old house which has been converted into about eleven different flats and bedsits. I live on the top floor, which is actually the modernised attic space of the original building, there is just one other flat in this roof area. To get to my flat, and that of my immediate next-door neighbour, you have to go up a back stairway that was probably originally the servants’ staircase, I think what is now my flat and that of my neighbour’s too, must have been at one time servants’ quarters. This means that our doorways are directly opposite one another, and we are the only people who use this entrance to the building.

I moved into the flat I live in about five or six years ago now. It is a rented flat. At that time the flat opposite me was empty, but a few weeks later I met a woman a little bit older than me who was busy cleaning just inside the flat, but with the door wide open. I paused to introduce myself and talk to her. She was really friendly, and I found out it was her son who was to be my new neighbour, she was just helping him to move in. A bit later he, Oliver, turned up too. He was new to the area, so I explained where all the local shops were, when the rubbish was taken out and various other little details about the practicalities of living in the property. A couple of days later he knocked on my door and called round for a chat. We found we got on really well. We have a very similar sense of humour, a shared (but slightly half-hearted) interest in running, and a mutual appreciation of good food – I could recommend the deli over the road to him as a source of lovely upmarket cheeses, olives and home-made lasagne and delicious pasta and pesto sauce too. We also both have an unfulfilled wanderlust, always plotting our next journey. He is off to Australia soon, lucky him!

Given how close we live together, our front doors face directly onto one another, we see each other incredibly rarely. We both have busy lives, working full time but different hours. At weekends I tend to be out and about, and he’ll often disappear for the weekend to stay with his girlfriend. Even so, whenever we do meet, it is always friendly, we make each other laugh. We often end up having long conversations just chatting in the hallway outside our front doors. I probably see him only once a fortnight or so, but we leave each other notes too from time to time if we need help with anything.

Oliver is a great neighbour because I know I could call on him if I needed to. We will always help each other if we can. I dug his car out of the snow for him once as he didn’t have a shovel, but he’s returned the favour in other ways, taking in parcels for me when I’m away for example. Because I live on my own it is really important to me to have a neighbour close by that I trust and like. I was really sad when he told me he was planning to emigrate. I was also really pleased for him, you have to wish someone well when they are following their dreams. I hope my new next-door neighbour is half as nice!

[ Written by - Lucy Marris  | Careers Adviser (UK), TEFL teacher (Vietnam) ]


Sample Answer 3:
Mr Andrew John (...use one of your neighbour's name...) is one of the neighbours whom I like very much. Since I live in an urban area, people are close to each other and maintain a strong neighbourhood relationship, unlike the metropolitan areas.

In our neighbour, we know almost each and every people living there, what they do, what are their updates, what are their profession and their overall personality and characteristics as well. Mr John's house is adjacent to ours and I meet him almost every day.  Mr John is a retired army person who is now around 50 years old. He lives in his house alone and I have never found his relatives visiting him except some old colleagues. He stays inside his house most of the time and in the evening he sits in the veranda. He is a quiet man and likes to read a lot. I have seen him coming to live in his house almost 5-6 years ago. He bought the house from our previous neighbour.

I had had several conversations with him and I often play chess with him. I like to read as well and our reading habit was the primary reason we started liking our accompany each other. I like and admire this man very much. Though at first impression he seems to be an arrogant person, in reality, he is an intelligent, calm, good-hearted and charming man. I have heard lots of stories from him. He has travelled to many different places and has lots of experience. Since I have become close to him, he recommends books to me which I mostly enjoy reading. He advises me whenever I seek his guidance. He is sometimes a close friend, sometimes a mentor and sometimes a guardian. I like him because of our unclaimed friendship, his personality, honesty, morality and his great mind. 


Tips for answering this cue card question:

To answer this cue card, visualise one of your neighbours whom you like or dislike. Now mention his/her name, profession, age, how long you know him/her, how often you meet, what you do together and what other people think about him/her.

If you mention that you like this neighbour, mention some good qualities s/he has, how s/he leads his/her life, how often you two meet or talk, what you do together, what are the good qualities s/he has, even try to mention about 1-2 weakness s/he has. Then mention your personal reason if you admire him or not. Say why you think he is a good neighbour.

Some qualities of a good neighbour: Helpful, does not disturb other, honest, maintains the social relationship with the community members, amiable and has a good personality, never does anything that can irritate the neighbours, he/she loves children and respects senior citizens, gives good advice if people seek for that, respects others, talented and helps other to make the community a better place to live in etc.

Some bad qualities of a bad neighbour: Shouts often, quarrels on silly issues, possesses a rude personality, not helpful at all, selfish, does not maintain a good relationship with other community members, does not even love kids, does not respect others, often uses loud music at night, complaints a lot about everything, people in the community usually avoid him/ her etc.

Note the above points to describe a neighbour you like or dislike. While answering this cue card, if you can visualise a particular person from your community, it would help you talk in details about this cue card.

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