IELTS Cue Card Sample 47 - Describe something useful you learned from a member of your family

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe something useful you learned from a member of your family.

You Should Say:

  • What you learned.
  • How this became useful later in your life
  • Have you taught it to someone

and explain why it was important for you.

Follow-up Questions:

  • Why should we learn from others?
  • What are the importances of having friends?

Model Answer:
I have been grown-up in a joint family with more than 12 family members. They were my parents, siblings, grandma, grandpa, uncle, aunt and cousins. I had the chance to learn so many things from them and it is, in fact, natural that a kid would learn things from his/her family members. I have learned swimming from my uncle, learned the painting from my aunt, learned to play chess from my grandpa, learned to play cricket and badminton from my brother and so on and on. I have learned how to handle the stress and adverse time from my parents and learned how to behave with unknown people from my elder cousin. Thus the list would be a very long one. But I would like to emphasise the thing that I learned from my younger aunt and that is the reading habit and the pleasure of reading. Not that other things I learned from other family members are of less importance, but the reading for please and true interest of reading that I learned from my aunt is different and have a great power.

I found my aunt very charming, caring and possesses a great personality. She had been a voracious reader and because of that, she was more learned and wise than people of her age. Initially, I thought that how come she spend most of her time reading? Over the time I became close to her, and she started helping me with my studies. She started inspiring me to read books other than my academic books. She read me stories and that help me grow an interest towards books. Then she started telling me amazing stories of our history and showed me which books actually have those histories written.   

She shared the stories she were reading and thus we started becoming a good critic of stories and writers. She told me more stories that I have heard from anyone else. I am grateful to her that she so painstakingly explained different topics and help me grow a good interest on reading. Because of her contribution, I have started reading books of different types whenever I got time which I think is a better investment and activity than spending time idly.

Later I have inspired my nephew to read books. I did the same, I read him stories which would be interesting to him and gave him sweets, candies, ice-cream if he could have finished a book and explain the stories. I guess he has become interested in reading as well.

Tips for Answering this Cue card Question:

You can talk about anything you learned from one of your family members. It can be a morality like and a good quality like honesty, truthfulness, capability of being strong in the time of distress, bravery, ability to protest again bad things, well manner etc. If you talk about such a morality or good quality, emphasise the person from whom you learned this. Give one or two example when you find this family member has shown this quality and you were impressed. Also, mention some of the events when this morality or good quality that you learned became very useful for you.

For the question “Have you taught it to someone later”, you should not directly say you have taught it to someone as those moralities and good quality can’t be directly taught to someone. Rather you should say that one of your friends, neighbours or younger family members have been influenced by this quality and you later found that s/he has also acquired this morality/ good quality.

Again, you can talk about a practical skill you learned from one of your family members like cooking, electric work, woodwork, computer, singing, dancing, handicraft, driving, playing a musical instrument etc. Describing such a practical skill would be comparatively easy as you would be able to very easily answer the questions of the cue cards.

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