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IELTS Cue Card Sample 74 - Describe an irritating neighbour in your locality

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe an irritating neighbour in your locality.

You should say:

  • how long s/he is your neighbour
  • how this person behaves with others
  • explain how annoying this person is.

and explain what can be done to reduce his annoying activities.


Model Answer 1:
In my 35 years of life, I must say that I have been lucky to have the opportunity to live with some really good neighbours. But, just like there will always be at least one bad apple in a bag full of this fruit, no matter how hard we try to separate from the good ones, I also am currently dealing with one irritating neighbour lately.

Currently, I am living in an affluent neighbourhood because I couldn’t find any other closer place near my office. Besides, public transportation from that area is also pretty reliable. Therefore, even though, I am paying a rather hefty amount of rent for my little condominium, the proximity of this place to my job and its reliable public transportation system have made it an ideal place for me to live until, of course, my new neighbour, Mr. Raj Nath Singh, moved into my next condo. Mr. Raj Nath is not such a bad guy, after all, as far as his behaviour is concerned, since he talks pretty much to every person, except the cleaning ladies, in our neighbourhood, but when it comes to leaving his trash outside of his entrance for days, cigarette smoking habit and leaving the cigarette filters to everywhere, and listening to loud music at late night, nobody could really beat him!

In fact, his cigarette filter littering habit to all over the place around the condominium complex became so rampant and unbearable that the cleaning ladies have been finally forced to complain about this bad habit of Raj Nath to the condominium management authority because the cleaning ladies are just so tired of cleaning them every day.   

Anyway, all of my neighbours are thinking about talking to Mr. Raj about his behaviour and how they are negatively affecting an overall peaceful and clean environment of our neighbourhood. We are also planning to suggest the condominium management authority to move him into an isolated corner or condo of the building, so that rest of the residents doesn’t have to deal with his irritating behaviour anymore if he fails to change his habits and behaviours.


Sample Answer 2: 
Most of our neighbours are amiable and well-behaved and they are good neighbours except Mr. Deun who seems very irritating to me. He is living in our community for about 3 years after he bought the house from the previous owner. So he is our neighbour for the last three years and shortly after he started living here people started noticing his annoying behaviours. 

He is a retired person who has only 4 family members and though other family members are well-behaved, this person has some issues that make him a bad neighbour. He does not behave politely and often we find him rude with others. He often shouts on very silly issues. Even with kids, he behaves rudely.

He often complains about people standing in front of his house while it is a street and people stand there for a while to look for an auto. In my opinion, he has no right to yell with the neighbours who play in the nearby playground. He does not go out very often and stays at his home most of the time. But he complains about everything, about everyone. Since he has complaints on other people, he should have followed the strict rules not to disturb others but in reality, he does the opposite. He sometimes shouts with his family members that other people can hear and that's very disturbing especially in the middle of the night.

I remember him scolding a 10 years girl who mistakenly entered in his garden and just enjoyed the flowers. She did nothing and Mr. Deun acted very impolitely with her. People in our locality sometimes make fun of him for his behaviours and usually avoids him from the social gathering. He has a habit of advising people while he does not listen to anybody's request. Thus I find him very annoying.

I am not sure what to do to reduce his annoyance but I guess we should talk to him very politely and try to make peace with him. He is not a type of person who would yield to any logic or good intention. So if he does not heed to polite conversation, the local senior persons can sit with him to short out the problem. His family members can contribute to making him understand that the way he behaves with others is not acceptable and is not a good sign. Finally, if nothing can be done to change him, we should avoid him and ignore his disturbance. He is not a kid whom we can teach the basic of mannerism and social responsibilities. So, in my opinion, a polite discussion can be effective and if not there is nothing we can do to change his behaviours.


Tips for talking about this Cue Card topic:

While talking about an irritating neighbour, first mention that why this person is irritating. Be careful about the fact that mentioning your abhorrence about the irritating neighbour would only be reasonable when you can establish the fact that s/he is really irritating.

Do not say that you know this annoying neighbour only for few days. That would give a shallow judgment about someone. Mention that you know this person for a long time and not only you but other people in your neighbourhood also abhor him/ her for the annoying activities s/he does often.

You would be convincing if you mention that the person does not obey the rules and regulation of your community, often make disturbing attitude with others; especially with kids and senior citizens, shouts very loudly and makes quarrels loudly.

Now give some of your personal experiences regarding these people and that should be convincing why you have started feeling that he/she is an annoying person.   

Some of the attitude/ activities that you can mention while describing this annoying neighbour of yours:

1. S/he always shouts and does not show respect to others.
2. Often listen to music very loudly that annoys people who live around.
3. Often makes quarrels and does not obey the rules people usually follow in your community.
4. Throws away trash to other people’s yard.
5. Often get drunk and does make scenes in public.
6. Often bits the pets of other people.
7. Does not show respect and love for children and elderly people.

For the last question “and explain what can be done to reduce his annoying activities” mention that, though s/he is irritating you still respect him/her and believe that s/he has a reason for the way s/he behaves. Proper counselling, advice and friendly behaviours might help him. Also, mention that people in your locality should talk to his/ her family members to learn what makes this person annoyed and then you should try your best not to do that. Try to be very reasonable and understanding in this part to show your goodwill regarding helping this person.

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