IELTS Cue Card Sample 78 - Describe the most beautiful natural scenery

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe the most beautiful natural scenery you have ever seen.

You should say:

  • what is it
  • where and when you saw it
  • who was with you

and explain why do you think this is the most beautiful scenery you have ever seen.

Model Answer:
When  I was a university student, I went to a village which was the living place of my best friend's grandfather's house. It was in a remote area and the natural scenery I saw there was the most beautiful natural scenery I have ever seen. It was in (...say the name of a place...) and the small river, the hill, the green fields and the blue sky made a combination that I felt something out of the world. I saw it in one autumn evening when I went to explore the surroundings of the village. That was an awe-inspiring scenery that I will never forget. I saw this scenic beauty in 2011 and it was mid-autumn season then.

My friend, I and one of my friend's cousin were present at that time and I heard from my friend that his village was a very beautiful place. I could not believe how much beautiful it was until I saw it with my own eyes.

We left for the river in the evening and I was amazed to notice the hill and the sloping road track beside it. The river was flowing gently and the vast paddy fields were all around us. I heard the chattering of the birds in the green trees and the sound was creating a harmony in my ears.

To me, this was a truly amazing feeling to witness a natural scenery that could exist only in our imagination. I have seen many rivers, hills and paddy fields but in my friend's village, they were arranged in such a way which is only possible in an artist's picture. The blue sky seemed very nearer to the horizon and the vast green all around us make me feel like visiting in a fairy land.

Tips for talking about this Cue Card Topic:

For this cue card topic, you are expected to talk about a natural scenery that you have seen and think is the most beautiful. First talk about the place and scenery. This can be a particular thing (like river, forest, hill, sky, rainbow, view from mountain, fountain, ocean etc.) or can be a place that has a really eye-catchy landscape. If this place/scenery has a name, say that and then mention where it is situated. Then mention when you saw that and how awestricken you were witnessing this out-of-the-world scenery. Now give the details of the view/ scenery and mention when you saw it. If you had companies and relatives, mention who they were and why they went with you. Also, mention if this was a planned trip or a sudden encounter of the scenery.

The final question is a tricky one and in your answer you have to convince the examiner why you think that was the most beautiful scenery you have ever seen. The debate for most beautiful scenery is ever ending and in fact, the most beautiful scenery to someone should be based on his/her personal experience. So emphasise your personal experience and feeling when you witnessed this scenery. Mention that you are yet to explore lots of beautiful places of the world and so far in your small experience this was the most beautiful scenery you have ever seen.

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