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IELTS Cue Card Sample 97 - Describe one of your typical days

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe one of your typical days. 

You should say:

  • how you start your day
  • how long you have been following this routine
  • your favourite time and activity of a day

and explain what you do on a typical day of your life.

[You will have to talk about the topic for one to two minutes. You have one minute to think about what you are going to say. You can make some notes to help you if you wish.]

Model Answer 1: 

My day starts with a casual walk in the front yard of my house when uncle "sun" is just about to start shining with its smiley face. Then starts my routine morning activities including freshening up, taking breakfast and reading some news on the internet to keep myself up to date with what is happening in the world.

On a typical weekday, I don't really worry too much about my breakfast, but on a weekend, I can be really "handful" when it comes to my breakfast, as I want my toasts and omelette to be really fresh and hot as if coming right out of the oven. Anyway, then comes the difficult part of dragging myself out to work since it involves almost an hour of commuting on a day with regular traffics (now you can only imagine how long it would take me to reach my work on a day when the traffic situation is really bad). 

If I reach my work on time, consider that I am lucky since I don't really have to find a "valid" reason for the delay. Finally, it is actually time to start working on my tasks which I exactly know what they really are. But, unfortunately, on a typical day, I pretty much spend my time "helping" my co-workers from 8 am in the morning to almost 1 pm lunchtime. It is actually after finishing my lunch that I get to work on my own "scheduled tasks". I hurry as much as I can to finish the tasks before 6 pm so that I can get out of my office on time, only, of course, to find out that it is almost 7 pm, and I haven't even finished half of my tasks for the day! 

The only "consolation prize" for me at the end of a long working day, of course, is I won't get "admonished" by my boss the next day for failing to deliver the works on time as he is very much aware of my "generosity" to the co-workers. At 7 pm, it is time for me to actually leave the office and finally enjoy my favourite time of the day.

After finishing my office works, I don't take a straightaway ride to my home. Instead, I take a little walk (about 10 minutes) to my favourite café, located inside a beautiful garden for the nature lovers like me, for the purpose of unwinding myself with a cup of fresh cappuccino while also smoking my favourite Dunhill international cigarettes occasionally.  I never really spend more than 2 hours at my favourite café, but these two hours allow me an opportunity to think about anything and everything that is not related to my "works" and "money". Then, after enjoying my favourite part of the day, which pretty much worked like a healthy dose of "tonic" for me, when I return to home, I know that I am ready for the next day.  I have been following this "not-so" glamorous routine of life for last 5 years or so with nothing really exciting to offer, but, nevertheless, it is a life of some routines, and I don't really have much to complain about it.        


Model Answer 2:

I am still a student, and I have a daily routine that mostly circles around my classes, friends and studies. I spend my days mostly adhering to this routine except for Sundays when I do not follow a specific routine.

I get up early in the morning, mostly at around 6:30 am and take a shower. A hot-refreshing shower makes me ready to take the challenges of the day! I eat my breakfast and then get ready for university. I reach my university roughly at 8:30 am and attend the classes till 3:00 pm. I eat my lunch at around 1:00 pm from the university cafeteria. I usually spend some time with my classmates after classes and return home at around 4:30 pm. I take some rest and go to nearby fields in the evening. I walk for an hour and return home at 6:30 pm. Sometimes I play football with my friends.

In the evening, I eat some light snacks and then concentrate on my studies. I usually read till 9:00 pm and then spend a few minutes browsing the internet. I usually browse the internet for about 1-2 hours a day. I eat my supper at 11:00 pm and then read for another hour. Before I go to bed I brush my teeth and read a novel. I read the novel for around 40 minutes to 1:30 hours and then fall asleep.

I have been following this routine for the last 3 years. If I do not have classes or if I have holidays, I go through a different routine which includes watching movies, playing computer games, hanging out with friends etc.

I enjoy the morning shower, evening walks and my classes very much among the activities in a day of my life. Sometimes, playing football with my friends is thoroughly exciting and entertaining.


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