IELTS Cue Card Sample 102 - Talk about the most important benefit of the internet

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Talk about the most important benefit of the internet.

You should say:

  • what it is
  • why you prefer it
  • how students can take advantage of it

and explain what is the importance of it in your country.

Model Answer 1:
The computer and internet technology have been in introduced only a few years back compared to other widely used technology like mobile phone, satellite etc. and yet the internet and computers have made a revolution the way we live our life. There are very few sectors where the internet is not used. This has changed the way we communicate, present our business, and maintain our banking and do shopping.

The internet has brought countless benefits for us and in my opinion, the ease of communication it has made is the most important one for us. The previous way of communicating via post mail, telephone and travelling were expensive and time-consuming. But the internet has made it possible to communicate with others, be it a personal communication or business communication, very easy. Someone can send an email with rich media like video, image and multimedia presentation to anyone in the world only in a few seconds. The widespread popularity of the social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have made it possible to get connected with friends, family members, colleagues and new friends very easily. The smartphones with the internet connection make a business person available for 24/7. You get the notification whenever you get an email or the internet calls.

With the internet, people can do business conference from different parts of the worlds and that has helped improve the way multinational companies maintain their business. The social media would remind you your friends’ and family members’ birthday so that you do not forget to wish and greet them and thus the internet helps us become more friendly and social.

I prefer to use the internet for several reasons. First, it is available, easily accessible and cheap. I can use the internet at home, at the office and even on the street. I can get help on any topics, work or study related from the internet. It helps me get connected to my family members, relatives and friends. I do online shopping and that helps me to save a significant time. The internet is probably the richest knowledge centre that can answer my queries and needs. This is a great medium for entertainment for me as I can find any music, movie or TV serial I like to watch.

The internet, as I already said, is the most opulent source of getting information. Students can easily take advantage of learning from the internet. In fact, most of the students already use the internet as their study references, for completing their assignments and reading books online.

Our country is a promising country for the IT sector and already a large number of companies are working in this sector. This promising sector heavily depends on the internet connection. A large number of workforce is dependent on the internet connection, the eCommerce is primarily dependent on the internet and most of the offices and companies use the internet for their communication with other companies and clients. Thus our economy has a big dependency on this technology.


Model Answer 2:
The internet is the most extraordinary thing! I am old enough to remember a time before even computers existed, let alone the internet. It has brought about many benefits, today and I’m going to focus on the one I think is most important. I’ll tell you what it is, why I have chosen it and how it has helped me and could help students too before finishing with trying to articulate just why it is so important in my country, the UK.

The internet is an almost infinite resource. You can use it to find information on any topic – although the wise user is careful about the source of information as just because it appears on a page online somewhere doesn’t mean the information or advice is necessarily true or wise! For me, the real benefit of the internet is the way it puts people in touch across the world, communication and connectivity. Not only through instantaneous messages whizzing across the ether to people thousands of miles away that you already know via email, but more extraordinarily through putting people in touch with like-minded strangers.

When travelling this year, for the first time I kept a blog. I was astonished. I had a ‘comment’ feature on the site, and people from all over the world got in touch with me to give advice, offer feedback on what I’d seen and said and share their own experiences of travelling and working overseas. It was inspirational. I thought travelling on my own would be scary and maybe lonely at times, instead, I found that there was a whole international community of well-meaning, like-minded people who were happy to travel along with me – albeit virtually, and laugh with me at the highs and support me through more challenging aspects. It really opened my eyes to the possibilities of building new international friendships with people who had encountered my blog pretty randomly. It was fantastic to access this group of people, learn from them and enjoy their contributions. It made me much more confident in my adventures, I felt like I wasn’t alone.

The internet sometimes gets a bad press in terms of the dangers of social media and the need to be cautious about who you meet online. That is probably true in some instances. However, my experience was wholly positive. I felt that these friends from afar that I have only ever met online, provide proof positive that there are more kind and helpful people in the world than not. You simply have to open your heart and mind to the possibility of communication and connection and take it from there. The internet facilitates that for everyone who can access a cyber café or the internet signal wherever they are in the world.

Students - like everyone else – can exploit this. Whether that’s by carrying out original research from talking to someone active in an online forum about a particular topic, accessing an expert opinion from a specialist blog or from getting in touch with fellow students to offer each other peer support around difficult subjects. The internet is at its best when, rather than being used for passive searching for information, it is used to actively engage with other users. Discussion, debate, sharing experiences, all have value.

For my country, the UK, the internet has revolutionised the way people connect with one another. The same is true of course for all countries. However, perhaps it could be argued that as an Island, the ability to communicate so effortlessly across continents is even more important. Being an island no longer means being isolated. We have come a very long way from the times when sending a letter could take weeks by sea or many days by air. The only other alternative being to make a ruinously expensive phone call and keeping your fingers crossed that your intended contact would be in when you called. As for reaching out to a complete stranger ‘someone somewhere’  – I think the nearest equivalent pre the internet might have been to write a letter, put it in a bottle and cast it into the sea!Times have certainly changed!

[ Written by - Lucy Marris | Careers Adviser (UK), TEFL teacher (Vietnam) ]



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