IELTS Cue Card Sample 112 - Describe a place near a lot of water you enjoyed visiting

IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Describe a place near a lot of water you enjoyed visiting.

You should say:

  •     Where this place was
  •     Who you went there with
  •     What you did there

And explain why you enjoyed visiting that place.

Model Answer 1:
I have visited many places near a river or a sea and I enjoyed the scenic beauty and vast water very much. I would like to talk about a river I visited 2 years back. I chose to talk about it because I really enjoyed my visit there.

The name of the river was (...say a river's name...) and it was in (...say a place's name...). One of our relatives invited us to visit their house and we decide to visit there. I went there with 4 of my family members including my parents. After we reach there, I was amazed to notice that our relative's house was near a big river. This was the first time I visited that relatives and I was very excited for the natural beauty there.

After we reach our relative's house, my younger sister told me that she would like to visit the river. I restrained her by saying that we will all go there in the evening. In the evening we went near the river and the river was very calm at that moment. A sweet wind was blowing from the river and the weather was very pleasant. We sat near the river and had our tea. That was kind of family picnic. I had my younger brother, sister, my parents and 3 of our relatives at this place. Since this was the summer season, we felt very comfortable being at the bank of the river. We noticed many boats were in the river and we planned to rent a boat for an hour. When we were in the boat, the wind suddenly started blowing heavily. We quickly came to the high land and left for our relative's house.

Alternative Answer 2:
I immensely enjoyed my journey at Miami beach (or say the name of any beach in your country) last summer and I stayed there almost a week. This was a great experience and really refreshing vacation for me. I stayed at a hotel very near to the beach and enjoyed the life and nature of this place. The water, people from different states, the sound of the sea, the tide gave a pleasure that I cherished. This is one of the most famous beaches of the world and the water is very clean. I had two friends (Mark & John) with me and we enjoyed the tide & ebb, sun rise, sun set, sun shines, roaring of the sea and the natural beauty surrounding the shore.

This is one of the most beautiful beaches of USA and a lot of people come here every day especially in summer. I swam in the sea, ran and played in the sand, made monuments with the sands, played beach volleyball with my friends, ate sea fishes and other delicious foods during my stay. The sound of the wind blow at night was something out of the world and hallucinating. I went to the beach at the mid-night and that was an experience incomparable to anything else.

The beach is sandy and in the summer it glitters like the diamonds. The water was fresh and blue and we could see the sky reflecting on it. The nights at the seashore were mesmerising and very much different than the day-life and crowd. The moon reflected in the sea water and the strong and seductive smell in the wind took me to the world unknown to me.

The journey was very much pleasant and refreshing for me. I enjoyed the picture like sea, beach life and tasty Miami foods. The people were nice and I talked to a lot of people during my visit. The natural scenery of the sea and the sea-beach is really something worth visiting. This sea water and its deep blue colour had a real attraction and illusion that took my heart away.

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